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Top 10 Most Popular North Shore Restaurants

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Many north shore restaurants provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Going outside to have fun in your leisure time is something every single one of us does. There is no harm in accepting it. It is important to, however, know the place where you are going. Having fun does not necessarily mean going out to party with friends or going out bowling or some other leisure activity. It also means going to one of the top ten most popular north shore restaurants. Going to a place where there is an awesome ambiance and a portion of equally tasty food can contribute to a really great evening.

North Shore, Auckland

As a result, dining in one of the top 10 most popular north shore restaurants can be an activity that every single person can enjoy. Whether it is a place where a person can go for casual dining or somewhere where there is outside seating, it is important to know everything in detail so that a proper and informed decision can be made. Few things to know beforehand, which are quite essential, are the menu style, the pricing, the seating options, and sometimes even the preparation method. In this article, the focus will be provided on the top 10 north shore restaurants depending upon the aforementioned points.

Top 10 North Shore Restaurants

A restaurant

1. El Humero- one of the Casual Dining North Shore Restaurants

Address: Fortieth & Hurstmere, Shop 3, 40 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $70

Must-try dishes: Smoked Meat, Empanadas, Beef Ribs, Roasted Pork, Salsa, Wedges

The cuisines available at this restaurant are Latin America and Steak. It is said that this restaurant is known for the Colombian style used in preparing various barbecue dishes over traditional wood-fired as well as charcoal grills.

The restaurant is especially known for providing a person with a very delicious gastronomical experience. It has a very pleasant atmosphere which proves to be rather relaxing. It has a great ambiance and provides a good vibe as well. The dishes are also extremely tasty and they are served with a friendly gesture, adding to the positive points of the restaurant.

In order to know the exact menu offered by this restaurant, you can easily visit its Zomato page by clicking on the following: El Humero Menu.

2. Bushman’s Grill

Address: 31 Northcote Road, Hillcrest, Auckland 0627

Call: +6494180056

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $100

Must-try dishes: Pork Ribs, Calamari, Steak, Sides, Sauce, Chips

Bushman’s Grill- North Shore Restaurants

The cuisines available at this restaurant are Steak and Grill. If you want to go out with your family and have a relaxing time, this is the place as this restaurant is known to be a family-friendly one. It is said to be also known for the delicious flame grill dishes.

Known to have fantastic servers and providing considerably large portions of food, Bushman’s Grill should definitely be on the list of top north shore restaurants that you should visit. The seating facility is also considered to be exceptional and the ambiance is also brilliant.

It is important to know the full menu and the exact dishes offered by any of the North Shore restaurants. Thus, in order to do so, click here: Bushman’s Grill Menu.

3. Tok Tok Kitchen

Address: 129 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Takapuna, Auckland 0622 New Zealand

Call: +6494893988

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $80

Must-try dishes: Kaffir Lime Chicken, Shaking Beef, Fish Curry, Pepper Squid, Roti, Pad Thai

The specialty of this particular restaurant is its cuisine which is Asian Fusion. Tok Tok Kitchen is known to be one of the Pan-Asian restaurants that need to be tried especially if you are fond of this cuisine. A common favorite of the local people is the Shaking beef or Pandan Tapioca.

In order to have a relaxing time, you can definitely visit this place as it has a particularly relaxing atmosphere along with a good ambiance. The serving size of this restaurant is good and the quality, as well as the taste of the food provided, is very good. The delicious food provided by this restaurant is worth mentioning.

If you find this restaurant pleasing enough, you can visit Zomato to check out its full menu by clicking here: Tok Tok Kitchen

4. Mamak Malaysian Street Food- Another Casual Dining North Shore restaurant

Address: The Sentinel Building, 6 Huron Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622

Call: +6494860122

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $50

Must-try dishes: Laksa Soup, Seafood Laksa, Satay Chicken, Roti, Chicken Curry, Prawns

Mamak Malaysian Street Food

The cuisine of this particular restaurant, as you can probably guess from its name, is Malaysian. This restaurant is known to serve authentic hawker-style Malaysian dishes.

The relaxing atmosphere in this restaurant allows people to enjoy the fantastic food served here. The size of the portions of the food is also quite good, alongside which it is tasty and the price is very reasonable too.

If you want to check out its full menu, head over to Zomato by clicking on Mamak Malaysian Street Food

5. Sails Restaurant- One of the Fine Dining North Shore restaurants

Address: 103-113 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven Marina, Westhaven, Auckland 1011

Call: +6493789890

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $150

Must-try dishes: Sea Food, Oysters, Snapper, Seafood, Lamb, Wine

The cuisine of this restaurant is Seafood as well as Kiwi. You must visit this restaurant as it provides an extremely stunning view of the Auckland Harbour.

The relaxing atmosphere along with the stunning view makes this restaurant an extremely important one to visit among all the North Shore restaurants. The restaurant is also known for its ambiance as well as the way they present their food. The presentation of the food is one of the most important parts of going out to eat. The better the presentation, the better you feel while eating it.

In order to know everything that is offered by this restaurant, you can visit Zomato by clicking on Sails Restaurant

6. Flavours of India

Address: 9/25 Anzac Road, Browns Bay, Auckland New Zealand

Call: +64 9-478 7773

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $50

Must-try dishes: Kebabs

One of the famous North Shore Restaurants, it provides authentic Indian food. As the title probably suggests, the main cuisine of this restaurant is North Indian and Asian. In order to have a few of the best Indian tastes, you need to visit this restaurant. Known for its kebabs and flavors of India, this restaurant offers many more things that you need to experience. It is also known to provide options for vegans and is also gluten-friendly.

Before physically going to the restaurant, you can check out their menu by visiting Zomato. Click here: Flavours of India

7. Ramen Takara


Address: 4 Anzac Road, Browns Bay, Auckland 0632

Call: +6494766041

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $40

Must-try dishes: Tonkotsu Broth, Pork Gyoza, Yakisoba, Chicken Karage, Soup, Dumplings

Ramen Takara is one of the most famous North Shore restaurants with its cuisine being Japanese and Ramen. The restaurant was launched in 2007 and it is known to carry on the traditions of Hōchinrō all the while incorporating local flavors as well as Kiwi hospitality. Ramen Takara was also awarded the Top 10 Cheap Eats 2014-2017  by Metro Magazine as well as Top 50 Dinners Under $50 – 2018 also by Metro Magazine.

This restaurant is known to serve spicy food with good portion sizes. Despite the good portion sizes, the taste of the food is not at all compromised. It has a relaxing atmosphere and the price listed for the food is also quite reasonable.

In order to know more about its menu, head over to Zomato by clicking on Ramen Takara.

8. Musashi

Address: 212 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland

Call: +6494895977

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $70 (Dinner) and $58 (Lunch)

Must-try dishes: Katsu Chicken, Beef Tataki, Miso, Salmon, Salad, Rice

The cuisine available at this restaurant is JapaneseHot Pot, and Sushi. It is known to provide its customers with high-quality local pacific seafood. It is also known to provide traditional Japanese food which is casually, yet delicately presented. One of the most popular dishes at this restaurant is the Chicken miso katsu.

Musashi is a great place with good value for money. They are known to serve great food and the way they present their food is also worth mentioning.

View its menu through Zomato by clicking on Musashi

9. Panda Restaurant

Panda Restaurant

Address: 27 Clyde Road, Browns Bay, Auckland

Call: +6492222289

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $50 and $35 for breakfast

Must-try dishes: Dumplings

A casual dining restaurant, Panda Restaurant offers ChineseSichuanDumplings, and Asian cuisines. The restaurant is known to serve handmade dumplings of quite generous portions and Sichuan spices that turn out to be very addicting. Staying true to the bold and pungent flavors of the cuisine along with adding some modern twists, the restaurant has been successful in balancing the same and keep people coming back for more. The themed decor of the restaurant is also a plus point and adds to the reason of people coming back for more.

In order to view its full menu on Zomato, click here: Panda Restaurant

Seating Arrangement

10. Dutch Delight

Address: 3 Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead, Auckland

Call: +6494181390

Average Cost for two (without alcohol): $50

Must-try dishes: Pancakes, Snacks, Platter, Hot Chocolate, Dessert, Bacon

Dutch Delight is known to provide and serve cuisines which are European and Desserts. The restaurant is known for its friendly atmosphere that is created by its host as well as its decor. It is also known for the delicious taste of all the food offered. The service provided is also very good and friendly.

In order to know more about the types of food offered by this restaurant, visit Zomato by clicking on Dutch Delight

Dutch Delight

Auckland is one of the best places to live in New Zealand as it is clear through this article: Best Places to live in New Zealand. In Auckland, you can easily search for the top North Shore Restaurants if you want to go out for a fun and relaxing time.

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