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Top 10 Beautiful Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Cabo San Lucas Beaches

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This article is about a place that all of us love to go to, Beaches. It will throw light on some of the best Cabo San Lucas beaches. You will also get to know what all you can enjoy there!

The Cabo San Lucas beaches are located in Mexico. Cabo San Lucas is basically a resort city that will give you all the enjoyment that you need. You can have a lot of fun on the swimmable beaches that also offer water sports, luxurious hotels as well as beach clubs.

The splendid stretches of sky along with the golden sand of these beautiful beaches in Cabo San Lucas is worth your time and money. You can also get to see some of the most magnificent sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Cabo San Lucas beaches are on the very South of Baja, California. That is the reason for this place being associated with crimes. Thus, safety is important while you travel to the Cabo San Lucas beaches. There have been cases of kidnapping, homicides, and other crimes.

Though people have to be careful with the crimes, many of them enjoy visiting the Cabo San Lucas beaches. There are so many amazing beaches in Cabo San Lucas that you must visit. Moreover, there are several things that you must keep in mind while traveling to these prepossessing places.

Top 10 Beautiful Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Enjoy the beautiful beach of Los Cabos with amazing adventures in Cab0 San Lucas. You can enjoy all attractions and adventures like a water taxi, surfing, hiking, and boating. The magnificent sea of Cortez is the best view that you will get.

Here are the top 10 best Cabo San Lucas beaches, along with a list of things that you should keep in mind while traveling. This section will also throw light on the places to eat and the best ways to enjoy when you visit the place.

1. Playa Del Amor: One Of The Most Visited Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Today, there are different types of beaches. There are beaches for photoshoots, divorce beaches, beaches for people to get married, and so on. Playa Del Amor is known popularly as the lover’s beach. It is just a few miles away from Playa Medano [ The main Cabo San Lucas beach].

Playa Del Amor is on the side of the huge pacific ocean. The divorce beach is just a few miles away from this lover’s beach!

1. Beauty And Features Of This Beach

This Cabo San Lucas beach is mainly famous for the sunshine that makes the golden sand shine. The sea is so magnificent. It gives a glimpse of the abundant aquatic life present inside. The groups of different fish might also accompany you while traveling through your boat.

Playa Del Amor does not have too many vendors or shops where you can eat. This basically means that you will get your own privacy and less noise. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach to its fullest.

2. Things To Do

Playa Del Amor is one of the best Cabo San Lucas beaches. It offers amazing hiking activities. Trying out these great adventures is worth your money. One other famous beach activity available on this beach is Snorkeling.

You will have the best experience of adventure on this beautiful beach. Other than these adventures, you can sit there admiring the view of the beach. There are small caves on that beach. You can go and explore them as well.

2. Playa Costa Azul

Playa Costa Azul is a beach in San Jose Del Cabo area. It is one of the best Cabo San Lucas Beaches for the following reasons.

1. Best Surfing Beach

The main adventure that can be enjoyed at Playa Cost Azul is surfing. It is the best in terms of surfing activities. You will have the most amazing experience here. You might also want to visit this place with your friends.

2. Beach Clubs And Luxurious Hotels

Another reason you come with your friends to Playa Costa Azul is that this place has many party spots to offer. There are beach clubs where you can party your heart out. There are also some luxurious restaurants where you can eat delicious food.

The Baja Brewing Company, 7 Seas Restaurant, Buzzards Bill and Grill, and Casino’s are some of the best places that you might want to try for tasty food. Some of these restaurants also offer dance floors and other things that will make your party the best.

3. Playa Santa Maria

The Santa Maria beach is a beach with soft, white sand. Walking on this sand will give you a feeling of bliss. There are some amazing things about the Santa Maria beach that will surprise you.

1. Sightseeing – Amazing Tours At Playa Santa Maria

You can hire a personal yacht for your family or friends. This will give you privacy to a great extent. Moreover, there is a different charm in touring Santa Maria beach’s waters in your own personal luxurious yacht.

There is also a special sunset booze cruise. It is through this cruise that tourists discover the phenomenal party life of the Santa Maria beach. This cruise is almost 3 hours long. Your 3 hour long trip with music and delicious food with some continental drinks will surely be great!

2. Adventurous Activities Of Cabo San Lucas Beaches

Hiking is one of the most famous adventures, and snorkeling is the next one. You can also go for a small tour of the Los Cabos for just 5000 rupees. The snorkeling activities cost around rupees 6,100. This is a reasonable rate for you to enjoy the great adventures of Cabo San Lucas beaches.

4. Playa Chileno

The Chileno beach is also known as Playa Chileno. This beach is one of the best Cabo San Lucas beaches. It is located somewhere between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

The main feature of this beach is that it is immaculate. It is known as one of the cleanest Cabo San Lucas beaches in Mexico. Thus, you can enjoy a lot of cleanliness around you, which is very important.

The parking lot of the Chileno beach is huge. You can park your vehicles and enter the beach through the main gate. There is a short walk that you have to take between the parking area and the entrance of the magnificent beach.

This beach is not only beautiful and clean but also known as a blue flag beach. The blue flag program has named it that way. This is because Playa Chileno or Chileno beach is marked as one of the cleanest beaches.

5. Playa La Vivudas

Here are a few things that you can surely enjoy at Playa La Vivudas.

1. Amazing Adventures Of Cabo San Lucas Beaches

If you go to this Cabo San Lucas beach, you must try horseback riding. This is a unique experience that your family, friends, and you will surely enjoy. There is also a snorkeling tour available at this amazing place.

2. Hotels

There are some great hotels that you should try when you visit the Vivudas beach. Tesoro Los Cabos and Playa Grande Restaurant And Spa are two of the top-rated restaurants at this beach.

6. Playa Monumentos

One another beach in the tourist corridor is Monumentos beach. This is a tiny sized beach which is mainly famous for surfing activities. Professional surfers generally occupy this place.

7. Medano Beach

This San Lucas beach is mainly known for swimming. People generally visit this beach as it is one of the most swimmable beaches. This is also the main beaches of this place. You can travel to many other beaches easily from here.

8. Palmilla Beach – The Beach With Peace

Palmilla Beach is one of the calmest Cabo San Lucas beaches. It is mainly known for its relaxation and peace. You can visit this one either with your family or alone mainly for tranquillity and calmness.

This beach is the best place to visit when you want to take a break from your office workload and daily stress.

9. Cannery Beaches

You can get a short trip to Los Cabos through the Cannery beach of Cabo San Lucas. This is one of the main reasons for people to visit them. The other thing that pulls people to the Cannery beaches is the enormous amount of restaurants.

10. Cerritos – The Safe One

Cerritos is a safe beach in the sense that the adventures are family-friendly as well as very adventurous. You can enjoy surfing and hiking along with having a great time with your family. There are many options that you can explore here.

You can take great surf lessons just for rupees 10,600. This will be about $144.09. If you have come with your family, you can also enjoy a ride in private cars. The private cars offer a full day ride from Los Cabos to the whole beach.

When you visit this magnificent place, do not forget to capture these beautiful moments. Capture all the beauty of these extraordinary beaches. Some celebrate especially come here for photoshoots. However, we should never forget about another important aspect – Safety.

Safety is the most important thing to keep in mind while going to places like the Cabo San Lucas beaches. In fact, safety is a general issue that must always be taken care of. The crime rates have been increasing globally, so we should make sure that everyone with and around us is safe.

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