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5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on a Budget

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Your wedding day is said to be the most important and memorable day of your life but it doesn’t come cheap. In fact the average wedding now costs approximately $50,000! That’s enough to persuade most people not to get married. You need to plan your wedding right. 

Fortunately that is only an average figure. It is possible to plan your wedding on a budget and still have the wedding of your dreams.

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  • Minimize The Guest List


This isn’t just a good way of keeping your wedding on budget. Minimizing the guest list means that you’re really thinking about every person you invite. Do you really need your second cousin twice removed that you met when you were 5; just because they’re family?

Minimizing the guest list reduces the size of the venue you need, the decoration for the venue and even the food bill. That’s a good starting place.


  • One Venue


The idea of a church wedding followed by a glamorous reception elsewhere is less popular now that you can have everything in one location.

Take a look at the venues in your area to find one where you can have the wedding and the reception; you’ll save the church costs and the inconvenience of travelling between venues.

You can even opt for your own house or that of a friend; if it fits your vision.


  • Hire The Right Vehicle


By having just one venue you only need to arrive once. This means you can still afford one of the Classic Vintage cars Sydney that you dreamed off without blowing your budget completely.

This is less of a saving and more of a well to afford to make the arrival of your dreams without spending the entire wedding budget.

plan your wedding


  • Self-Catering


Caterers can often double their charge the moment you mention wedding. This is partly because of the stress of getting everything perfect on the day but a lot of it is simply because they can.

However, you can experiment with food ideas and enlist your family and friends to help you create the right menu and have it there on the day.

Buffets are becoming increasingly popular; this will allow you to order the food you want, collect it and then leave people to help themselves.

If you prefer to be a little more hands off then check out the local community for a restaurant that would be prepared to do the food for you. If you select a family owned restaurant then don’t be surprised when they go the extra mile to ensure your wedding food is perfect.


  • Advertisements


A great tactic to reduce the cost of the services you need to hire is to ask for a reduced rate if you display their business card.

It doesn’t take much to put a small card by every person’s place setting which lists the businesses involved in the wedding.  It’s great advertisement for the businesses and you get the service cheaper; allowing you to stay within your budget.

Planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t mean doing things on the cheap; it means considering each option and choosing the ones that work best for you and the money you want to spend.


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