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Top 10 Buffalo Breweries to Visit

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Top 10 Buffalo Breweries

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Breweries have a significant role in the history of Buffalo. They are one of the leading industries in Buffalo, with around 35 breweries in and around the place. Many breweries had to close down due to Prohibition. They reopened later, and for the past 6 to 7 years, many new breweries have come up. Let us look into some of the most top-rated Buffalo Breweries. 

Top 10 Buffalo Breweries to Visit

1.Pressure Drop Brewing

Pressure Drop Brewery

The Pressure Drop Brewing is a brewery that is top-rated among the Buffalo Breweries. After many phases of home brewing, Pressure Drop Brewing came up as a brewery.

The name Pressure Drop Brewing is for two reasons. One is about the pressure drop during wintertime, and the other about the pressure drop happening during the brewing.

They brew unique and craft beer for beer enthusiasts. Many breweries have been experimental in crafting beer flavors, and Pressure Drop Brewing is not behind.

Their most famous flagship beers are Sticky Trees, Strummer, Buckstar, Space Monkey Series, Blackalicious, etc. some of their rotating beers are Citra Screamer, Beyond Neptune, Solenya, Dank Sinatra, Haggen, Pitter Patter, and many more. They have also made collaborations with other brewing companies. To know more, click below.


2. Rusty Nickel Brewing Co @ 36 Broadway

Rusty Nickel Brewing Co @ 36 Broadway

The Rusty Nickel Brewing Co @ 36 Broadway is another famous one among the Buffalo Breweries located at the Historic Buehl Block. The place has a tasting room and a kitchen and is a huge building reminding of the old and famous brewing companies.

They specialize in serving fresh and local beer. Their beer on tap changes according to the season and the availability of some local ingredients. Their current tap beer includes watermelon Kolsch, Sugar Plum Sour, Sliced O’havens, Irish red ale, Spoktoberfest, and many more. The house also provides ciders, wines, etc. They also have categories like Bloody Mary, Mixologies, and craft cocktails.

Their food menu includes cheese and cracker trays, soft pretzels, hummus platter, chips and salsa, pizza logs, flatbread pizzas, etc. They also have an adjacent gift store that sells glassware and apparel. Currently, the shop is closed for renovation but will be open soon. 

3. Bootleg Bucha

Bootleg Bucha

Bootleg Bucha is one brewery among the Buffalo Breweries that focus on natural brewing and the wellness of the customers. The industry’s start began in 2015 when the owners decided to brew ‘kombucha’ in their kitchen.

The brewing was successful, that they moved it into a business. They are the leading kombucha producers and manufacturers all across New York. You can get their products in many retail shops and purchase them from any part of New York.

The kombucha flavor they brew includes blueberry lavender, cranberry grape, ginger, passionfruit, pomegranate, tart cherry mint, hibiscus, etc. kombucha cocktails is also available now. 

4. First Line Brewing

First Line Brewing

First Line Brewing is Orchard Park’s first brewery and one of the famous among Buffalo breweries. They are a brewery that offers unique names to their beers and ales. They are a recently opened brewery and have been coming up with new ideas.

Their name option includes names like Bitch’n Betty Blueberry Muffin Ale, Fruity Pebble NEIPA, etc. Some other flavor includes Chocolate Stout, SGT Hops, Alpha Bravo Citrus IPA, Pre-Game Spiked Seltzer, etc. They have only a limited seat as the company is brand new and has seating inside and outside the shop. Make sure you visit this brewery soon.

5. Lakeward Spirits

Lakeward Spirits

Lakeward Spirits is the largest craft distillery among the Buffalo Breweries. They specialize in making high-quality gins, vodkas, rums, mostly from scratch. They use local farm products, malts, and grains to prepare their liquor. They are the first producers of rums ever in Buffalo.

Their craft distillery includes a tasting room and a factory store along with a bar and lounge area. Some of their current new items are fathoms below spiced rum, wild gin, inland sea rum, evergreen gin, and grain canyon vodka.

You will also be able to have a distillery tour inside the brewery. The products of Lakeward Spirits are also available in other liquor stores. They also provide facilities for weddings and other special events. 

6. Buffalo Brewing Company

Buffalo Brewing Company

The Buffalo Brewing Company is the most famous Buffalo brewery among beer enthusiasts. The company shows great passion for brewing beer and holds it close to their heart. They care more about the satisfaction of their customers and hence work carefully.

They have been crafting more and more exciting beer by keeping some core beer on the tap. The place is a small space and thus is intimidating to many of its customers. The brewery also has an interest in antiques and hence jeep in mind that you could come with any if you are willing to sell. You would also get home delivery from this brewery.

Some of their craft beers are oatmeal stout, cream ale, Cran Raz wheat, Vienna lager, loganberry ale, porter, and many more. If you are interested in Buffalo Breweries’ history, come here to see the beer names shouting out the beer history as well as the antiques.

7. Buffalo Cider Hall

Buffalo Cider Hall

Buffalo Cider Hall is one among the Buffalo Breweries that provide a rustic experience to the visitors. The brewery celebrates the history and culture of brewing and the relationship of Buffalo with agriculture. This is reflected in the themes of the inside of the brewery.

They have around 30 ciders focusing on local and New York products. They also have an outdoor patio where you could enjoy your beer watching the streets.

Their limited-edition collection includes Buffalo Bluegrass, White hurricane, New England style, Winter Solstice, Traditional cabinet blend, Tart Cherry Perry, Classic wood-aged, Black Rock Kingston black varietal, etc.

8. Hamburg Brewing Company

Hamburg Brewing Company

Hamburg Brewing Company is one among the Buffalo Breweries that has an intimidating patio and taproom. It is a place where you will relax and enjoy yourself with your family and friends. You will also be able to listen to some live local music. Its mission is to provide high-quality beer to its customers as well as a good atmosphere.

Some of their year-round beers are Blackberry Gose, Louie, lake view lager, Irish red, and Hamburg hard cider. Their seasonal beers are Oktoberfest, frosty the IPA, OMS, two-two mango, Irish red, and Southtown stout.

They also have a gift shop that sells its merchandise like t-shirts, bags, caps, and many more. It is a place where you could picture yourself sipping a beer and enjoying the scenery. If you want to spend your time like this, then the Hamburg brewing company should top your list. 

9. Community Beer Works

Community Beer Works

Community Beer Works or CBW has been brewing beer and is among the Buffalo Breweries for the past eight years. Just like every other brewery, they are passionate about beer. They are very much enthusiastic about brewing and would like to contribute to the public.

They support the local and hence has been working for the local. Their mission is to make their brewery an integral part of Buffalo. They also have their branches in various other cities. They have supported the local farmers by giving them the spent grain to create manure and compost.

What they wish to do is to enrich the community by creating excellent and unique beers. They want to promote the industry of beer in Buffalo. Some of their year-round and seasonal beers are the whale, that IPA, Let’s go Pills, frank, bang A’uey, Interrobang, etc.

You would also get points rewarded every time you purchase online or offline. In this way, you would be able to buy beers free with your points. So, make sure you avail of this offer. 

10. 12 Gates Brewing Company

12 Gates Brewing Company

12 Gates Brewing Company is an independent self-brewing company among the Buffalo Breweries. They produce high-quality handcrafted beer in a 30-barrel brewhouse. Their brewery consists of a tasting room, 18 rotating taps, seating inside and outside, and music for your ears.

They provide a wide range of beer varieties from traditional to modern, and hence there is a wide group of visitors coming to the brewery every day. This brewery does experiments in brewing by mixing ingredients and creating their flavors. Their beers are distributed in various bars and restaurants in and around New York.

Their beer menu includes landing strip IPA, west coast style IPA, 100 emoji, fire emoji, wicked TRIPA, Coffee Porter, and many more. The food menu contains items like Buffalo Platter, Charcuterie Platter, Mediterranean Platter, Mini quesadilla, Pretzels, appetizers, and many more exotic dishes.

Their taproom is near to the brewery and gives tours from time to time. Most of the taps have beers that are already available at the brewery. But some special beers are only available in the taproom. When you visit this brewery, make sure that you visit this taproom too. 

The Prohibition had closed down many Buffalo Breweries. But the people were not able to keep away from beer. People began to make their beer. Some people started brewing their beer, and some even went to Canada for beer. Even though the USA’s corporates went to shut down many Buffalo Breweries, some small breweries remained and gave rise to the industry’s development once again.

When you visit a Buffalo brewery, what you are becoming is a part of their history. You could see their history in the beer and the breweries. So when you visit any of the Buffalo Breweries, keep in mind their history and struggle to get back to the industry.

These were some of the most prominent ones among the Buffalo Breweries.

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