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Top 10 Adorable Soulmate Stories


Trying to look at some fantastic soulmate stories, I found out that there are a lot of people talking about actually having met their soulmates.

We generally tend to look at the idea of so-called picture-perfect soulmate stories that are not entirely believable or the ones who match with reality.

Soulmate itself is a very alien concept to most people, and it does not exist for many. Some are confused about who soulmates genuinely are or how they are supposed to know who is their soulmate or the one.

While finding our ideal partner, we usually tend to look at a few things like –

  • What similarities do we have with each other
  • Do we understand each other
  • How often do we quarrel
  • What awaits us in the future

Now, most of these questions are based on some myths or superficial thoughts, and so are the answers. The answers are nothing but self-predictions, which might be completely wrong.

So to write your own fantastic soulmate story, you need to give up the quest to answer yourself. Soulmates do not come to your life with any prior sign; it can also be someone in your neighborhood, someone you never noticed enough, someone who you see every day.

Also, crushing all the myths, you can even find your soulmate on social media or a dating site.

These stories are among those 10 amazing soulmate stories which are acceptable and quite believable for you and me. We do not need to frown or scrunch up our brows to give second thoughts about these amazing soulmate stories.

Before we move on to the individual experiences of the people who have met their life partners in the most amazing ways and are now a part of the amazing soulmate stories, we must try to know a bit how you can try to look for your soulmate in the most unusual places.

You might not be the one reading some amazing soulmate stories, but you do need to believe that soulmates exist, and so you first need to have faith in the most profound emotion and the most complicated feeling we face, love.

Looking for a life-long partner in our New Wave generation is not easy. We are mostly deep into instant gratification and have been using our dating sites fruitfully.

But, we are all humans at the end of the day, and humans cannot be lonely. Whenever a vacuum is created, we need someone to lean on, someone to share our emotions with.

That is how we come across our soulmates. It is authentic and no game of tarot cards, black magic, or something we call star crossed lovers.

There is no made in heaven because we have never seen heaven, have we? So let us try to seek for our soulmates on the earth we are living on.

As the great philosopher and poet Rumi said, “What you seek is seeking you,” Our soulmates should give us a purpose apart from all the otherworldly objects and prices we have to pay in life.

They should give us a purpose to love ourselves and them. Soulmates are the ones who we can call or text in the middle of the night about some stupid thought without being insecure about how he/she will judge us, or we might sound desperate.

We should also focus that they are the ones who have a consistent behavior with us over long periods.

Top 10 Amazing Soulmate Stories

1.The suddenness of it all

So here is the first one I came across, among the ten amazing soulmate stories I am going to share. She is now a great writer but was not doing so well in her life when she met the one, the one she knew was her soulmate.

So she was doing a job in a posh metropolitan city where things were not working out in her career, and then one beautiful morning she suddenly came across this guy at her workplace and as she describes it, “I felt some lightning in my body when he touched my hands.”

You must be already judging the entire situation but sit tight and wait for the rest of it. So she left her crappy job just the next day, and that was it for her.

She had no way to trace him or what we call now stalking. But just like any other woman, she never wanted to lose touch, so she did search him up on the internet, Facebook, and every other social networking site.

But unfortunately, she found no contact. Years later, she came across him again, and when she was already in a relationship, and coincidentally she met him in the same city she was living in, but she did not do anything about her feelings.

To her, the definition of a soulmate was being connected even after letting go of the presence of the person physically.

2. The Odd Side

Some amazing soulmate stories can seem to be very out of place but very realistic at the same time. Here is the one!

So this guy was already married to the woman chosen by his family for about two years, after which he came out of the closet.

He found out that he was interested in men too, physically, and mentally. It was extremely tough for him to come out to his wife. But he did have the guts and also confessed about his crush on his neighborhood guy.

She was extremely understanding and co-operative. She was present at their wedding. So, yeah, you can work out the rest for yourself!

3. Childhood love

So this one out of the many fantastic soulmate stories I have heard and known is a very personal experience since I have seen both of these people very carefully.

She was in high school. To the ones thinking high school romances are just puppy loves, and they die out, yeah, I was that person who used to sit next to her and did tell her, “it won’t last.” I do regret it now.

She is now in college, and her relationship with him has never been a smooth ride, it has suffered multiple rough patches. But, yet, here they are planning to get married after college.

4. The solace

I felt so touched by this one that I had to include this in my list of amazing soulmate stories.

So, her husband left her, with her newborn child, at a very early stage, and she had been lonely ever since until she found her soulmate in her dance teacher from school.

She got herself back into dancing, and as her daughter was an adult now, so she had a tough time confessing that she was indulging in a new relationship to start her life anew.

That is what soulmates do. They just magically make you live life all over again.

5. The extraordinary in the ordinary

So, fantastic soulmate stories can be ordinary, too, like your morning tea or your crappy schedule. Here is the story of the black and white office going Riti and musician Saba.

Yeah, they just met through the group of their mutual friends and started talking. And then there was the spark when they realized they just compliment each other.

They were in a long-distance relationship and against their parent’s approval. She used to travel on weekends just to meet her, and now Riti has quit her job and plays the ukelele in Saba’s band.

They live-in despite their parent’s disagreement and plan to get married next year.

6. Love amidst crisis

This one among all other amazing soulmate stories can be the most relatable right now. Both of them have known each other since childhood and were also together throughout high school.

They broke up in college when they moved to different states but reunited again, and she was very sure that he is the one, so they got engaged and were going to get married in April 2020, but due to pandemic crisis all over the world, their events had to be canceled, and they were heartbroken.

They again had to face difficult times as both of them are associated with the medical world. They again had to move to different states as they were appointed in hospitals of two separate states owing to emergencies.

But they still got hitched through skype, so your soulmates make you indispensable for each other.

7. The adversities

We have all watched The Theory of Everything. So, Stephen Hawking did have one of the most amazing soulmates.

She lived with him through his illness and his most difficult times for 30 years. The one who sticks with you through thick and thin might just be your true love.

8. The “love of my life.”

Ya, you heard me right. Even if you haven’t listened to this song by Freddie Mercury, this song was dedicated to his wife, companion, soulmate, and life-long friend.

Even though he realized his sexual orientation later, but he never left her, and she was always one of the closest people he had.

He took care of her and confessed about her constant support while he was ill.

9.The opposites

Opposites attract each other have been a myth, and it still is because we are always connected mentally even though our materialistic choices might not match with our soulmates.

So here is another of the ten fantastic soulmate stories. She was an art student, and he was a medical practitioner at her father’s place.

She mostly avoided his presence, as she was not too good at communicating.

She was more of an introvert not able to find ways to interact with a so-called nerd, but now she says, “The recognition and the importance I felt being around, and with him, I never felt that with anybody else.

I can share anything with him in the blink of an eye even though we might not be from the same background”.

10.The missing piece

This was one of the phenomenal and amazing soulmate stories I have come across. They were both married for four years when one evening, he did not return home from work, and he was utterly missing without any evidence or trace, the police could not find him for years.

She did not lose hope though she became mentally ill due to these emotional upheavals but put herself together and hoped for his return.

She was diagnosed with cancer. The day she passed away, her husband’s belongings and remains were found, and police found out that some group abducted him.

Now they are buried in the same place beside each other.

That’s how it ends “till death do us part.”

So never lose hopes about finding your life partner, the one or your soulmate. It will sudden, but it is there.

Be patient and that someone will find you or try looking around they might be just under your nose. You must know what soulmate means to you. Sometimes just a meet is enough a lifetime of togetherness.

Let me know your amazing stories about how you found your soulmate if you haven’t just calmly wait for the beautiful feeling to touch you.

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