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Top 10 Useless Facts About Movies

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What are some useless facts about movies? Movies are one of the biggest entertainers when you are bored. And then there are stars in the movies that are equally entertaining. But what’s even more impressive is the trivia behind the making of those movies.

And then some people cannot have enough of movies. So they check up all the interesting details about it. And random facts are just too intriguing to miss out.

So today, we present some little-known facts about some of the biggest (and some controversial as well) movies. Get ready because they are completely useless. Seriously, you did not really need to know this. But we are going to tell you those facts anyway!

Top 10 Useless Facts about Movies

1. The First Toilet Flush was featured in Psycho

useless movie facts

The bizarre and shocking movie Psycho featured the first-ever toilet flush. Prior to that, it was considered a big no-no to display a toilet being flushed in a movie. This movie has caused many controversies, and the embattlements only added to the fame of the movie. The movie director, none other than Alfred Hitchcock cleverly managed to keep most of the original scenes by pestering and consoling the Hollywood Censors.

2. The Titanic Haircut was banned in certain countries

useless movie facts

We are all familiar with the Jack Dawson in Titanic. Leonardo DiCaprio stole many hearts across the globe when he played the character in the iconic movie. And let us not forget the passionate chemistry between him and Kate Winslet.

But what people do not know is that his iconic hairdo was banned in many countries! Apparently, the countries that banned the hair cut did not want Western influence on their cultures.

3. Harrison Ford would not have been Han Solo

han solo

Yes, the iconic Star Wars character Han would have been played by someone else as the director was looking for new faces. The Star Wars director, along with his pal and codirector, looked for a suitable actor to play Han Solo for almost seven months.

They had called in Ford to feed lines to the eligible candidates that turned up for auditions. But then the director loved Ford’s delivery of dialogues so much that he cast him as Han Solo.

4. Dumbledore is gay

useless facts about movies

If you haven’t read or watched Harry Potter, then there is probably something wrong with you. J. K. Rowling is world-renowned for her remarkable book series Harry Potter. The books were converted into equally fantastic movies.

The author is often asked various questions by Potterheads about the books as well as characters. Once, Rowling was asked if Dumbledore was ever in love. To this, she responded that she always thought of him as gay. And she revealed that Dumbledore was once in love with Grindelwald.

There are many fan theories about Harry Potter. Many of them have become popular. Some of them are so interesting and well written that sometimes they make us forget the original story. If you are a Potterhead, you should definitely give these fanfictions a try. Click here to read the top 12 fan theories about Harry Potter.

5. Alfred Hitchcock’s Offbeat Cameos

useless facts about movies

We are familiar with most of his movies like Psycho, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Birds, Strangers on a train, and many more fantastic movies. And we are also aware of the director behind these amazing movies.

One of the most famous directors in the film industry, Alfred Hitchcock, often appears in cameos in his own movies. In fact, he has done a cameo in all of his films. It was usually a short and negligible cameo like a passer-by walking past, or a pedestrian and even appeared in Before and After posters. The fans loved these cameos so much that they had to be featured at the start of the movies. This was done to avoid killing the vibe of the audience.

Alfred Hitchcock is also known to have conflicts with the censor boards. He often played clever tricks and found loopholes in the rules. And thus, he managed to keep most of the original work.

6. Fast and Furious Franchise has a complicated chronology

useless facts about movies

We all are very well acquainted with the action-packed series of Fast and the Furious. But only the most die-hard fans of the franchise will know that the 2 Fast and 2 Furious is chronologically and technically the third movie. There was a short movie named ‘Turbo Charged Prelude’ that joins the events in the prequel and sequel.

This is also the only Fast and Furious movie that does not star Vin Diesel in it. Interestingly, the movies used professional street racers for most of the time. And sometimes, the actors did their own stunts.

But this chronology is something you don’t really have to know. So, these are some useless facts.

7. The Godfather cast had dinners together

the godfather poster

The director of the world-renowned film ‘The Godfather’ organized family dinners to help actors get into the character. This helped the actors know and play their roles better. The elaborate dinners also helped the cast know each other better and get comfortable. The director also argued to keep the famous puppet string logo.

He also argued to keep the movie a historical drama. If it wasn’t for the audacity and headstrongness of the director, The Godfather could never have been an iconic film!

8. Merida’s Wild, Wild Curls

disney movies facts

Disney creates some world-class movies. Especially, animated films are merely astounding. They have a gripping story, adorable characters, and memorable songs. So obviously, there are some useless facts about these movies.

Merida from Brave wouldn’t have had those wild red curls if it was not for new advanced technology. The ‘Taz,’ an animation tool, was used to create 1500 different types of curls to give Merida those realistic-looking hair. If you observe carefully, you will notice those curls springing and bobbing, just like real hair.

There is also an interesting fact related to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Ariel was supposed to have curly hair, but the technology wasn’t that developed back then. Imagine, Ariel with curly hair. This was probably one of the very useless facts about movies that you did not need to know.

9. Steven Spielberg was inspired by Godzilla

jurassic park facts

This is the director that gave out most successful movies like Jaws, Indiana Jones, Men in Black, Transformers, and even the classic favorite Jurassic Park (reminds me of Ross from Friends). So, obviously, there must be some useless facts behind it.

And just like they say, inspiration can come from anywhere, and the director got an idea for Dinosaur movie from the King Kong ride in Universal Studios. He has also stated that he was looking for a sequel for Jaws but ended up making Jurassic Park. Spielberg also cites Godzilla as a significant inspiration for the Dinosaur hit.

The making of Jurassic Park is very creative and exciting. There are some more facts that you would be interested to know. Click here to some lesser-known trivia.

10. Deadpool is an Avenger

deadpool is an avenger

There is still a debate about this. Whether the Deadpool is an Avenger or not. Deadpool definitely has a cool personality, amazing superpowers, and everything that takes to be an Avenger. But Deadpool is more of a selfish loner, which sparks the speculations whether he will be a part of MCU or not.

The Marvel Universe is complicated with so many comics, movies, and even fan fiction. And most of the stories and superheroes often overlap and make it even more complicated.

Deadpool appeared with Avengers in the comics. They were seen together in Uncanny Avengers. It was a brief affair. So, it can be said that he was a part of the Avengers for a very short time.

Meanwhile, Disney has bought the rights for Deadpool. Which means there are chances of future collaborations.

What do you think about Deadpool being an Avenger? Comment your thoughts in the comment section below!

And here is a bonus useless fact about movies! Because we just cannot leave Terminator out of the list!

11. Terminator almost had a cyborg dog as a sidekick

terminator facts

The financial producers of the Terminator mostly let James Cameron do whatever he liked. But the producers insisted on improving the chemistry between the lead actors. Along with this, they suggested adding a cyborg dog as a sidekick. Cameron took note of the first suggestion. But refused to comply with the second one.

Imagine, Arnold Schwarzenegger with a metal dog! It does not have the same vibe to it.

Talking of terminator, once Arnold went for lunch at a Los Angeles restaurant. It dawned on him too late that he was still in Terminator get up. Yes, he had the robotic eye and burned skin while having lunch.

So, these were some of the most useless facts about movies that you did not really need to know. But you know them now anyway. There are many such trivia that is stupid but too interesting to miss.

Comment your thoughts on these useless facts about movies. Do you know any more such movie facts? If you, then share them with us in the comment section below!

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