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Ranveer Singh: Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Him!


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Wondering why people are crazy about Ranveer Singh?

Ranveer Singh has become one of the finest actors of Bollywood today who has evolved in a revolutionary manner with each role that he has taken up and played in an absolutely brilliant manner. He has the X-factor that makes him a distinct personality apart from just being an amazing hero in terms of his characteristics and professional achievements that seems to lack in many people from the industry. The face of the Hindi Film Industry took a turn after the arrival of Ranveer Singh.

Here are the top 10 reasons why we absolutely love him!

1. Brilliant Acting!

Amidst the other factors that drive anyone to love him, his acting comes first. Each role played by him has become iconic and unique in terms of expressions, dialogue deliveries, romance, dance and basically everything that is associated with heroes and actors in general. Be it Ram Leela or Padmavaat or Bajirao Mastani or Simmba or Gully Boy, never has he ever failed to startle his audience with an astounding all-round performance.

The traditional and iconic role of the great Peshwa Bajirao by Ranveer is one of the most exceptional instances of brilliant acting in Bollywood. On the contrary, in Gully Boy, he has played a completely different role. Murad is a rapper-singer from a lower-middle class family whose life evolves around finding a way to success. In Padmavat he is seen to play the role of the antagonist opposite Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone.

The versatile nature of his acting skills reflects in a vivid manner in his breath-taking performances in films like Gully Boy, Padmavaat, Band baja Baraat, Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani. “Two hundred characters live inside my head” Ranveer claimed and rightfully so. Very few actors from Bollywood have the ability to play all kinds of roles with the absolute brilliance and perfection that Ranveer proves to possess with each role he plays.

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2. Out of the Box Fashion Sense.

“Fashion is an expression of what you are feeling” as rightfully said by Ranveer, it can easily be considered as the perfect tagline of his fashion sense that is exceptionally breath-taking. No one from the industry seems to dare to experiment with their costumes as much as Ranveer does. He always comes up with his own unique sense of fashion which reflects in the clothes he wears in public events.

The fact that he is not afraid of criticism and trolling is an exceptional characteristic of him that many actors from the industry lack. He goes beyond the traditional preconceived notion of fashion and explores different horizons of the fashion world which challenges the stereotypical conceptions that are present in our society.

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3. Phenomenal Dance Skills!

One of the main reasons to love Ranveer Singh is his amazing dance skills. Be it a chirpy number like Ude dil Befikre or Aankh Marey from Simmba or an outwardly distinc number like Malhari and Apna Time Ayega from Gully Boy, Ranveer totally aces it every time with his unique and impressive dance skills.

His dance choreographers in various interviews said as to how much hardworking and passionate he always has been when it comes to dance. They have also said that he does not need to go through the typical dance lessons but it just takes him a mere few hours of training to kill it on and off screen. He is a natural dancer with his uniquely unusual steps that can literally never go wrong! What a talent!

4. Amazing lover in Both Real and Reel-life!

Literally no one from India seems to be oblivious about the fact that Ranveer proved to be the perfect lover and then an amazing husband to the most beautiful and ever-glowing Deepika Padukone Singh.

In various interviews Deepika has opened up and spoken about the hardships she had to face due to several personal and professional reasons which had been followed by clinical depression. She also admitted to be a completely transformed person after Ranveer entered her life as her “hero”. Their chemistry never fails to amaze us be it on screen or off screen.
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5. An awesome friend and guide!

When it comes to Bollywood “bromance”, bffs and friendship goals, every actor seems to be popped up as a pair with Ranveer Singh with them. Be it Arjun Kapoor or Anushka Sharma, everyone has repeatedly mentioned Ranveer to be their best buddy in both their professional and personal lives.

Even Varun Dhawan has spoken about how good a friend Ranveer is in various shows. Alia Bhatt in several interviews has spoken about how well she has been trained by Ranveer while acting in Gully Boy. Sara Ali Khan has also talked about how awesome a mantor has Ranveer been for her while they acted for Simmba.

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6. Always down to earth!

There have been many instances where the actors seem to have misbehaved with their fans/ well-wishers due to various reasons. Ranveer is not one of them. He always puts himself forward with an extremely polite attitude who respects and adores everyone around him including his fans. No matter what the situation is, he never behaves rudely or shows arrogance to anyone be it his interviewers in lengthy press conferences or his fans running behind his car to get a selfie with him. He never disappoints anyone.

He has always kept it genuine and never preferred to be a pretentious or hideous individual. He has spoken openly about his sexuality when he had to face several questions from media after he appeared in a Durex Ad Commercial. This unique attitude is a very unique quality that Ranveer Singh has which is one of the major reasons why I love him the most.

7. Excellent choice of films.

By taking a close look at the list of movies Ranveer has taken part in, one gets a clear idea of how exceptional and brilliant his choice of films has been so far. From Band Baja Barat to Gully Boy, he has played a plethora of different characters and still managed to ace them all with his absolutely marvellous acting skill. Very few actors from the industry have managed to get so many versatile roles to play. He has made impossible, possible with his brilliant acting skills.

8. Came from nothing, achieved everything!

Unlike many actors from the industry, he did not have a Godfather in this field to guide him towards the right direction. He never had anyone who would help him make contacts and have roles. After completing his study, he started going for all kinds of auditions he managed to have an info about.

He was born in Mumbai and later went to United States to pursue his higher studies and came back which is when his struggling period in the field of media and entertainment began. For a very long time he got calls only for certain minor roles which made him disappointed and hopeless. But he never gave up. He kept trying. He kept auditioning for heroes’ roles and finally around the mid 2011, Band Baja Baraat came to him and the rest is history. He literally never had to look back ever since!

This is an inspiring story which motivates thousands of people as to how to keep trying to achieve the dream even when things do not go according the plan or simply everything seems wrong. It also shows how determined and hard-working he is who has never given up and has been resilient enough to make everything work despite hundreds of odds and hardships.

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9. Unmatchable Energy!

With various instances in several occasions, Ranveer has never failed to show his insane energy level which is absolutely exceptional and unmatchable. There are many actors in the industry who are good at dancing or maybe acting and crafts. But Ranveer Singh seems to have no parallel competitors whatsoever as far as his energy is concerned. One can learn acting or dancing or craft skills, but no one ever has been able to learn how to enhance their energy level. Ranveer seems to be an absolute pro in that.

10. An insane Powerhouse of Bollywood!

When it comes to being an all-rounder, Ranveer is the name that comes to mind from Bollywood without a second thought any day. As far as overall skills are concerned, there is no other name from any industry that can compete with Ranveer. He has proved the same over and over again so many times with his phenomenal skills that it leaves absolutely no doubt in mind as to why he is the powerhouse of Bollywood. Be it acting or dancing or crafts or looks or physique or choice of films, there is absolutely no one near him who can beat him.

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Considering the aforementioned points, it would not be an exaggerated statement if we call him the best of the bests of Bollywood. He still has a very long way to go and a lot of accomplishments to achieve, but a mere analysis of his career trajectory (till now) will portray what an absolute gem he is!

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