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Amazing 12 Good Old Days Nostalgia We All Have!


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Are you nostalgic about good old days? Are we about to make you even more nostalgic?

The warmth of nostalgia always makes its place in our lives, and good old days swish like slides of memories in front of us. After reaching an age of adulthood, we all miss certain things which were ordinary while we could do them, but now those are the things which heart craves for.

Those good old days are always topmost in giving us sweet nostalgia. I have tried to list a few of the typical good old days which most of us have spent living. Continue reading to enter into a space of sweet fond memories.

Top 12 Good Old Days Nostalgia We All Have!

1. Good old days: Summer Evenings

Think of that burning sunshine, which could not stop you from playing all evening in the parks and the street of your neighborhood. When all we would do for the whole evening was playing hide and seek, tag, and what not!

Those good old days when the lazy evenings were not a part of our daily routine. When drenched in sweat, we used to come back home, out of energy to do anything. Our mothers used to yell at us to take a bath.

The cold lemonade made by the mother gave us pure satisfaction. That can not be compared with any mojito. Now think about that ice cream which our father used to bring coming back from work. These are indeed some precious memories.

How that one icecream would bring the happiest smiles on our faces, effortlessly satisfied we were. Sleeping while watching our favorite cartoons on the television was the best way of ending a day. It could not get any better.

2. Attending weddings

Rewind a few years in your life and think about the days of your childhood when you all used to attend weddings with the sole purpose of having delicious food. There was a slow-burning excitement, days before the actual wedding day.

Not only the food, but the dance floor too was one of the primary reasons to attend those events. Now think about the balloon seller that was permanent in front of any wedding reception and how you used to drag your parents there to buy a huge balloon for you.

Those were some amazing good old days. Icecream, the mainstream attraction of kids was the best thing to experiment on, recalls mixing two or more flavors served on the wedding counter. Happiness wasn’t a choice. It was a compulsion.

3. Celebrating festivals 

Shimmering lights and crowd of thousands gathered in markets to buy almost everything that decorates the house—those days of holding tight to your parent because this market is nothing better than a lost riddle.

Never even considering the option to stay back home, knowing that there is going to be a crazy rush, you enjoyed every bit of pre-festive vibe.

Be it Diwali, Holi, or even Christmas, the spirits of festivals used to be super huge. The dazzlingly bright hope filled with enthusiasm in your young heart. Buying new outfits, selecting sweets to devour, and sharing gifts with friends.

All those are the good old days we all have experienced in our lives. Our ways of celebrating might be different, but those feelings were indeed the same.

After all these years, we still celebrate these moments and festivals, but the happiness and excitement are momentary, all those pre-assumed apparent fondness for festivals is missing.

4. Good old days with loved ones 

Cheers to the days when making friends was a piece of cake, my friends, we mean the friends who were at your side without any personal benefits.

Those days of little selfishness and only pure love. Childhood presents us with a bundle of good old days, fortunately. How we would befriend the neighbor’s cousin, who is just visiting his grandma for vacation? In almost a month we used to make them a best friend of ours, without any second thoughts.

Those good old days, when you hadn’t developed your intellect and your parents and family taught everything you believed or had faith in—growing up in age lessens your innocence, replacing it with real life.

Those good old days, when your family was your biggest supporter, and your relationship with your parents was as strong as a tree trunk. Those happy days when you used to describe your whole day to your mother while changing out of your uniform.

5. Nostalgic birthdays 

Well, while thinking about the old days of childhood, we can never skip our birthday parties. Do you remember that one plate filled with a variety of eatables used to make us happier than anything?

Birthdays weren’t the days for existential crises but the days of blossoming happiness. How we used to visit the market for candies and goodies to distribute in school. Those toffees were limited but we somehow used to manage to give two or more to our best friends.

Some schools had rules which allowed students to wear casuals on their special day. You’ll be lying if you say you didn’t feel especially royal on that day.

Birthday gifts were not just wishes but actual present wrapped in shiny, glittery papers for you to peal excitedly after the end of the party.

We cherished the leftover snacks for the whole next week how we used to flaunt our birthday gifts to our school friends, sneaking in toys to school to show them.

The nostalgia is hitting me hard. What about you, reader?

6. Good old days of unexpected holidays

The whole Sunday spent stressing on the thoughts of having to go to school the next day. And then you get to know of a fantastic unexpected holiday, what is better than this?

Having another day of entertainment at home with your favorite cartoon shows on television—no extra homework.

Those monsoon days when rain used to cancel your daily trip to school. And then in your school uniform, you sat eating from the tiffin box, which supposedly was your lunch.

The golden good old days which will never come back to us, those days of having no worries at all, those days of the sweet life we all miss.

7. Cartoons & entertainment 

So now when we are already talking about our good old days, how can we forget the television cartoons which made our life so much fun back then?

Any 90s kid can have an intense debate on how the cartoon shows of their times were way too better than any of those they telecast today.

The days when we had to wait for an ad break even to use the toilet because we can’t miss the show. We hurriedly grabbed snacks from the kitchen and raced back to the couch. Those are the memories that we will cherish for life.

Even today, the conversations which start from “Remember when?” are the best to cherish the good old days of our life. Television back then was best, we would learn so much from those Disney shows even without realizing that we were doing so.

8. Fun games of childhood 

Sit back to relive the days of pleasure, the good old days of sweaty evenings spent ardently playing outside with friends. Think about all those childhood games, hopscotch, Yo-Yos, hide and seek, ice and water, and what not!

Those games were far better than the games we currently have to play in a sport called life. Life has changed a lot, no one is disagreeing, but the memories of those good old days will always be cherished in the hearts of people who have once lived it.

The Sunday morning cricket matches, your eyes unwilling to rest before the final game tomorrow, your stubborn cries for buying balls after every time you lost it.

Do you also recall having a Play Station and video games? Do you remember how we played ‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Road Rash’ for hours? Those were some of the best computer games ever.

All those are the feelings related to those events, which will most probably never repeat their occurrence in any distant future.

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9. Snacking back in good old days 

Turn back to a few pages of your busy life and sit back to think about the delicious treats which you used to have in your childhood: those multi-flavored candies, colorful gems, chocolates, and whatnot.

Even writing about it makes me nostalgic, not that we can not still eat them, but the taste of those candies after the school and walking back home is not compared to its taste right now.

Everyone has their favorite childhood snack, which they discovered making themselves, mine was spreading jam on a biscuit to make it a cake, I used to feel like a chef not lying. What is your childhood snack, which made you feel like a chef? Comment down to let us know.

10.  Shopping on Sundays 

Gone are the days of being a child with no fashion sense; today’s generation is filled with so much awareness for fashion clothing that they are fully updated with the ongoing trends.

This makes me recall the good old days when our wardrobe was under the guidance of our parents, how our mother used to decide our outfits regularly, how we did not have to worry about going shopping. The choice of my mother was what I was going to wear no options.

The days for shopping were not of our concern but our parents, how our mother used to help change in trial rooms. Wait, aren’t you thinking about that procedure of coming outside wearing the new pair of jeans when she used to decide of its going to fit or not. It’s funny how she used to be always right about it. The shoes, the clothes, the bags, the bottles, everything was not under our responsibility.

I also remember my parents promising an ice cream or a snack if I would wait patiently for them to end shopping. How easy was life back then?

11. Good old days of pure happiness

Those days with a shimmered glitter of unexpected yet confirmed happiness are the best days of our lives. Remember having no reason to be happy, yet there was no absence of joy from your life. Do you remember?

The simple acts like having to eat a bar of extra chocolate or to get a new toy used to drag your happiness from zero to level hundred real quick. Waiting for your father to return from work and being surprised with goods in his office bag for you. A simple act could uplift your mood to another level.

The funny thing is that we were happy when we didn’t even know we were trying. Now we aren’t satisfied because we work hard to be. Sudden trips to parks without prior plans is just depressing now, those trips to zoos with parents, everything was so fun.

Those days of happiness, those good old days, I miss.

12. Days without the Internet 

Oh, to be living in an era without Internet and social media, a gift which we got an experience to live with. Today, our lives have changed drastically after the entrance of the Internet in our lives, it’s not a total wastage, but that burden which society on social media puts you in was absent back then.

Even to complete your homework or projects, you had to look in real books for answers. I agree that’s not a very fond memory but still we all kind of miss that.

To be living in that era is nostalgic, gives out relaxation to think about past days. Those good old days.

I hope this article would have fetched the memories from the back of your head to right at the table, good old days which we all miss and good old days which we all want to relive.

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Do tell us about your views and memories that you have when you think about good old days.



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