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Tips On How To Save Water On Regular Basis

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Water is one of the essential requirements to make life possible on Earth. Our human body is made up of about 70% of water itself. It is also said that the third World War among the countries will most probably be fought for water. Some marginal sections of developing and underdeveloped countries, majorly from Africa, have very limited access to fresh drinking water. Surprisingly, only 0.5% of the total water on the Earth is fit for drinking. Our survival depends on water. Thus, it is necessary to know the importance of water and to save it. In this article, you will get to know about some tips on how to save water because saving water means saving our future. 

Why Save Water?

 Know the feeling when you are very thirsty and can’t find water? The feeling is not appreciated. Therefore, to prevent these unfortunate times, we need to save water. By saving water, we can save life on Earth as there is no life possible on Earth without water. 

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How to Save Water?

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The uses of water are uncountable. It is a necessity and thus our responsibility to save it. Some of the most important roles played by water are-

  • All living beings need water to survive.
  • Water plays an integral part in photosynthesis. Without water, autotrophic plants will not be able to produce their food.
  • Water has a high specific heat capacity. Thus the temperature of the Earth’s surface is not much lower. Otherwise, it would have been not easy to survive.
  • Water plays an important role in humans life too. It is used in many domestic activities like washing, cleaning, and, most importantly, drinking.
  • Water regulates our body temperature and is important for our digestive system.
  • Water plays an essential role in facilitating the work of enzymes in living organisms.

Now the question arises of how to save water so that it doesn’t end in the future. Nowadays, saving water can be done in two particular ways, .i.e. small-scale and large-scale water saving.

Small Scale Water Saving

Saving water on a small scale like in our house, offices and schools should be done by every one of us because even a single drop counts in saving water. There are many ways to save water on a small scale. Few of them are-

1. Don’t use your toilets as an ashtray or a wastebasket

Every time you flush a cigarette, toilet paper, tissues, or other trash in your toilet, it takes gallons of water to get flushed. Also, this can lead to blockage in pipes if the waste gets stuck in them.

2. Don’t let the water keep running

While brushing your teeth, please don’t keep the water running; instead, close it to save water and open only when needed. The same goes for taking a shower, firstly take a short shower and close the water supply when applying soap or body gels. While washing utensils, turn on the tap only when rinsing.

3. Get the leakages fixed if any

Don’t ignore a leakage even if small drops of water are wasted, as those small drops also count. When will it become the size of a bucket and then the size of a tank? You won’t know. Gallons of water get wasted only because of small leakages. So, try to get the leakages in your toilet, kitchen, or anywhere in your house fixed as soon as possible.

4. Insert water restrictors 

Water restrictor installation in the household taps can help save water as it limits the flow, and only the needed amount of water is passed through it. Aerators and atomizers installation in public and household washbasins can help to save water.

5. Reuse Water as much as possible

The water collected from recent rain or the rejected water from a RO system can be used in cleaning, moping, watering plants, and other things. Don’t throw away the water which can be used again. Try reusing water as much as you can.

6. Use a broom for cleaning driveways and steps

It might take quite an effort, but using a broom can save a lot of water. So instead of washing your stairs or driveways, which leads to a lot of water wastage, prefer to use a broom. Avoid washing the surfaces with water as it takes a lot of it.

7. Cleaning your vehicle

Most people prefer to wash their cars and bikes with water which results in a lot of water wastage, so instead try to clean them using a bucket and a soaking cloth.

8. Water Bills

Water meters can be installed to monitor water usage. Also, water bills can be used to monitor any leakage going on in your household. 

9. Save water while gardening

Water your plants with sprinklers and make holes in the ground so that the water reaches to roots of plants and doesn’t just pass from the surface. A lot of fertilizers also can lead to more water consumption, so use a limited amount of them. Also, put a layer of mulch around your trees and plants.

10. Install Rainwater Harvesting System

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Harvesting rainwater can save gallons of water. This water can be used to water plants, washing vehicles, cleaning, or moping. These systems can be easily installed in houses, gardens, schools, and other buildings. Thus Rainwater Harvesting is a very efficient way to save water. 

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Large Scale Water Saving

On a large scale, water can be saved by many organizations, companies, Governments, and other groups. Like rainwater harvesting, which is made mandatory by some Governments for approval of residential and commercial projects, some Governments are yet to take cognizance of it. Initiatives like this can also help to save water. Now to answer the question of how to save water on a large scale, the answer is-

1. Installation of Water Regeneration Plants

Water Regeneration Plants which can be installed in small to big size housing societies, play a major role in saving water by replenishing already used water and supplying again for non-drinking purposes like cleaning, washing, moping, etc.

2. Saving water from pollution

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In most large cities, the sewage from households, factories, and farms is directly thrown into water bodies. This results in not only polluting water but also affects aquatic life. Thus to prevent all this, important water bodies should not be made a place to dispose of waste. Also, the waste should not be thrown directly into water bodies. The harmful components should be filtered first before discharging the waste into water bodies.

3. Careful use of Ground Water

Groundwater provides around 25 percent of the water supply in the world. Most of the groundwater is used in agriculture. After its exploitation, it will take a very long time for its re-infiltration. Thus, proper drainage systems should be made for recharging the groundwater again, and its use should be made limited.

4. Increasing Forest Cover

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When it rains, the rainwater gets infiltrate while passing through the roots of trees which hold soil, and the water then gets discharged into the water bodies. But with less amount of forest cover, the water gets into the water bodies without infiltration. Thus forest cover can be developed on hilly slopes and wastelands on a large scale. Also, the trees can bear drought conditions for a long time as compared to crops. Thus it can be helpful to reduce the water demand. 

5. Saving water in industries

Industries use a large amount of water and also pollutes it. Dyeing and leather industries are some of the industries which pollute water. Also, the usage of water is high in industries. Water should be both protected and conserved by industries to save it. It should be recycled and then reused as most industries dispose of water after using them just for once.

6. Rainwater harvesting systems

Planting large rainwater harvesting systems on large grounds, government offices, and other places can reduce the reliance for water on water bodies. Most industries have a large space on their rooftops on which water harvesting systems can install to meet their daily need of water supply. 

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Saving water is necessary today because there will surely be a day when it will come to an end. For our future generations, we need to think about saving water in more and more ways. If we take it as a responsibility then surely a lot of water can be saved from wastage. By just sitting in our home, we can save water by closing the taps properly, replacing leaking pipes, closing the water supply while lathering our hands, and so on. Following these methods only can save gallons of water. At last, I will say, Save Water Save Future!

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