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Top 12 Types Of Cats In The World

A very cute Munchkin cat, which has originated from breeding two or more different types of cats
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Looking for the most adorable types of Cats in the world? No need to look further, this article is all you need.

Cats are well known to be the members of the Felidae family, which includes wild cats like Tiger, Leopard, cheetah, Jaguar, etc. No wonder domestic cats can be so troublesome, mischievous, mean, and aggressive as well.

But what separates domestic cats from the flesh-eating ferocious wild cats, is the cuteness, adorable meows, purrs, and affection for their humans.

Cats are the second most popular pets in the world, after freshwater fishes! Sorry, dog-people!

Top 12 Types Of Cats:

  1. Persian:

    The Persian is one of the most popular and desired types of cats. As the name suggests, the Persian originates from Iran (also previously called Persia) and is imported into Italy in 1620.

    The cat is synonymous with the characteristic flat face, small nose, round eyes, and fluffy faces. The cat can have any color coat markings. The Persian cat is the second most popular domestic cat in the United States.

    Persian’s also suffer from significant health problems as well, due to their shorter muzzle, they can suffer from shortness of breath. The Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair are variants of the same breed.

    Image is taken from Wikipedia – Types Of Cats

  2. Ragdolls:

    If you look at these cats and their kittens, you’ll see a bunch of noisy, playful dolls. Ragdolls are more giant cats in size than their compatriots, with a soft fleecy coat.

    This particular breed is known to be docile and affectionate and is therefore known as one of the best types of cats suitable in a household with kids.

    It is also called a puppy-cat due to its tendency to follow around people, less aggression, and relaxed temperament. The Ragdoll was first noticed in the 1960s and is considered the hybrid love child.. err kitten, among two to three different cat species.

    Image is taken from everypaw.com – Types of Cats

  3. Maine Coon:

    Another popular breed and the giant domesticated cat, Maine Coon are one of the best types of cats if you a large furry giant for a cat, which is friendly, calm, and easy to train.

    Called the ‘gentle giants’ Maine Coon is native to the US state of Maine, this breed of cat is considered to be intelligent and, therefore, fashionable in cat shows. Noted for their size, the adult cats can grow more than 40 cm long, excluding the length of their tail!

    Maine Coons are noted for their long, furry, and tapering tails like that of raccoons. The cat also voices its opinions in the form of chirps, howls, purrs, and meows, when in the mood.

    Image is taken from thehappycatsite.com – Types of Cats

  4. Bengal:

    No, the cat does not originate from the state of Bengal in India. The Bengal cat finds its ancestry to the wild Asian leopard cat found in South East Asia, and therefore its name is derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat.

    Bengals are characteristic of their leopard-like spots on their body. The cat is usually average in size and is known to be very playful, particularly enjoying playing in the water, unusual for cats!

    Due to their energetic and playful temperament, these cats do need proper exercise. However, the ownership of the Bengal is under restriction in several US states.

    Image is taken from wallpapercave.com Types of Cats

  5. Siamese:

    Native to the nation of Thailand (formerly called Siam), this cat is very well known for its triangular face and often royal looking fleece and behavior.

    These are one of the best types of cats if you want a house buddy to follow you around, tug your legs all the time, and purr and meow at your loudly for attention.

    Siamese is intelligent, affectionate, and social cats and can even occasionally suffer from depression if left alone for long periods. That is why they are usually bought in pairs. Some other breeds derived from Siamese are Balinese, Burmese, Javanese.

    Image is taken from Wikipedia – Types of Cats

  6. Scottish Fold:

    Name a cuter looking, and at the same time meaner cat breed, we’ll wait! The Scottish Fold is probably the most popular cat on the internet right now, with several videos dedicated to it.

    Originating first in Scotland, the cat is known for its large beady eyes and ears that are folded forward, giving the breed its name. It is due to a mutation that affects its cartilage.

    Scottish Folds are known to be extremely playful and affectionate, but at the same time can act very stubborn and mean they are no less than babies themselves. These naughty little fellas look. They are always planning something sinister while they lay flat on their back like humans.

    Image is taken from weneedfun.com – Types of Cats

  7. Abyssinians:

    These cats have been linked to the historical cat families of Ethiopia (previously Abyssinia), and one of the oldest animal breeds known. The cats are distinctively known for their long, lean body and dark red or maroon coat.

    These cats are analogous to human models. Abyssinians are known to be very active cats, developing a deep attachment to their humans.

    They love to play around and are described to be an unusually intelligent and curious cat breed. These cats are easily one of the best looking and unique types of cats.

    Image is taken from thehappycatsite.com – Types of Cats

  8. Turkish Angora:

    Originating in the Ankara region of Turkey, this cat is also called as the Ankara cat. These cats have long silky coats and long furry tails. These sweethearts are so hairy that they can even be mistaken for a snow weasel.

    Turkish Ankara cats are known to be pretty intelligent and playful; they are also loyal to their human, only one particular human, and will protect them fiercely.

    These are one of the very few types of cats that have heterochromatin eyes, which means both their eyes can be of different colors, e.g., blue-green, yellow-amber.

    Image is taken from catbreedselector.com – Types of Cats

  9. Devon Rex:

    First emerging from England, the Devox Rex is a short-hair cat characterized by its slender body, large ears, wavy coat, and large beady eyes.

    The cat breed is known to have long, sturdy legs, and that is why they are capable of making high jumps/leaps and perform various tricks. The personality of Devon Rex is very playful and mischievous.

    The phrase ‘If it fits, I sit’ suits perfectly to these types of cats, because they like to occupy large spaces like closets, shelves, and baskets. Devons are a particularly intelligent breed and can be trained to do complex acts but are hard to motivate.

    Image is taken from cat-pictur.blogspot.com – Types of Cats

  10. Burmese:

    What’s better than a dark (Black or dark brown) coated feline friend loitering around your house, rubbing against your legs?

    Originating from Myanmar (Burma), today, most of the Burmese cats in the US are descendants from a female cat brought from Burma called Wong Mau.

    These types of cats are known to be people-friendly, playful, and develop deep attachments to their humans. So it will not be suitable to leave them alone for long periods.

    Their coats are usually short-haired, glossy, and with a satin-like finish, it is a pleasure to hold them.

    Types of cats

  11. Siberian:

    Siberian cats were for a long time considered to be feral cats, and have been domesticated not more than 50 years ago. These types of cats are long-hair cats and are considered to be the ancient ancestors of almost every long-haired cat breeds in the world now.

    Originating in the lands of Siberia, the Siberian cats have three layers of fur, which protects them from the extremes of the weather and climate in Russia. These cats also tend to reproduce early and have a larger litter.

    Siberians are known to be friendly but, at the same time, vary and alert of their environment. Former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev owned Siberian cats.

    Image is taken from purrfectcatbreeds.com – Types of Cats

  12. Norwegian Forest Cat:

    This cat breed is similar to other types of cat breeds like Turkish Ankara, Maine Coone, Siberian cat, etc. The Norwegian is a long-hair cat; the Vikings bred that. It was almost extinct during WWII, but was correctly produced and is now a popular breed in every Scandinavian country and France.

    The cat is solidly built, can weigh up to 10 kg, and grows big. They have a water-resistant glossy coat and a bushy tail. Norwegian Forest cats are known to be friendly and highly intelligent.

    These types of cats can live up to 16 years of age and an excellent companion to have around. Just one downside, they are very costly!

    Types of cats

There are hundreds of types of cats or breeds as you may call them, all around the globe.

Unique cats from various tiny European countries, nooks, and crannies of Asian countries, let us not forget the Pacific and Oceanic island countries.

When it comes to types of cats, you can never have enough. But we have included our top 12 types of cats that are good with people, children, and just about anyone as long as you love them.

Are there any other cuddly friendly fluffy types of cats that we did not mention? Mention in the comments below.

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