Tips on Keeping Your House Warm In The Snowy Months

Tips on Keeping Your House Warm In The Snowy Months 1

Heating a house and keeping warm in winter can be expensive and hard work. Here are some of our best-known tips on keeping your home warm in winter and the snowy months.

Use Your Curtains

Make sure you pull your curtains closed in the late afternoon of each day. It will keep the heat in and stop cold drafts coming through the window and into your room. Thicker curtains are best, but any material will make some difference. Make sure (when possible) that your curtains don’t go all the way to the floor if your radiator is under them. This keeps the heat from escaping and traveling around the room when they are closed.

During the day, keep them open to absorb all the Vitamin D that you can from through the window. Snuggle up by a lamp in the evening with a good book and read those winter chills away.

Listen Out for Ghostly Clanging

If you start to hear ghoulish clanging sounds, it probably isn’t Marley’s ghost coming to get you. Clanging and gurgling sounds in houses is often caused by trouble with the radiators.

If you have air in the radiators, all the water can’t fit in. that is why it makes the gurgling sound. Once they have been bled, the water can travel around the system freely and heat up your house before it becomes an igloo.

If this doesn’t work and the radiators still feel cold to the touch when you try to use them, you might need a new heating system putting in. Modern radiators are far more heat efficient and updated than the old ones in most British houses. You can compare and purchase radiators online and get them delivered to your door, so no worries if you are cold during lockdown. Just hop on the internet.

Draft Excluders

Get a draft excluder for behind your front and back doors. These aren’t so fashionable nowadays, but we heard it on the grapevine that they are coming back. Watch a YouTube tutorial about how to make one yourself if you can’t find one you like the style of. They are a simple but rewarding craft project that will leave you feeling good and keep you warm, especially when it is icy outside. Craft projects and enjoying creativity around the home have also been linked to dopamine release into the body. This keeps you happy and regulates your metabolism, which is an added bonus in the more depressing winter months.

Bake a Cake

Get in the kitchen and begin baking if you are cold. The heat from the oven will warm you up and it will take your mind off the cold. Plus, the sugar from the cake will give you a burst of energy too. make sure you bake a cake that you will really enjoy eating and that you have all the ingredients in your kitchen first. It would be ironic to get excited about cake baking and then have to walk to the shops in a snow blizzard for eggs and flour.

Keep active and be sensible when you are cold at home this winter. Remember that you can always put on a pair of socks and a wooly hat to watch TV if it gets too cold, or if you have the budget, invest in central heating and some insulation for your walls to stop you from feeling so chilly next year.

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