Tips To Rock The Wedding Season

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Wedding season means you need to get ready for 5 functions- Mehendi, Sangeet, Phere, Reception and Vidaai. Make yourself look scintilla-tingly beautiful. Here are some tips and tricks to rock this wedding season.

  • First of first lets talk about the clothes. Whenever it comes to clothes, we think that buying expensive, highly embroidered clothes like sarees, salwar suits are a must. NO! You don’t need to go for expensive ones all the time nor do you need to look loud and over dressed. Instead, open your mother’s magical wardrobe and grab her Benarasi silk or cotton. Team it with a sleeveless blouse.  If you don’t feel comfortable in wearing sleeveless, wear a half length simple one colored blouse.BeFunky CollageHJU
  • Accecorise it with a red bindi or any colour that suits, keep the anchal open or pleated (as you like it).
  • Tie up a bun if you have thick-long hair. But for those who have thin but long hair, keep them open and let the wind do the work.Tips To Rock The Wedding Season 3Tips To Rock The Wedding Season 4
  • Now, the most important and crucial part, jewelleries. You don’t need to wear your entire jewelry box whenever there is a wedding or reception or any such occasion. Being simple  is the ultimate guide to look bong-chic.  Team your Benarasi with a not so long gold studded ear-rings. You can customize it with a long single necklaces or a mob-chain if you wish to. Wear a Kolapuri(with or without heels) or simple heel sandals to complement the look.Tips To Rock The Wedding Season 5
  • But if you are not comfortable with saree’s, no issues.  You can also go for long pastel or single colored anarkali’s. If not anarkali’s then go for the long kurtis, which are both stylish and also, you can wear them anywhere.


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So, this was about the dressing part. All sorted!

Now lets move over to the gifting part. Well, nowadays this trend of not accepting gifts are becoming a hit. People are strictly mentioning “NO GIFTS PLEASE” in their wedding cards. But it’s really awkward to go to the occasion empty-handed, so what can you take along, which the newly wedded would love to have.

  • If the couple is your best friend or anybody close like your family member, gift them a self made magazine type book, with their pictures. I am sure, everybody does this PRE-WEDDING shoots, download some of them from Facebook . Make an  album of 32 or 25 photos and send it to their address or gift it all by yourself along with a beautiful bouquet.  You can order the book from zoomin.comTips To Rock The Wedding Season 6
  • You can also go for a customized artificial flower bouquet, which they can keep with themselves for lifetime. Make it look more sweet and memorable by signing a note along with your photograph.  You can also order them from Sajaawat . Their collections of such artificial flowers are really rare and perfect for gifting ideas.  BeFunky Collagecd

So, these were some of the tips and tricks to rock the Wedding Season 2016.If you have any more unique and trendy ideas, feel free to share with us. Use #wedding2016_icytales and share your creative thoughts with us. BYE..!! Tips To Rock The Wedding Season 7


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