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Top 15 Beautiful Nicaragua Beaches

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This central American country is renowned for its vast number of beaches and premium quality resorts. Nicaragua beaches are highly recognized. Nicaragua is the largest Central American country, with Managua as its capital city. Many indigenous tribes also reside in the area, the most famous of them all residing on the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua.

The language that is spoken by the majority in Nicaragua is English, but you can find many people speaking Spanish as well. Nicaragua served as a colony of the Spanish hence this is the sole reason why many people still speak Spanish in Nicaragua. The period from 1960-1970 is known as the Nicaraguan revolution when the majority of the changes and developments took place in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has a very diverse culture, and a mix of everything, whether it is music, art, food, or literature, can be seen. This is probably the reason for this town to be so ethnically rich and appealing. Nicaragua has a tropical climate that makes it even more apt for a family vacation or a solo trip, for that instance.

Nicaragua got its name from the Spanish word  ‘nicarao,’ given by a Spanish chieftain; the “agua” in the term means water, which is also right to some extent because of so many beaches present, Nicaragua could easily mean the land of water. Nicaragua has many volcanoes and lakes as well to be visited.

Another fact about Nicaragua could be that this place is very environment friendly, and almost 90% of the energy requirements of Nicaragua are meat by renewable sources of energy. Nicaragua also has many biodiversity hot spots as well. Nicaragua is also very rich when it comes to wildlife and plant cover.

Now without any further ado, let’s quickly come to our countdown of the best Nicaragua beaches and see that what these Nicaragua beaches have in store for each one of you out there.


Off the coast of Nicaragua, Corn Island lies in the Caribbean Sea. Corn Islands has two main parts- Corn Island and Little Corn Island. Corn Islands are famous for its well-known beach. You can explore this beautiful island by motorbike and bicycles. Coral reefs, Scuba diving, and snorkeling are the major attractions of this Nicaragua beach.

The main mode of commerce and trade for the people of Corn Island are tourism and commercial fishing. The name of the island was kept by a linguistic error made by a Britisher when he mispronounced the Spanish word by meet “Carne” like corn; this is how the island got its name. Corn Island serves as one of the best Nicaragua Beaches.

Nicaragua beaches


Playa Maderas is also one of the Nicaragua beaches. Playa Maderas was once an isolated town known for fishing, but now it is a well known Nicaragua beach. Surfing is probably one of the most favorite activities of the people visiting Playa Maderas. You can also go sailing by ship at Playa Maderas.

The beach of Playab Maderas is very calm, so people often visit the beach to practice yoga early in the morning. There are a number of luxurious hotels in Playa Maderas, one of the Nicaragua beaches, to make your stay more comforting.


Playa El Coco is a small but beautiful beach among all the Nicaragua beaches. There is a bumpy road that leads to the Playa El Coco beach. A private reservation is also available; you can book a section of the beach exclusively for yourself. There are many restaurants where you can get food to eat. The beach is ideal for visits with family and children. You can have a great time at the Nicaragua beaches.

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Las Penitas is a village in Nicaragua, the main occupation of whose people were fishing. The coast of this village then gradually got importance as a beach, and a gradual growth of tourism was seen in Las Penitas. You can also visit the Juan Venado Island and Natural Reserve, which is famous for crocodiles and is also the main spot for turtles hatchery.


One of the best Nicaragua beaches is Pearl Cay. The Pearl Cay can also be pronounced as Pearl Key. Cay is a sandy area with an elevation made on top of a coral reef. These types of beaches are really very unique, and pearl Cay is one of them.

Pear Cay is not only covered with water on one side as a usual beach but is surrounded by water on all sides. Pearl Cay Island has a rich cover of trees and natural vegetation. At any cost, you can’t miss visiting this mind-blowing beach among all the Nicaragua beaches whenever you happen to be there.

Top 15 Beautiful Nicaragua Beaches 2


If you are looking out to go to some far off place and for a short duration isolate yourself and disconnect for a while from the chaos of the world, the internet, and the hubbub of the cities, then nothing other than this one of the Nicaragua beaches could so adequately meet your demand. The Jiqilillo beach is never so crowded and provides a calm environment.

The beach looks like not fully discovered, or the beach has not gained so much hype to date; hence is a quite reserved place for people looking out for some peace on the shore of a beach. Many massaging and spa facilities are also available on the beach to make your day much more relaxing. If you are done admiring the beach, then you can also go to the nearby Crater lake and the volcano of Cosiguina.


Another cay that is present on the coast of Nicaragua is the Miskito Cay. The Miskito cay is approximately 27 km away from Nicaragua’s coast. Miskito Cay is made up of many small archipelagos. Estuaries, coral reef, seagrass also form a significant part of the Miskito Cay. The other name for Miskito Cay is Cayo Mayor.

The Miskito cay is one of the reserved areas of Nicaragua and is of very few reserved Nicaragua Beaches. The site of the sunset from this specific one of all the Nicaragua beaches is very pleasant, and many people visit the beach every day to witness the sunset.


Turtles are the major attraction of the La Flor beach. Tourists often specifically choose that time of the year when they would find turtles on the beach. The night view of the beach is even more enchanting. If you happen to be a turtle lover, then do visit this Nicaragua beach of all the other Nicaragua beaches.


Playa Remanso lies south of the San Juan Del Sur. Among all the other Nicaragua beaches, you can always opt for this one if you wish to surf and relax the whole day long.

Check out this link to know more about the accommodation facilities and food facilities that are present on Playa Remanso.


Located in the small town of Nicaragua, the Popoyo beach is another option for you to visit on your trip to Nicaragua and Popoyo. This Nicaragua beach is well known for surfing and reef breaks. All the people who love adventurous surfing and are highly skilled in it often visit this beach.

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When it comes to beauty, nothing can match the beauty of this Nicaragua beach. Tola comes under the municipality of Nicaragua. There are many shopping sites present near the beach, and the area is well equipped with good hotels.

Go through the following link to check out some reviews about Tola and a list of affordable hotels nearby:


The town of Playa Gigante, where this Nicaragua beach is located, is very sparsely populated. You can try out surfing, hiking, and free yoga class that is held every Thursday on this beach. You can also party on this beach. There are many beach bars and clubs with music present on the beaches to make the environment and atmosphere of the Nicaragua beaches more lively, colorful, and energetic.

To satisfy your taste buds, you can also try out the local food and dishes like blue sol, La gaviotta, and marimar. A giant food surf or popularly known as the burger night is held every Monday for all the foodies out there.


Playa Colorado has a lovely beachfront and an ideal walking coastline. On this one of the Nicaragua beaches, you can enjoy a beachside pool, bars, clubs, lounges, etc. The sunsets at Playa Colorado are always breathtaking.


This Nicaragua beach sees many gigantic waves ideal for surfing. Playa Los Perros has a surfing club named Playa Los Perros Surfing Club, offering many attractions to the visitors. Playa Los Perros lies on the south of Rancho Satana.


Off the coast of Nicaragua, the Montelimar beach is a tourist spot because of the highly luxurious and elite hotels and resort present there. If you are planning for a luxurious beach holiday on one of the Nicaragua beaches, then this beach should be your pick.

You can have a look at the list of the nearest hotels and resorts by simply clicking on the following link:

These were some of the top 15 Nicaragua beaches that you should be visiting on your vacation to Nicaragua. For anyone who is a water lover and admires the cool and gentle sea breezes, these places are definitely for them.

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