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Top 15 Best Traits In People You Will Love


What are some of the best traits that a person can have?

We have all wanted to be called ‘The one with  Best Traits.’  We all wish to become that one ideal person at some point in our lives who is liked by everyone. And the one who is always surrounded by people and looked up to as a leader. But is there any perfect recipe for becoming that person? I don’t think so.

We all evolve and become better versions of ourselves every day through our past experiences, the knowledge we grasp, the company we keep, and various other supporting factors.

But the question remains the same. What are the most desirable or the best traits in people and how can they be cultivated within us?    Have a look!

 Best Traits That Can Make You The Person You Have Always Wanted To Become

1. Compassion

Compassion is always thought to be synonymous with pity. But in reality, having compassion has nothing to do with sentimentality or having sympathy for someone.

This is because mere pity cannot help the other person grow or achieve anything in life. It cannot relieve the other person from his sufferings.

Having genuine compassion is empowering others, helping them discover their inherent potential.

However, one should not confuse resolving other’s problems as expressing compassion. It can work oppositely, leaving them weaker. So one should be sure to support others, yet letting them grow and come out of their comfort zone.

2. Courage

Being courageous is one of those powerful tools that can help you conquer most of life’s battles. You need to develop this quality before taking any vital decision or executing a tough one in any field.

However, courage should not be thought of as taking a significant action suddenly or become a hero in a dangerous time. Sometimes, we are aware that we possess all the knowledge that is needed in an area but fail to bring it to use.

So, courage is more like listening to oneself, following your gut feeling, and having the power to execute it. Courage is required in even the smallest of situations. But what matters is that you take that one step forward.

3. Gratitude

Those of you who are grateful for the smallest things in life is living a purposeful and contented life. Gratitude is a virtue that can take you a long way in life.

Count one’s blessing‘ is something we have all heard of, but fail to follow. There are unseen efforts and contributions daily put in by people due to which we exist the way we are.

Even the natural environment supports us every moment. Gratitude is recognizing this fact.

If you start having gratitude even for the struggles in life because they will help you grow eventually, you are already close to becoming someone who other people will look up to. It is undoubtedly one of the best traits an individual can possess.

4. Wisdom

What exactly is being wise? Knowing everything? No! Many people confuse wisdom with it. It is one of the significant failures of modern society.

Wisdom can be a vague concept. You may think you will grow wise with age. But does that mean the youth cannot be smart enough to tackle some particular situation?

Wisdom is bringing the knowledge you have to the right use at the right moment. Knowledge without wisdom is of no use. Having sense helps us overcome our habitual thinking and gives us a different perspective of viewing things, maybe in a brighter way.

It is like a clear mirror, reflecting the reality as it is.

5. Optimism

You have all heard of the half glass full analogy. It reflects optimism, but that is not all. Confidence has much more to it.

Being hopeful that the future will be better, brighter, and happier no matter what situation you may be in reflects optimism in real sense.

Hope is a decision that you have to make, and optimism is the result of it, which will not only keep you going forward but undoubtedly emerge victoriously.

If you are an optimist, not only will you experience more positive events in life but also feel healthier and free of stress.

6. Honesty

Being truthful in all situations, is it all? Honesty is also being true to yourself and living that truth. It is one of the most natural things you can practice to live a happy life.

When we are honest in all situations, we are free of any burdens on our mind, and so can observe things with clarity.

Looking at the opposite, if we even lie for a small thing, we dig up a hole for ourselves, which will only keep on growing till it becomes significant to the extent that we start messing up with our desires.

It is way better and more comfortable to become an honest person, isn’t it?

7. Ambitiousness

Ambition is a necessity in life. Life without a goal in life is without a purpose. It is an only ambition that helps you develop willpower and determination to follow your dreams, to keep working harder till you achieve them.

Ambition is the dose that drives you towards personal growth. Ambitious people have a different charm in them. They are full of energy, which is at a different level. Their energetic nature is contagious and is an inspiration and a source of motivation for others.

But ambition only does good to others and those in our environment, if it is for something positive. Having the goal to achieve something that harms anyone or anything has nothing to do with anything positive which must be taken care of.

8. Forgiveness

Alexander Pope has rightly said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

One thing we should all understand that being forgiven doesn’t mean we are allowed to make the same mistake again. Forgiveness is a gesture that gives us a chance to become a better person because all of us make errors.

So forgiving doesn’t mean you forget the past. Instead, you determine to create a better future.

Now, what if someone has hurt you deeply? Is it that easy to forgive? Definitely, Not. But forgiving let us go off the emotional baggage that we are carrying and relieves us of a great deal of pain. If we hold on to the pain, we will end up hurting ourselves even more.

Ultimately, forgiveness is for our growth and happiness. Being forgiving is essential, which makes it a part if this best trait list.

Since we are looking for people with these best traits, let’s not forget the people with pessimism that enter your life. Here’s how you can deal with them. Click here.

9. Perseverance

No matter what obstacle you may encounter, moving forward towards your ultimate goal is perseverance. It is something that helps us overcome the criticism and setbacks and negativity of our lives.

Consider an example that is worth pondering upon. JK Rowling, who had given us one of the best works (Yes, Harry Potter!), had been rejected 12 times before her work was published. Had she given up and not persevered, would her efforts be recognized the way they are today? You all know the answer.

Perseverance is essential in the ‘ Best Traits’ checklist. So don’t give up easily, no matter how hard you have been trying. Remember all the efforts you have so far, get up, and give yourself another shot.

10. Loyalty

It is a trait essential in all fields of life, whether it be relationships or your workplace. Being loyal makes you dependable, and people will rely on you more often.

However, if you lose someone’s trust once, it is tough to gain it back. Being loyal is not easy, but it ensures you are at peace with yourself.

Also, loyalty should never be blind. You don’t have to give in always or be naive. Choose your way wisely.

11. Respectfulness

If you expect others to respect you, you will have to respect others first. Recognizing is equivalent to accept everybody as they are, their choices and their life even if you don’t agree on their ways…

Being respectful helps build trust, and it is easy for you to open out and lighten the burden of your thoughts with the ones you have created this bond.

Even when you are not getting the respect, you expect from someone, respect them but politely let them know that you deserve their trust and respect. To respect others, you should first respect yourself.

12. Humility

It is an essential characteristic of a true leader. A humble leader is always an inspiration to many.

Being humble is not thinking low of yourself, but thinking of yourself low and having respect and understanding the perspective of others. With humility, one learns the true essence of life, transforms strengths into weaknesses, and empower others around.

13. Adaptability

Adaptability is a trait that one learns with time and different experiences. You all go through changes. The small modifications daily are something you can easily handle.

But some changes are challenging, emotionally disturbing, and challenging to go through. Those who can adapt themselves according to the situations in which they are in excel in all spheres.

14. Patience

Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Is it that easy to practice? Certainly not.

We tend to get upset easily over small things like a traffic jam or a problem of internet connection. We don’t realize how important it is to take a deep breath and tell ourselves to relax and not get too much worked up.

Everyone and everything takes its own time. That is what we all need to get in our heads and stop worrying about things and instead try to solve them patiently. This is one of the best traits that a person can possess.

15. Humor


Last but not least, humorous people take away our hearts instantly. Am I right, or am I right?

Good humor can lighten stressful situations and cheer you up. It also helps you bond with people instantly. However, before cracking jokes, you need to be sure that the joke will land correctly, or else you may land up in trouble!

I hope this list of best traits will help you grow. Do let us know what other characteristics should one possess to stand out in a crowd in the comment section!

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