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Top 15 Folly Beach Restaurants

by zen

If you are a food lover, you need to visit Folly Beach restaurants. As Folly Beach has many restaurants, it is a perfect place to have a food tour and spend time with your friends. This place has something for every palate, such as basic bar food, seafood, pizza, ice cream, and you name it, it’s there in Folly Beach restaurants.

Top 15 Folly Beach Restaurants

It is difficult to recommend the single best restaurant in Folly Beach as every restaurant has something unique to offer. The menus in these eateries are creative and unique in their own special way. However, in this article, let us explore the top 15 Folly Beach restaurants that are worth visiting.

1.YoBo Cantina Fresca

It is at 10 Windermere Boulevard, Charleston, South Carolina. This place is known for Mexican dishes. It is a perfect place to have food and spend time with your family. They cook delicious burritos, quesadillas, and beverages.

by lynn.gardner

The staff is friendly and hardworking. If you are vegan, you are in the right place; they serve delicious vegan food. They have an excellent bar with a Mexican beer collection and provide excellent services. It is one of the top Folly Beach restaurants.

2. Chico Feo

If you want to try Tacos, you must go to Chico Feo. It is an outdoor restaurant located at 122 E Ashley eve, Folly Beach. This place is one of the famous Folly Beach restaurants known for breakfasts. They serve different types of delicious tacos, such as Mahi tacos and Pork tacos.

by mhaithaca

Breakfast timings in this restaurant are from 7 am – 1 pm daily. Its location is right off the beach; the staff is very attentive and welcoming. Live music in an outdoor space is refreshing and lively. They have a good backyard. The sandwiches are also delicious; you must try the Cuban sandwich.

3.Rita’s Seaside Grille

Having food outdoors with family gives you a memorable time, and to make the best of memories, you must try the food at Rita’s Seaside Grille. It is a restaurant near the beach and pier; after having a stroll on the beach, you can walk into the restaurant for refreshments and food. They serve different varieties of nachos, such as Tuna nachos and pork nachos.

by jeffreyw


Live music concerts held here offer another great way to spend your time. Shrimp served in this restaurant is well known on Folly Beach. They have a beautiful outdoor patio and a good layout. Their shrimp and grits, go with a chopped salad. This restaurant is known for shrimp food.

4.The Washout

If you are planning to have a fun night with your friends, you must consider visiting the washout. This place is on Folly Beach, South Carolina. It is a great place to have food with a beach nearby. They serve delicious dishes such as shrimp grits, crab dips, and Mahi tacos. The outside space is spacious, with live music.

by Glory Foods

Chicken nachos, fried flounder, and cheese grits are delicious. The staff is professional, warm, and welcoming. The bar collection is good. Overall, it is a great place to have food with your family after spending time on the beach. They serve good food in a nightly environment.

5.The Crab Shack

This restaurant is on Folly Beach, South Carolina. Their menu includes many delicious dishes such as fried shrimp, crab dishes, and hush puppies. Live music is great for a weekend break. Steamed shrimp and Oysters are divine.

by ralph and jenny

It’s a place where that has great seafood options; you can try the seafood combo. Mahi tacos and grilled Mahi sandwiches are delicious. Crab cakes are the best you must try them.

6. Jack of Cups Saloon.

Do you want to try some good vegetarian food, you must go to jack of cup saloon. It is a restaurant located in Charleston, South Carolina. They have a delicious and unique menu that has vegan, vegetarian, and meat options. Their vegetarian food has delicious dishes such as pumpkin soup, and Massaman curry is a must.

by Kenn Wilson

Cocktails in this restaurant are unique and refreshing. The red curry with mac and cheese is worth having. Their chef is very creative; customers have an option to alter the dishes. You can also have a short walk to the beach. Beet coconut bowl and peanut ginger soup are very delicious. If you are planning to go for simple lentil dishes, you can opt for green lentil curry.

7. Loggerhead’s Beach Grill.

This place is a restaurant at 123 W Ashley Ave, Folly Beach. It is a great place to have food after having a stroll on the sandy beach. They have a big deck with lively music. Flounders were fresh and juicy; you should try. They also have Oyster Poboy, crab dip, and french fries. Their mozzarella sticks are delicious, and they are hand made.

by avlxyz

If you are a fan of the eagles, it is a great place to watch their games. It has a pleasant environment and a relaxing vibe. The bar has a nice collection of beers; outside the bar, it has an open space with huge tv. They serve very delicious breaded and seasoned conch fritters. Carb dips are delicious.

8.Pier 101 Restaurant and Bar.

If you are planning to have lunch in the open air in front of the beach. It is an ideal restaurant. This restaurant is in Arctic Ave, Folly Beach. You can walk to the restaurant and have a quick bite. It is a preferred place to have lunch. If you like to have food outdoors as the fresh ocean breeze hits you, it is a perfect place, as they have outdoor eating space. The staff is professional and attentive.

by olya

Many activities are available for tourists on the beach, such as fishing near the pier. The menu provides many options, such as she-crab soup, shrimp salad, and Mahi dishes. Live music is outstanding. If you walk into this restaurant, there are foods that you must try, such as deviled eggs, crab dip, and she-crab soup. It is one of the Folly Beach restaurants known for outdoor space.

9.The Lost Dog Cafe.

It is one of the best restaurants on Folly Beach. It is a dog friendly and people-friendly restaurant. The food they serve is fresh and priced well. People prefer to have breakfast in this restaurant.

by jimbrickett

Their menu includes many varieties; however, there are a few foods that you must try, such as eggs benedict, cinnamon roll, shrimp and grits, crab cake, fried green tomatoes, crab cakes, she-crab soup, biscuits, and gravy. The staff is attentive and professional.

10. Lowlife Bar.

This place is on Hudson Ave, Folly Beach. Their menu provides good options. They have a good collection of wines and beers and laid back atmosphere. The staff is welcoming and professional.

by dauphine martine

As it is nearby the beach, you can have a stroll and get refreshed. Some of the foods you must try are Waffle fries, chicken sandwiches, avocado toast, and old bay fries. There are many varieties of cocktail collections you can try. It is one of the Folly Beach restaurants where the food is simply delicious.

11. The Drop-in Bar and Deli.

It is a restaurant on Folly Beach. Their menu offers a wide variety of delicious choices. The Sandwiches are great; Cuban sandwiches are a must. This place has delicious food with professional customer service.

by hawaii

Sushi burgers are delicious; you need to try Lisa’s sushi. Bartenders are super friendly; they have good music either live or on the stereo. You can have weekend parties in this place. Check out their beverages; they are great. They have a great dive bar. This restaurant is one of the few Folly Beach restaurants known for sushi.

12.Surf Bar-Restaurant.

One of the famous Folly Beach restaurants is Surf Bar Restaurant. This place has a cool and funky atmosphere. Outdoor dining is good; great food makes it even better. They have an excellent menu that provides many options.

by @kevinv033

It is one of the preferred places for hangouts. You can surf and play videos. Some of the foods which you must try are tuna tacos, Philly Cheesesteak, and street corn. There is also a fireplace where you can dine. This restaurant’s location is a block from the beach.

13.St James Gate.

This place is at 11 Center St, Folly Beach. They have a dining area inside and outside the bar. Some of the foods you must try to include are corned beef, crab dip, spring rolls, and fried pickles.

by avlxyz

Their menu is very elaborate and offers many options. You need to try their frozen Irish coffee and chicken pot pie. If you want to have drinks, they have a good collection, which you can try. The beach is only a block away from the restaurant. It is one of the famous Folly Beach restaurants known to reflect Irishness.

14.The LoLo’s Restaurant.

It is at 2293 Folly Road, Charleston, South Carolina. The food here is simply delicious. Outdoor picnic tables offer amazing views of the sunset. Their menu provides various options, such as she-crab soup, shrimp and grits, hush puppies, crawfish, and crab dip. If you are a vegetarian, you can try fried green tomatoes.

by smiteme

The atmosphere with the outdoor seating right on the water is perfect. The beautiful views of the creek, marsh, and sandy beaches are exceptional. Overall the food is fresh and delicious. It is one of the few famous Folly Beach restaurants known for fresh food.

15.Planet Follywood

Famous Folly Beach restaurants include Planet Follywood. This restaurant has a bar with a good collection of wines and beers. Their rooftop deck and local dive bar make this place cozy and private.

by jonolist

The staff is warm and welcoming. It serves many varieties of burgers, as given in their menu. You can have a lot of entertainment from bingo to beer night with your friends. You can enjoy karaoke night and have a great time with friends.

Apart from visiting the discussed eateries, you can always try the food trucks that sell juice and smoothie, grab and go foods. Visiting Folly Beach with your family and friends will give you a new perspective on food.

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