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Top 10 Best Cartagena Columbia Beaches


Are you going to Columbia and do not know what to do there? Do not miss out on the amazing range of beaches in Columbia: Cartagena Columbia beaches. These beaches are located in Cartagena, Colombia.

Cartagena is a city in Colombia. You will be able to see several ports and oceanic views from the window of your car or hotel when you visit this city. It is, however, no necessary that oceanic views are always scenic.

The Cartagena Columbia beaches are not very scenic yet very clean. They are known for their hygiene and cleanliness.

The main thing that is unique about Cartagena as a city is its charming architecture, which has a typical colonial style. Along with this, it is an old town with narrow but vibrant streets. This place is also famous for the nightlife that it offers. Everything about Cartagena, Columbia is charming.

The best thing about Cartagena Columbia beaches is that the amount of beaches is huge. Plus, when we look at the beaches, there is a feeling of pure bliss because of the maintained cleanliness.

The boat rides, Water sports, and the crystal clear blue water are two significant features of this range of beaches. Moreover, elite people like coming o these beaches and enjoy the beach clubs and luxurious restaurants that offer tasty food.

A day trip to one of these beaches would give you an amazing feeling. The position of these beaches in Cartagena is near the Caribbean sea. This is why they are also known as Caribbean paradise. You can also tour the Caribbean paradise through a boat tour.

Top 10 Best Cartagena Columbia Beaches

Here are the top 10 best unmissable Cartagena Colombia beaches that you must visit. This section will also cover some important things that you should keep in mind while touring this amazing range of beaches.

1. Rosario Islands – One Of The Most Explorable Cartagena Columbia Beaches

The Rosario Islands are among the most visited tourist destinations of Columbia. It has one of the best Cartagena Columbia beaches and is famous for more than just its beauty.  Here are a few things about the Rosario islands that will surprise you.

1. The National Parks Of Columbia

The Rosario island is located around 100 kilometers away from Cartagena’s old town. This place gives you a view of the Corals National Park. Moreover, this national park surrounds the magnificent beach.

2. Gives You A Chance

When you visit Cartagena, you might get bored with city life. Going to the Rosario islands gives you a feeling of change. You can either tour the island and look at its beauty or simply relax in your luxurious hotel room.

3. Picture-Perfect Beaches

The beaches are luxurious. There are good resorts and hotels located here. Along with the luxury, the people on the beaches of the Rosario islands witness the best sunsets of Columbia. This is why these beaches are picture-perfect.

The crystal clear water also lets you capture the beautiful aquatic life present underwater. There is also a part where you can capture the rare mangrove trees. These green trees look beautiful.

The best thing about this island is that you can capture a variety of sceneries, including national parks, the beautiful oceanic view, and the green mangroves as well.

4. Tasty Food

The food that is offered by the luxurious restaurants of these beaches is delicious. The best thing is that you will find food that is fresh. The quantity of the food is so much that you can completely fill your stomach with this tasty food.

2. Playa Blanca – One Of The Best Cartagena Columbia Beaches

When you go to Playa Blanca of Isla Baru, you can visit the best national park in Columbia – Aviaro Nacional de Columbia. The best feature of this beach is that you can travel very easily. Taking a shuttle bus from the urban areas will get you to this beautiful beach.

You can take a tour of Playa Blanca when you reach the venue. If you do not find a shuttle bus, you can take a private taxi from the city to Playa Blanca.

3. San Bernardo

There are a few amazing adventures that you can try on this beach.

You can tour the whole island of San Bernardo. This is not a single beach; it is a chain of beaches. This will make your boat rides even more exciting. The best thing is that there is a total of 10 islands, and each one is unique.

4. One Of The Little Cartagena Columbia Beaches : Manzanillo Del Mar

Manzillo beach is the next among the most amazing Cartagena Columbia beaches. It is also known as Manzanillo del Mar. This is a gorgeous little place to visit. There are beach restaurants that offer delicious cuisine.

Here are a few things that you can do at this magnificent little beach.

1. Adventures At The Beach

Horseback riding is very famous on Manzanillo beach. This costs around $205. Other than this adventure, you can try the water sports that are available at most of the Cartagena Columbia beaches.

2. Relaxing

You can simply relax for a day at this beach. The sunsets are worth capturing. There is also a special private tour day with the volcano and pink water. This will make your day even better.

3. Destinations Close To This Place

The Rosario island is just a few miles away from this tiny beach. You can also go for a tour to Totuno Mud Volcano for $40.  You can also visit Playa de Oro, which is a very famous tourist destination. It is just a few kilometers away from Manzanillo beach.

5. One Of The Prettiest Cartagena Columbia Beaches: Isla Grande

Isla Grande is a major part of the Rosario Islands. It is one of the main portions of this beautiful Caribbean paradise. This beach actually has all those scenic views like turquoise water and white, soft sand.

Isla Grande is probably the most photogenic among the Cartagena Columbia beaches.  Here are a few things to do at this place.

1. Snorkeling

Isla Grande is very famous for its amazing snorkeling adventures. The best part about this snorkeling adventure is the presence of the coral reef. There is a 2-hour snorkeling trip with a guide. It costs around $10.

2. Playa Libre

Playa Libre is a place in Isla Grande which is meant for relaxation. Playa Libre is basically a beach. It is full of peace.

3. The Enchanted Lagoon

You can take a night walk to the enchanted Lagoon. Here you can spot several phytoplankton. These create an illusion because of which the whole area starts glowing. It is completely worth your time and money.

6. Isla Baru – Why Is This One Of The Special Cartagena Columbia Beaches

Playa Blanca is located in Isla Baru. However, Isla Baru is much more than just Playa Blanca. This place has a lot of other things to do.

Horseback riding is one thing that you can try at Isla Baru. You can also go for full-day tours with your family or friends. There are several private beach tours that take you from this place to the Rosario Islands.

There are special birdwatching and photography experiences. These cost around $285. These are unique experiences loved by tourists. You can also go for a plankton tour for $307.

7. Cartagena Columbia Beaches : La Boquilla

La Bonquilla beach is located just a few miles away from the famous old town of Cartagena. You can take a short drive from the old town to the Boquilla beach. This might be less attractive but is very famous among the locals of Cartagena. This is why this is one of the most recommended Cartagena Columbia beaches.

8. Castillogrande Beach – Cartagena Columbia beaches

This beach in Cartagena has soft and dark-colored sand. You can have the local fun here. This means that there are hardly any restaurants available here. All you have is the street vendors and some chairs.

Visiting this beach is a unique experience. It will also give you a really nice day because it is away from the city.

9. Punta Arena

Punta Arena is a beach to try if you are looking for something at a cheap cost. It is less famous than the other Cartagena Columbia beaches because the umbrella and chairs are found torn. However, it is good for people who need something that is not very costly.

One thing that is good about this beach is that it has a hospital close to it. People with some health issues can travel to this beach without any worries.

10. Bocagrande Beach – One Of The Most Visited Cartagena Columbia Beaches

Just near some of the prettiest skyscrapers of Colombia, there is a beautiful beach – Bocogrande beach. This beach is situated near one of the most famous urban sites of Cartagena Colombia.

This sandy beach has a different glamour, which makes it stand out. One of the main features of this beach is that it is also a white sand beach. This is what makes it more admirable. Tourists come and click uncountable pictures here.

The strange thing about these beaches is that tourists do not love this place for its beauty but mainly because they are immaculate. Thus, tourists should also make sure that they don’t need liter around and ruin others’ fun.

Cleanliness is a crucial part of visiting any place. We must always make sure that we do not harm clean places like the Cartagena Colombia beaches. Let us enjoy these clean and beautiful places but let others enjoy them as well.


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