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Top 10 Best Beaches In The World

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Shaswat Mishra
I don't need admiration, I need criticism. I think critics helps me to improve more as I am in my early days as a writer, ya I am an infant in writing.

“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

                                                                            — Sarah Kay


Beaches are those places where the romance of water and sand is at its ultimate. It is a place where our eyes get to see the eternal love story of the land and the sea. It shows how a true love story can withstand the storm of time and stay immortal even when the powerful time’s havoc wrecks the greatest monuments and statues of all time. Beaches are the places where old or young, and all get equally excited to visit.

Are you a beach lover? Do you wish to visit the best beaches in the world? Do you want to sit alone and embrace the inner soul of yours? Do you want to witness the romance of the land and the ocean?

You don’t have to wait anymore now, as I have penned down for you the most amazing beaches of the world and their specialties. Pick any one of them, and pack your bags right away!

1.  White Beach, Philippines

It is by far the best beach I found in Asia, and this beach is located in the Boracay Islands of Aklan province in the Philippines. It’s a beautiful country of many small and big islands, or you can say a country of a chain of partly submerged mountains. This beach gets its name because of the white sand present on the shore, which looks pretty cool and is somewhat comparable to the Caribbean beaches. The most important yet less known fact is that when you visit here, there is the least chance of you getting bankrupted compared to when you visit some other beach. It’s a must-visit! You can have access to the best resorts and restaurants nearby to this beach. The best time to visit White Beach is from December to May, as considered by many.


2. Playa Paraiso, Cuba

One of the most exotic destinations, this beach is located in Cayo Largo of Cuba. Cuba is known for its production of fierce Olympic-winning boxers. One can see Cuba’s softer and romantic side in the prevalence of this beach. Cuba’s boxers may be as hard as steel, but this beach’s sand is as soft and smooth as flour. The water is crystal clear and the perfect shade of blue, and it’s an amazing place to walk around. It is a place where you can have the best relaxing holidays of your life. You can visit here any time of the year as the weather here remains pleasant for all 12 months.


3. Baio do Sancho, Brazil

One of the best beaches in the world located in Fernando de Noronha in Brazil is Baio do Sancho beach. This beach gives you a feeling of being in heaven. The experience is mesmerizing. The beach view is beyond one’s imagination, and walking on its shore is itself one of the most heart-warming feelings one can ever feel. This beach’s climate is always ready to welcome you to its shore.


4. Radhanagar Beach, India

With the best mountains and jungles at its backdrop, this beach will be an ecstatic experience for you to visit. The resorts and hotels are also located nearby to give you the best view of your room itself. The best time to visit and have a beautiful and romantic time on this beach is considered from November to April.


5. Maunganui Beach, New Zealand

This beach is located near the picturesque Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. Mount Maunganui is considered a coastal research town. It has superb gold sands on its shore. It’s safe for surfing and swimming. Although some parts of the beach are notoriously dangerous, it’s always better to take preventive measures. To add to the aesthetic appeal, there are many different types of shells on the shore.  You can visit here at any time of the year as the weather is always pleasant but prefer going during Christmas as this town is famous for its Christmas celebration.


6. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Do you want to go to a beach where there is nothing but nature? Whitehaven beach is perfect for you. It’s a beach for all of you who want a natural surrounding without any interference from anyone. The natural aesthetic beauty of this beach is unmatchable to anything else. It is the best place to relax and soak up the panoramic seascape. This beach is also regarded as one of the least populated but beautiful beaches. You will find quite a few luxurious resorts to stay, have fun and hear slow, melodious, and romantic music. The evenings of these resorts give you an unforgettable experience. You can visit here at any time of the year.


7. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Greece may face problems such as recession, but the tourism to this beach remains evergreen. This beautiful beach is situated in small Elafonissi Island. This island is a protected natural reserve of Greece. The blue water and pink sand combo of this beach are mesmerizing. You can book a resort with a world-class spa nearby. You can enjoy dancing your feet on to the tunes of the DJ’s music during nights. You can visit this beach in May, June, July, August, September, and October.


8. Sharm El Luli, Egypt

Going to a desert area may seem weird, but when you find a beautiful mirage there, it’s worth visiting once. Sharm El Luli is more than a mere mirage for a country like Egypt. When compared to this beach, other African beaches are not even close. Its’ beautiful crystal water attracts tourists from every part of the world. It’s like a paradise on Earth. The best period to visit this beach is from May to October. Pack your bags and be ready to visit this beach in the desert of Egypt.


9. Siesta Beach, USA

Florida has many things to offer to a tourist, and Siesta Beach is one of them. The beautiful smooth sand and intense blue water seem to be a bonus here. Winner of the #1 US beach, this beach is a must-visit place for every visitor who arrives at Siesta Key. Unlike many other beaches in the world, this beach is mostly made up of quartz. You can very easily consider it as the world’s NO.1 quartz beach.  According to a recent reliable survey, there are the best pubs nearby. You can visit anytime you want because the climate here will always welcome you warmly.


10. West Bay Beach, Honduras

It is by far the best beach in Honduras, you can visit this sublime and gorgeous beach to take a relaxing nap. Enjoy the beauty of the romantic scenery present in the West Bay of Honduras. This beach is outstanding for snorkeling, and you can rent snorkel gear here. It is good for adventure sports. Sip a local cocktail and rest under a palm tree. What else could you want?

The best time to visit is from February to August. And remember, the school of squids is waiting for you.


Don’t wait anymore, and get ready for an amazing trip to one of the best beaches in the world. 

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I don't need admiration, I need criticism. I think critics helps me to improve more as I am in my early days as a writer, ya I am an infant in writing.

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