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Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Newborn

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Do you have a new baby on the way soon? With the impending arrival, it’s normal to worry about many things, such as if you’ve prepared enough. In particular, you may be concerned about whether your home is ready. 

While it will be some time before your baby is up and about, crawling or walking, you still want to prep as much as possible, so life is easier for you and the rest of your family later. Take the time now to nest and organize rather than dealing with parenting challenges while also trying to get your property in order. 


Since having a new baby invariably means you end up buying a bunch of new “stuff,” it’s a good idea to declutter your home before you bring your newborn into it. Start with a fresh, pared-back slate, so your place isn’t already bursting at the seams before the baby arrives. 

Go through every room, as well as the garage and outdoor areas, to see what you can part with. The more you can move, the more storage area you’ll have for all the baby items you amass. Sort through paperwork, filing what you must keep, and shredding the rest. Plus, make piles of other goods you plan to bin if needed, or get repaired, give away, sell, or donate to charities. 

If you find it too daunting to get rid of items in bulk, consider hiring a unit to house gear in until later. Look online for options near you, such as “storage Los Angeles” or “storage units New York City.” 


Next, give your home a thorough clean so it’s as good as it can get. You’ll feel much calmer knowing you’re bringing your newborn home to a spotless place. Plus, once you have a baby there to take care of, cleaning is likely to get pushed far down your to-do list. Getting this task done to a high level now will remove some of the stress of not cleaning as much in the hectic first few months after your baby arrives. 

If you’re pregnant, be careful how much of the cleaning you tackle yourself. Do it in small sessions, and don’t push yourself too far. Enlist the help of your partner, parents, friends, other family members, and the like, or pay a cleaning specialist as needed. 

Consider Safety

Before you bring your young child home, it’s also crucial to attend to any potential safety issues. While your newborn won’t be crawling or walking for many months, you’ll be amazed at how quickly that period goes and don’t want to be left struggling to baby-proof everything at once. 

Make life easier for yourself by looking at your entire property from a safety perspective. With fresh eyes, notice things that could be potential hazards. Find items that need repair or removal or even to be locked away for a period. For instance, consider chemicals, medications, guns and ammunition, and more. 

Ensure all wiring and appliances operate safely and that there aren’t any heavy objects that could fall from above or get pulled over accidentally. Also, install or update smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Get the Nursery Ready

One area that’s more fun to organize when preparing for your newborn is their nursery. While their bed, bedding, a changing table, and storage units for their clothing, etc., will likely be front of mind, don’t neglect your own specific needs, too. Since you’ll probably be nursing your child in their bedroom and otherwise spending a lot in that space, often in the middle of the night, you want everything to be practical for your body.

For example, make sure the crib and change table are at heights that you can reach into and bend down easily, so you don’t strain your back or neck. Also, add a rocking chair and footstool for more comfortable feeding sessions, along with a lamp with soft lighting to help you find your way when you need to get up to your bub during the pitch back of the night. 

Consider heating and cooling options, too, such as a fan or heater or a reverse-cycle air conditioning unit for the room. As for the crib, use a safe piece of furniture that adheres to current standards. Fit it out with a hypoallergenic mattress and select bedding that’s soft for a baby’s skin and made from non-toxic, breathable materials. 

The more preparation you can do right now, the simpler things will be once you’re a new parent and have a little child to attend to. Take it step by step and give yourself plenty of time, where possible, to tick things off your checklist. 

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