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Tom and Jerry: Awesome Top 10 Episodes

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The first, the very first tv show especially animated cartoon that pops in our mind when we hear or think of the word ‘cartoon’ is ‘Tom and Jerry’ created by Gene Deitch Hanna Barbera and Joseph Barbera. The pesky duo has entertained us, the elders, the millennials, the kids, and every single soul who has watched it, the same.

And I believe, fifty years later it is still going to be Tom the female cat and mouse Jerry! Lord knows I am right, coz this thing is classic. There is something so pure and fun about the unreasonable friendship between these arch-enemies.

Even Hannah-Barbera had no idea that this banter between Tom and Jerry is going to be such a huge hit. The way I look at it, this is actually a genius show. Very minimal dialogues, no puns, no double meanings just pure friendship, fun and lots, and lots of laughter. This cartoon was my staple during school days, it always used to be breakfast with Tom and Jerry. And trust me when I say this, my dada, never whined when I switched to Cartoon Network if the animated cartoon was Tom and Jerry. He loved it. Check out about Tom And Jerry Best Episodes.

The Top 10 Tom and Jerry Episodes You Cannot Miss!

And here are some of mine, my family’s and Icy Tales’ favorite Tom and Jerry episodes. So, if you haven’t watched them yet, I call upon the forces of nature to conspire, to get you into watching them. And if you have already, you should know we are cartoon Best Friends Forever! Its time to Binge-watch people. XoXo

1. Mouse Cleaning

Tom and Jerry: Awesome Top 10 Episodes 1

When you are young, you tend to think that Tom is mean and rude, but as you get older, boy oh boy, Jerry is a handful and a peaky little brat. The mouse cleaning is one of those episodes where you clearly get to know how Jerry can be annoying and a big pain in the a** (Language! I know), but you just have got to express.

In this episode, Tom’s mammy two shoes had just cleaned up the entire house, when these two runs into the home with mud from a puddle. Mammy puts a hold on things and makes poor Tom clean up the mess before she goes out for shopping. But with a warning to kick him out, if the house is found messy when she gets back. Well, that’s jerry decides to make Tom’s life miserable. From scattering ash to juggling eggs, that little mouse does everything in his power to turn the house upside down by his mouse trouble. You need to watch this!

2. That’s my Pup

Tom and Jerry: Awesome Top 10 Episodes 2

Well, in my opinion, out of all the cartoons I have seen, the Best Dad award goes to Spike. He truly is Daddy Goals! Supportive, educating, extremely loving and protective. Everything a dad ought to be. I simply love episodes with Spike and his son, coz the bond is just too pure and stirring.

This is the episode where Spike teaches his beloved son Tyke, the rules into being a great dog. Rules schmules, its nothing big, first you gotta be man’s best friend, second be vigilant with your bone and bury them with finesse, and lastly chase cats (Nobody gives Tom the room to breathe. Sheesh!). Well, our lovely protagonists do not take long to make their entrance, and how? Running right into the Daddy Son duo. Watch this episode if you need to see Tom’s life going south and fast.

3. The Truce Hurts

Tom and Jerry: Awesome Top 10 Episodes 3
Well, I did praise Spike a lot a paragraph back, but in my defense; I clearly wrote about the father-son bond. If that is off, well his character is as questionable as the others, well duh! The three species have had enmity from time immemorial. And, as an added piece of fact, spike goes by different names in the Cartoon, Butch and Killer are the others.

Well coming to our episode, Butch (Spike), Tom and Jerry go about their days, fighting and tom chasing jerry  as normal, when suddenly an idea of a truce pops up. Butch takes the upper hand and convinces the other two, that they have no reason to fight and must be friends and help each other out. And for that, they end up signing a peace treaty. All is hunky-dory till, a steak falls off a meat truck and the boys just can’t decide to share the thing, and it ends up in a fight as usual, and the Truce vanishes off into thin air. Well, I don’t blame them, a good juicy steak is worth the fight (vegans cringe here).

4. Just Ducky:

Each time I see that duck on screen with Tom and Jerry, my heart goes ‘awwwwwwwwww!’ That cute bum, the wobbly walk and pitch voice is to die for. And overall of this, he is the perfect partner in crime for Jerry. They make a lovely pair of besties.

This episode is the story of this extremely cute ducky. The Mamma duck watches over her eggs. Five of them hatch, but the last one is a little late. The final egg hatches when mamma duck is on a swim with the other five ducklings. The sixth cannot swim, and he goes to Jerry for help. Well, he is a helpful guy to everyone except Tom (I know, occasionally he does help Tom too, but come on, he is a brat). But this time Tom is the one with the Devil’s hat, and he tries his best to cook up the duckling for a meal and am in no way supporting that behavior. Anyway, this episode is a must-watch.

5. Baby Butch

I do not know what the makers were thinking, there is another Butch in the story. Well, it’s not like there was a shortage of names on the planet. Anyhow, this Butch, is one character that I feel like, needs a punch in the face. He gives off bad vibes people. He is the best example of how a good kitty shouldn’t be. But I must say, this episode is a favorite.

Butch, an alley cat is going about his food hunting when he spots Tom’s house and a bottle of milk. Well the greedy cat, dresses like a baby and lands on the doorstep for making a rich haul. And guess what, dumb Tom takes him in and starts babying him. Butch then goes on to raid the fridge, and the menace starts with Jerry joining the party.

6. Tom and Jerry and the Royal Cat Nap

This is a one of a kind special episode. Set in a palace, around a king, and Tom being a guard and help, this episode is a real whiff of freshness. The theme remains the same, but you must watch the creativity and the twists and turns going on. It is hilarious.
Jerry and his little French mouse hunt for food while the king sleeps. The mice awaken the king – he gives Tom an ultimatum. One more sound from the mice, Tom can kiss his own head goodbye! Jerry and his little friend hear this, and we know they do not need any further inspiration to torment poor Tom’s soul. But the little mouse is not that bad. Go watch the episode and find out.

7. Tom and Jerry and Professor Tom

Jerry is not the only one with fans and apprentices, Tom has a little kitten buddy too. And why wouldn’t he? Tom is multi-talented, he cleans, guards, cooks, chases, and whatnot. But, while I say this, I do give the creators a round of applause to bringing in such great additional characters, they never fail to impress and entertain.

Coming back to our episode, Tom plays the role of a professor in this one. In complete characterization with mortarboard and chalk, he is teaching the kitten basics of being a cat. Chapters include, “cats chase mice” and everything basic. But Jerry, well he has to do something to keep himself busy, and adds his own lessons like “cats and mice are chums”. And that does not end well.

8. Smitten Kitten

What can I say about this one? It is short and simple and is a fact like the sun. Tom is a patient of love, he falls in multiple times, too many for his own good. And there is no stopping Tom, once he is in love.
This is an episode where; Tom is in love. AGAIN. Jerry’s conscience does give him reminders of the multiple times this has happened. But is there a point? No. Is this going to happen again? Yes. And well, this situation also turns out to be trouble for Jerry. And once again, it is proven, Love is Blind (But, it is the best of the best thing in the whole wide world).

9. The Midnight Snack

There is only one reason with me for suggesting this episode, and that my friends, is the food. Goodness gracious, the food they show in the cartoon just looks so yummy. It just gets my eyes glued to the screen and my tummy rumbling. I know it is just animation, but come on, it is too good to just ignore.

This episode shows Jerry raiding the fridge and night and walking off with a giant wedge of cheese. Tom is not that easy to dodge people. He takes the wedge back and starts feasting by himself. But he, unfortunately, tosses the wedge into the china cabinet and mammy comes down to scold him. But things go haywire hilariously, and Jerry ends up with the cheese.

10. Fraidy Cat

Tom is a true epitome of a scary cat. He is weak-hearted people; I know that but that makes him all the more lovable. More than the cats that hiss at you, you should prefer these scared ones who come to snuggle and purr with you.
In this last episode picked out for you, Tom hears a ghost story on the radio while being alone at home, and is really spooked by it. Jerry as we all know never fails to notice anything, and as soon as he got to know Tom is on his scared out best, he takes advantage of the situation and uses all the tricks up his pocket to scare Tom.

Which one is your favorite Tom and Jerry episode?

Last but not the least folks, is my acceptance that Tom and Jerry, though claimed to be enemies, are true friends. They irritate the hell out of each other, but always have the others back and that indeed is the essence of friendship. And no matter what they cannot stay without each other. Tom and Jerry may fight, but they are inseparable, and I find that beyond adorable.

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