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The Top 10 Amazing Reasons To Get A Dog


Have you thought of adopting a dog? Are you still looking for reasons to get a dog? Well, then your wait is over. Today we will be listing down some amazing reasons to get a dog.

Dogs are one of the best creations in the world. They make your whole day bright up, and they are just these little four-legged angels that make your life so much better. Although it is not easy to keep a dog because they shred a lot of hair and you must have to be committed to keeping them, you cannot deny that being with a dog makes all the efforts worth it.

Dogs can never make you sad in their presence. Seeing that innocent, angelic face can instantly bring a smile on your face. There are many reasons to get a dog, and today we will be discussing the same.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Dog

There are a couple of best reasons to get a dog; they are humble and gentle. They act as rescue dogs and are known for the abilities of sense and smell. They can be the best companion for you. Let us have a look at the top reasons to get a dog.

1. Dogs are Extremely Loyal

One of the best reasons to get a dog is that they always stay loyal to you. No matter what happens, there is nothing that can shake the loyalty of a dog. Dogs are incredibly social to other animals as well. Whenever you take a dog out for a walk, they make new friends. They are very friendly like that.

They develop strong bonds with whoever they stay with. If you feed a dog once, he will always look at you with thankfulness and gratefulness, and that is what makes one of the best reasons to get a dog.

2. Dogs Deserve a Good Home

As much as you are looking for reasons to get a dog, it is also important to understand that your furry friend deserves to live a good life. A lot of dogs just stay in the street with no one around them.

A dog is a social animal, so it becomes difficult for a dog to be alone and to be thrown away by people and other animals around them. Dogs deserve to be brought up in a home where they can get enough love and also the necessities like a shelter over the head, food to eat, and people to love.

Stray dogs live the most difficult life. They have to live on their own, and everyone around them tends to treat them very poorly. They eat out of trash cans that can be very injurious to their health. They get injured, and there is nobody to help them. Often people on their vehicles just run their vehicle over the innocent souls, and they are left there bleeding to death.

People teach their children to stay away from dogs, which later when they grow up, stays in their heads. They throw stones on dogs and make them suffer when all they do is lay there without harming anyone.

It is important to know that stray dogs are as important as the ones that are kept for adoption at a very high price. If you are looking for reasons to adopt a dog, then consider adopting a stray dog too because they have no one with them who would love them or nurture them. They do not even have food to eat or place to sleep. They deserve to be brought up where they feel like home.


3. Dogs Love You the Most

You would understand what unconditional love is, and dogs show you what it is. They are the most selfless creatures out there. They love you more than anything and anyone in the world. If you pet a dog once, they will love you for life.

Have you noticed when you feed a dog once he waits for you the other day, the day after that, and so on? Well, that is because he remembers that you were the person that filled his stomach. The dog will be forever grateful for what you have done for him, even though it was just a pack of biscuits for you. For him, it was not only a meal; it felt very precious to him.

One of the most important reasons to get a dog is that they will love you forever. You have not felt a sense of true love if you do not have a dog.

4. Dogs Never Make You Feel Lonely

Dogs are the best companion to have because they never make you feel lonely. They will always be around you even when you wish to stay alone. Dogs will always roam around you also if you are going to the bathroom.

They will sit next to you patiently and watch you do whatever you are doing. Dogs will never make you feel lonely, especially when you are eating something. They will come so close to you but not snatch the food from you. Even if you keep the most delicious meal in front of him, he will always have an eye on what you are eating. You will see his mouthwatering and craving for what you are having, and that feels like the cutest thing ever.

5. Dogs Can Decrease the Risk of Diseases

It is known that having dogs can reduce the risk of a lot of diseases. They can reduce blood pressure because dog owners tend to be calmer with their pets around them. Dogs also tend to reduce the risk of heart attack by 33%. This happens because dogs help you be healthier, and they make you live a real life.

Dogs help to build a more robust immune system because people who live around dogs are lesser prone to allergies. Kids who grow up with dogs are less likely to get asthma as compared to those kids who do not have a dog. Dogs also help prevent cold and other sicknesses. Now, that is one of the most beneficial reasons to get a dog!

Having a dog is very good for heart health because dog owners tend to live an active lifestyle than those who do not. Dogs also help in reducing anxiety issues because when you cuddle with a dog or pet it, the dog stimulates a hormone called oxytocin. How it helps is that it soothes the anxiety system, so it can be very beneficial for those people who deal with anxiety or an excessive amount of stress.

So yes, having a dog can be very good for your physical health and, more importantly, your mental health.

6. Dogs are Your Perfect Best Friend

If you think you do not have friends, then it can also be one of the best reasons to get a dog. Dogs are the perfect best friends anyone could ask for. They are always there for you without any forcefulness.

Dogs teach us so many things in life. They teach us selflessness and how to love people around us. We learn so much from them, and we keep learning and evolving. They teach us to be more empathetic and more caring. Dogs care for you when no one else does. No matter how many people you may have in your life, no one compares to the dog that you have right next to you.

Whether it is a lazy night or a busy morning, they will always be there. You may have met many dogs in your life, but your dog only has you. They are very protective of people they love, and they will not let anything or anyone hurt them.

You can come home and see that little puppy wagging his tail and looking at you like you are the most precious being he has ever seen in his life. The excitement is always there. Even if you come late at night or leave early in the morning, they still wait for you to come back.

You can share anything and everything with a dog, and somehow you feel as if he understands you. Even if you are aware that your pet cannot speak, you feel the warmth of his presence. You feel like he understands whatever you say, and that is why each emotion, whether it is sadness or happiness, you feel like sharing it with your dog.

Icy Tales

Still, looking for reasons to get a dog? Then, let us tell you that dogs are the perfect impersonation of a good friend. They are always with you; they do not hurt you, they stay loyal to you, they do not speak behind your back, you can share your problems with them even if it is for the hundredth time and most importantly they always have your back. Isn’t that how friends are supposed to be like? Don’t send dogs to work just for the sake of it – you don’t want your furry friend to be unhappy, right?

7. Dogs Teach You to be Patient

You know what patience is when you get a dog. If you are an extremely impatient person who just cannot wait for things to happen because you like being in control always, then this can be one of the best reasons to get a dog for you.

Right by the time you think of adopting a dog till the time you are with him, he always teaches you to be patient. You patiently wait for the right time to get a dog. You consider a lot of factors before deciding to get one. You may make a checklist and think a lot about it, take recommendations from your friends and family, or look it up online, and that becomes the first step to becoming a patient person.

When you finally get a puppy, you look at him, and he looks at you with all the love in his eyes and you too. You start to train him, but he does not listen to you. At first, it may seem extremely difficult for an impatient person to live with a dog, but it gets better with time.

Puppies can be challenging to train. The difficulty depending on whichever breed you have adopted, but each dog is different from others just like human beings. They may take time to adapt to the new lifestyle, and that is how they teach their owners to be patient.

Sometimes they may not listen to you even when you repeat it a lot of times, sometimes they will decide to be stubborn, you would want to take him to the bathtub, but he will just not listen and want to jump out of the bathtub, and that is when you are supposed to remain calm and not lose patience because they need time to open up and adjust to their new lifestyle.

8. Dogs Make You More Responsible

Dogs make you a more responsible person. They are just like children, and that is how you should treat them too. They are like these little kids that need a lot of learning in their life.

If you are young and hoping to start a family, then dogs can help you to be trained in the same. Dogs are extremely dependent on you. They want you to feed them, take them out for a walk or potty train them. As they grow up, they learn to do things as it is being taught to them.

9. Dogs Help You Stay Active

Dog owners are known to be healthier and more active. When you adopt a dog, you will have to take him out for walks every single day. Dogs do not like being packed inside a room for an extended period, and that is when they get grumpy.

They will force you to be active even if you feel like being lazy for a day. They will make you run after them, and that is how you will stay fit. there is no requirement for a gym when you can have a dog?

10. Dogs Protect You

One of the most amazing reasons to get a dog is that it will always protect you. Dogs will cause harm before letting any danger come near to you.

They will always be on the door when someone comes; they will always be the one ahead of you if something strange happens. Whenever they hear the slightest voice, they start barking because they alert everyone of any danger, and that is what being selfless is.

These were the top 10 reasons to get a dog. They always make their presence felt. They still are there for you, and they will never cross you or betray you.

I hope you enjoyed reading the amazing reasons to get a dog and also made up your mind on adopting one. If you know of any other reasons to get a dog, then let us know in the comments.

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