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Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Shimla


Best romantic places in Shimla include – all of Shimla. Nestled in the lap of nature, Shimla spells romance, the old school kind, replete with magic and unparalleled rustic charm. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh in India, was named after Shyamala Devi, a Hindu goddess and is also called the Queen of the Hills.

If you start living in the mountains, your heart shall always belong to the mountains. Quaint cafés, old booksellers, lakar bazaar where you find shopkeepers selling wares made of exquisite wood, lush green hills and tall pine and deodar forests. All amidst the backdrop of the Himalayas. The valleys are interspersed with flowers, the clouds descended to the very tops of hills.

The best romantic places in Shimla!

Shimla has been a popular tourist destination for a long time. It was considered the summer capital of British India and hence has a lot of architecture from the colonial days. The winding roads make for an adventure and the views are sure to steal your breath. Sunlight filtering through pine leaves, some soulful music, and a road trip to immerse in ephemeral but peaceful moments.

Experience cafes and rustic charm at Shimla

Romance blooms in street corners, in charming cafes and in the hills and valleys. No wonder Shimla has been the honeymooners’ paradise. The comfort lies in the intimacy that the city provides you. The kind where you want to do embarrassing things like sip on Himachali fruit wine while listening to old classics on the radio, while love poetry spills from your cold, chapped lips. The best romantic places in Shimla may have been traversed often, however, you cannot tire yourself in that city.

The breathtaking clouds!

Lush green landscapes, the sky a perfect blue, valleys that blink in the night with colorful lights. The city that slowly endears itself to your heart, and leaves an imprint on your mind. Shimla is romantic, not merely because of its panoramic views, but due to the intimacy and coziness that it has to offer. The city thrives with tourists and yet does not feel crowded enough.

Meandering roads and pine trees!

Bollywood knew the charms this place had to offer. Over the years, several Bollywood movies, both old and new, have been shot here. Shimla has served as the backdrop for quintessential Bollywood romance movies. Over the recent years, the Indian filmmaker Imtiaz Ali seems to have been especially partial to the best romantic places in Shimla for this place occurs in his famous films: Jab We Met, Highway and Tamasha. If Bollywood isn’t immune, then how can honeymooners and young couples be?

We would like to make things easy for you and your partner. So here is an especially curated list for the top 10 best romantic places in Shimla, brought under one title.

Best Romantic Places In Shimla – A Romantic Walk in Naldehra!

Nature trails amongst looming pine trees, the warm sunshine streaming in through the leaves: Naldehra Peak. This park oozes romance. This is a golf course, which also contains some cool adventure rides. Imagine sitting on cut tree trunks, and an enchanting meadow (like in Twilight, but better and without sparkly vampires).  This golf course was constructed under the supervision of Lord Curzon. It is built at an altitude of 2200 meters!

Shop till you drop at Mall Road!

Considered one of the best romantic places in Shimla, Mall Road is a tourist hotspot. Walk hand in hand with your partner, relishing the bite of the persimmon ( a popular fruit). The place has cafes and popular ice cream shops, shops selling curios, trinkets, and woolens.

Mall Road is located at the heart of the city and is always bustling with life. However, that doesn’t take away any of its beauty. There are silk shops and shops that sell wine. Apple jams and other exotic-sounding jellies. Woolens and jewelry, fruits, memos, and anything that your heart desires.

Best romantic places in Shimla – Mall road

One with the Divine – Christ Church, Shimla

Christ Church Shimla is well known from its place in famous Bollywood movies like Tamasha. The church is one of the best romantic places in Shimla and visited by the young and the old alike. The decor is stunning, especially the frosted glass windows. The second oldest neo-Gothic Church in North India has an old-world charm. Time seems to stand still at its entrance, lined with the shoes of devotees and travelers. Straight out of Wuthering Heights, this one!

Christ Church, Shimla

Romance amongst the hills at Kufri!

No romance is not dead, it lies on the top of Kufri, at an elevation of 9000 feet. Kufri Fun World, one of the highest amusement parks in the world is located here. Nestled in between the snow-capped Himalayan mountains, Kufri Fun World has some of the best panoramic views. Kufri is a delight for adventure sports lovers. Go zip-lining, bungee jumping or skiing, Kufri has your back!

View from Fun World, Kufri

Jack and Jill, went up the Summer Hill!

If you want a getaway from the everyday hustle, then this is the place for you. One of the best romantic places in Shimla, Summer Hill boasts of having visitors such as Mahatma Gandhi and the painter Amrita Sher-Gil. Trek your way through enchanting pine and deodar forests, and try out the local pahadi food.

The Not So Forbidden Apples!

A garden teeming with bright reds and greens, a yak ride, and the fresh air. Kufri in Shimla boasts of an apple garden that lies atop a hill but the journey is perhaps, more beautiful than the destination itself. Included among the best romantic places in Shimla, the road to the apple gardens is full of hustle as a small bazaar line the roads. The wooden wares are on display for tourists as they walk along the narrow pathway. Enjoy steaming hot Maggi noodles and a cup of sweet tea on the way to a luscious apple farm!

Best romantic places in Shimla – the apple gardens!

Chai in Chail!

If the crowd is not for you, if you want to just get away, then rest assured that Chail is the place for you. With its vast green fields, Chail makes up one-third of the golden triangle of Himachal Pradesh along with Shimla and Kufri. Chail used to be the summer capital of the state Patiala.  A two-hour drive from Shimla, this place is sure to rekindle the embers of romance!

Best romantic places in Shimla – Chail!

Gaiety Theater, Shimla

Designed by Henry Irving, this is the hub of culture and art. Gaiety Theater is located along the Mall Road. It is a quiet break from nature. Immerse yourself in the art gallery of Lalit Kala Academy where you can support local artists. There is a stall nearby which sells cookies and muffins made by deaf children which are delicious and available at a very cheap price. The theater hosts a variety of events such as music, dance, drama, and elocution. This has to be one of the best romantic places in Shimla, for can romance be separated from art?

A Glorious Waterfall!

Romance like in the movies beneath the Chadwick Waterfalls, Shimla. This is located at a whopping altitude of 1856 meters above sea level and is a popular attraction. Located in the Glen forests, Chadwick Waterfall is one of the best waterfalls of the region. The water cascading down is a sight to behold. Sometimes the water is frozen owing to the cold. However, that still doesn’t take away from its sheer natural beauty.

A waterfall located in the midst of woods? Straight out of a teenage love story! Chadwick Waterfall is a serene and picturesque, perfect for spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Scandal Point

Yes, that really is the name of the place. Scandal Point is one of the best romantic places in Shimla and also one of the destinations that your guide will definitely take you to visit. This is the point where The Ridge and The Mall Road in Shimla converge and was named in the nineteenth century.

Apparently the Maharaja of Patiala had eloped with the daughter of the British Viceroy. The Maharaja was therefore banned by the British authorities. In an act of rebellion, however, the Maharaja of Patiala set up a new summer capital – Chail. The place of intersection, where he had eloped with the girl, came to be known as Scandal Point!

As mentioned in the beginning, the best romantic places in Shimla include all of Shimla. It is difficult, to sum up, the magic that Shimla weaves in a few meager words. It isn’t difficult to see why everyone is so obsessed with this one city, no matter their age. However, Shimla is best enjoyed with that special someone, who makes your heartbeat just a bit faster than usual. Go live while you still can, take a romantic walk, enjoy the bliss of walking through nature trails, and watch the sun splash the sky with a myriad of golden hues.



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