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Tips To Write An Appealing SOP

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The personal statement is of immense importance as it provides a comprehensive overview to the admissions committee and highlights all your accomplishments in a condensed document. The main goal of the statement is to showcase your interest in the particular course because they want to know what excited you about coming into their program. It is all about ”putting your face on the page” through your scores(transcripts, GRE scores) and experience.

Tips To Write An Appealing SOP 1

1) Firstly Things First, The Introduction
 Before writing your statement, prepare a document denoting the basic idea of the paper. Think about the overall message you want to convey to the reader before you begin writing. The introduction should be gripping enough and must keep the reader hooked till the end of your document. Thus, you should put in efforts to make it interesting and unique.
2) The Body.
Each paragraph should deal with one central idea. Several ideas in one paragraph will make the personal statement look messy. If the paragraph topic has several sub-points then segregate them into different paragraphs.
3) Providing Examples To Support Your Statement
Every statement should be supported by examples as it strengthens the personal statement and makes it real.
4) Structuring 
Structure the sequence of ideas logically because there should be no loss of flow or abruptness in your personal statement. Connecting sentences should be used between every paragraph.
5) Conclusion
This part restates your commitment and enthusiasm to pursue the particular program.
Tips To Write An Appealing SOP 2
So, here are some points to remember
1) Delete sentences which aren’t absolutely necessary.
2) Every sentence should be important and clearly stated.
3) Project self-confidence and frame everything positively.
      example- use phrases like ‘actively participated in’ rather than ‘was a member of’
4) Stay within the stipulated character in-line limit and remember that this also includes spaces and blank lines.
5) Check your work and make sure that your grammar, spellings, and punctuations are perfect. 
Get a print of the personal statement as it will help you in catching the errors which you might have missed while reading it on the computer screen.
6) Read it out loud
You will catch any spelling and punctuation error by hearing what you are trying to say. And as a result, you will be able to improve the tone and the sentence flow as well.
If written correctly, the personal statement should show that you are goal oriented and can identify what you want and have taken the right steps towards attaining those goals.

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