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Top 10 Best Apps to Waste Time

top 10 best apps to waste time

Apps…. Apps…. Apps! From breakfast to night sleep, we use numerous apps to help us with our daily routine. A world without apps will be a hell. In this digital world, apps have a significant part in helping us instantly. But apps are also good time wasters.

Time is one of the precious things that can’t be brought back once it is spent. A day is limited with 24 hours. Only a few people find the full day productive. Knowingly or unknowingly, most of the people almost waste half the day by watching movies, TV shows and so on. Apps are one of the best helpers to waste time.

From thousands of apps in Google Play Store and Apple Store, I have listed down the top 10 best apps to waste time. Maybe you will find a new app to waste time if you belong to that time-wasting population.

 Top 10 Best Apps to Waste Time

10. Spotify

Listening to music is one of the best ways to kill time. If you are searching for the best app to waste time in such a way, then your answer must be Spotify. Spotify is one of the widely used music apps and popular among music lovers.

This app gives you access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists all over the world. Notably, you can access those contents free. You just need to sign in using your email or Facebook. You can enjoy ad-free music, and many add on features by Spotify premium subscription.

It boasts a free library, curated stations, and playlists. All these features make one of the best apps to waste time.

9. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans by Supercell is one of the super addictive multiplayer games around the world. The name tells you about the theme of the game. Yes, it is all about the clash between the clans. The player can create his/her family and gather people for a clash. Also, he/she can join other clans to take part in the clash.

To start the game, the player has to create and develop your village in the way he/she wants. The player has to train your armies with various magical characters like wizards, archers, golems, and so on to attack other villages. He/she can also upgrade the characters in the laboratory.

To get done any activities like training troops, building a defense, the player needs enough gold or elixirs. He /she can collect them using the mines provided. It is also gained by attacking other villages.

In this way, the player can keep developing his/her village. Apart from the main town, there is a village for the master builder. The player can also expand the builder village by taking attacking the builder village of other players.

The versus mode of attacking in the builder village is fantastic. Clash of Clans is an endless game with enticing updates and features which attract many people. This makes the game as one of the best apps to waste time. The player has to wait for days for the completion of the updates. This is the worst part of the game.

8. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot, 2 by MobileCraft, is one of my favorite apps in this list of best apps to waste time. This is an endless free kick game where you can set your high scores and beat them again and again. Once after the installation, you will never uninstall this game from your device.

The game thrills you with its unique modes in single player. In arcade mode, you can keep scoring as much as possible, till you fail in 10 shoots. In not miss mode, you have to score high without losing a single shoot.  This game is excellent when you want to pass the time.

In attack mode, you have to score as much as possible within a minute, and in challenge mode, you have to score specific points to reach the next level. As you keep scoring, the level of goalkeepers will increase. This is the challenging part of this game. As goalkeeper level is increased, it is super hard to score.

While shooting the ball, don’t forget to hit the items passing through the goal post. Those items will multiply the score or get you an extra chance, or it will increase the time it depends on the mode which you are playing.

To increase your level, you have to complete missions regularly. By completing tasks, you can earn coins. Also, you can unlock new skins for the player. You can also compete with people across the world in multiplayer mode. Undoubtedly, one of the best apps to waste time.

7. Doodle Jump

Doodle jump is a simple game where an unusual green-yellow creature on four legs and a pipe instead of a nose. That character is your hero character. It can jump high, and also shoot from his nose at enemies. Your hero character’s name is Dudler.

This is an endless game where you can keep on improving your high score as much as possible by shooting the enemies. On the way, you have to face many troubles like monsters, aliens, and black holes. Even though the game design is simple, it is detailed, and there are no issues in the physics management of the game.

You have to help your hero Dudler to shoot at the enemies on the way. You can also kill enemies just by jumping above them. To earn more points, don’t forget to collect items that come across on the road. Beware of the black holes. It can swallow your hero.

You can also play with your friends as it supports multiplayer. The multiplayer game is pretty much impressive. Many worlds can be explored while playing a multiplayer game. In a single-player or normal mode, the level ends as you reach 12500 points.

Doodle Jump is insanely an addictive game. It wants you to play again and again. Undoubtedly, one of the best apps to waste time.

6. Episodes – Choose Your Story

A section especially for teenagers. Episode – Choose Your Story by Pocket Gems is a massively popular game with many downloads all around the world. From its funky cartoon visuals to its outrageous storylines, Episode is an exciting way to waste time.

In this game, the stories are divided into episodes, and the player can interact with the storylines. They have to choose from the list of responses to influence things such as character’s appearance, dialogues, and so on. The player can also create his/her own stories.

The interesting and enticing storylines in this app will mesmerize the player. Also, it will make the player to play again and again. Your response changes the character’s path and the storyline, which leads the player to the end of the mysterious episode.

Most of the storylines are focused on romance and high school relationships. So, it is strictly not advised for children below the age of 12. Even though the game has a lot of issues based on its storylines, it is one of the best apps to waste time for adults.

5. Zombie Highway 2

Zombie Highway 2 is one of the widely played arcade-racing games around the world. Also, one of the best apps to waste time. The theme of the game is to escape from a zombie apocalypse. The main character tries to hide in a car from various suits of the city covered by living dead.

This is an endless zombie survival game. With the help of the turns and obstacles in the road, you have to kill the zombies that jump on the vehicle. Also, you can shoot the zombies using guns. As the travel distance increases, the strength of the zombies also gets increased.

Once the car is flipped by the zombies or collided with obstacles, the game ends and starts from the beginning. Collect all accumulated money at the end of each game to buy and upgrade weapons and vehicles as well.

Nitro will help you to get rid of zombies by accelerating the car. While using nitro, beware of obstacles. You can kill time by escaping from the zombies. The previous version of this game is Zombie Highways. You can also try this.

4. Netflix

Netflix is an online television and video streaming service that is available in many countries across the world. It offers a wide variety of shows and series to watch. You can enjoy those ad-free shows till your subscription ends.

The user-friendly interface and features attract the people. You can enjoy watching the original content on this platform. The Netflix subscription is valid worldwide. So you can access the Netflix version of other countries.

While watching other country shows on Netflix, you can enable the English Audio description option. Once it is allowed, a friendly narrator will let you know about all the visuals you are missing out on.

Also, Netflix will suggest movies of your interest. All these cool features make this app to be in your favorite app list. You can’t sense the morning and evening if you start watching your favorite movie on Netflix.

It is one of the best apps to waste time. You can also go for Amazon Prime and other similar apps to binge-watch.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a platform owned by Facebook to share photos and videos with your followers. It is one of the widely used social media apps around the world. The app is known for its uniqueness in interface and features. You can follow famous personalities as well as your friends.

You can also use Instagram for business purposes. Reels is one of the coolest features of Instagram, similar to Tik Tok and Dub smash apps. Direct inbox for chatting and IGTV for posting long videos.

You can’t stop your finger scrolling down the news feed. You can also use this app as inline shopping marts like Flipkart and Amazon. These are the attractive features of this app to give you a unique social media experience. Undoubtedly, one of the best apps to waste time scrolling.

2. PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battleground)

PUBG, by Tencent games, is the most popular online multiplayer game around this world. Who doesn’t love playing PUBG? From kids to grandparents, play this addictive game. In this, you get a chance to play with and against your friends.

You have different modes and maps in this game. Battle Royale, Team Death Match, and PayLoad are some popular modes. The maps in this game are unique, and the graphics give you a realistic effect. These are some reasons for this game’s success.

You have to choose a mode and map to land your squad. After you get down, you have to search for things such as Guns, grenades, and so on. Then you have to fight with your enemy. The last standing man will get “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.”

You can find PUBG on both PCs and mobile phones. For PC, you have to purchase the game, but on mobile phones, it is free of cost. Also, there are two versions available. One is PUBG mobile for a great experience, and another is PUBG mobile Lite for the typical experience.

Probably, one of the best apps to waste time. You can also try Call of Duty, another time-waster game by Tencent games. It is similar to PUBG gameplay.

1. YouTube

You need no introduction to this app. Yes, YouTube is the most popular app and one of the best apps to waste time. This app can entertain you and also provide knowledge of different things if you wish to.

Beware of YouTube. It can swallow your entire day and your data balance as well. By the time you get to watch one video on YouTube, it will show numerous suggestions and ads. This makes people scroll a lot and watch a lot. Admit it. You are also one such person.

YouTube is an app from Google, where you can find anything that is available at Google. YouTube can be your teacher or mentor or time killer. It depends on the way you use the app. All these things made YouTube stand first on our list.

I hope you found this article useful. Please mention your favorite time-waster app below in the comment box.

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