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Tips for Maintaining your Image in the Writers’ Circle

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Being in the writer’s circle is a challenging task for many people because they have to look at ways in which they can learn from others and, at the same time, share their work to get feedback. This is not only challenging as a professional level but also at a personal level because most of the writer’s meet will demand your physical presence and when this happens, you will be disappointed if you do not stay up to the mark.


With this being said, it is important that you make a note of the following points to be sure that you are maintaining your image in the writers’ circle.

1. Share your work more often

It is important to share your work with others more often because you are a part of a writer’s circle that required every participant to share what they have written in the past or are currently working on. This is important, and one should make it a point to let others know that they are worth being in the circle. In this case, many people are skeptical because they think that others will steal their work.

However, one should know that once a piece of information has been shared over the Internet, you could claim it to be yours. This is because there is written evidence that you shared a particular Idea first and so it shouldn’t be a major problem for you to share your work with others in the writer’s circle. In some cases, there’s a possibility of a conflict, and if you are doubtful about it, you should make sure that you share your Idea only with people you trust in the writer’s circle. If there are trust issues, it is better to make a new writer circle or be a part of some other writers circle so that you find yourself in a position to share your work without having second thoughts about the same.

2. Listen to what others have to say

When you meet other writers, it is important to listen to what we have to share. Remember that each and every piece of information that is shared by others can be valuable for you. Remember that we are not saying that you should steal the ideas shared by them but make sure that you take the advice given by them and use it to improve upon your writing skills.

There are things you can learn by simply listening to other writers, and if you are not working on this theory, it will be difficult for you to improve upon your writing skills and be a good writer. We know that you are already looking at various sources of information and if you are a part of the writer’s circle, make the most of the opportunity to achieve your objective as soon as possible.

3. Work on your look

If you must meet other writers more often, it is important to work on your look because every writer has their own standard and you need to improve your standards to be a part of the group. To start with, make sure that you wear decent clothes. We know that many people are under the impression that since this is a creative field, there is no stress on physical appearance, but this is not true. You are and will be judged by others for your physical presence.

So, give yourself time to work on your look. Get suitable and professional clothing for yourself. Click here for designer watches and flaunt your style. This will make an impact, and we are hopeful that you will not mess up your situation by avoiding this piece of advice.

4. Read and share articles related to writing skills

As a writer, it is important that you read what others share in the group. At the same time, you should look at other articles that are posted somewhere else and if you feel that the information noted in an article is good for you as a writer and others in your group, share it with them. Reading and sharing articles related to writing skills will help you and other members of your group.

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