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The Top 20 Deep Facts About Love

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There are so many interesting deep facts about love. The word love is abstract and not a noun. This feeling is unconditional and comes without expectation. Each of us has experienced love someway or the other. For some, it’s one-sided, while others get their reply back. It’s a feeling that comes from the inside of our hearts.

Love relieves stress and tensions. Sometimes a simple hug full of love makes our day. Although a relationship has its own pros and cons, all are worth it when there’s love in between. Love is needed both mentally and physically. Without love, things can’t really work out, and peace withers away. It even heals the deepest of wounds. Love offers many benefits that can actually cure medically whether internal pain or headache. It holds every space in life; biologically, psychologically, and history. Well, the internet provides you with numerous deep facts about love.

As love is the hyped emotion all the time, down are mention top 20 deep facts about love. Facts are quite interesting and you’ll get to know more about this emotional feeling.

Top 20 Deep Facts About Love

1. Eye Contact

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Do you know? Eye contact with your partner is one of the most important facts about love. You’ll get to know instantly whether the person loves you or not by looking into the eyes. If your partner is interested, he or she will directly make eye contact with you and express his or her’s inner feelings. Often people who are lying or aren’t in love avoid eye contact. Making eye contact can also make you fall faster in love and you’ll automatically speak out the truth.

2. A Chemical Addiction

The emotion of romantic love is very addictive and goes up to the heights of chemical addiction. It creates an adrenaline rush when close to your partner. Rutgers University’s Anthropologist, Helen E.Fisher explained that emotion love releases a hormone which is highly euphoric. The presence of euphoric makes loves highly addictive to a person and also the person you love.

3. You’ll Have a Heartbreak

Facts about love

Experiencing heartbreak is really tough. Heartbreaks can be caused in many ways. Loss of your loved one, breakup in a relationship, betrayal from your loved one, divorce, and physical separation. These emotional situations can cause intense physical pain in your heart. Such a pain becomes hard to handle sometimes that it can lead to the consultation of a doctor or psychiatrist. This condition is termed as broken heart syndrome.

4. Love Changes With Time

It’s not each other’s fault that love changes with time. But biologically love changes with time. When newly in love, the presence of euphoric hormone creates butterflies in the stomach, dependence, and sweaty palms. But later after one year, things begin to change. The relationship turns to a committed love stage. And the changes occur due to high neurotrophin protein levels present in newly bonded couples.

5. Cuddling is Good

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Cuddling with your partner is good for your health and to maintain a happy relationship. Those cute smuggle sessions are really lovely. Cuddling with your partner each time releases a happy hormone, oxytocin. The hormone cheers up your mood and wellbeing. This phenomenon is recorded almost in every science research on love. Oxytocin is also known as cuddling hormone or love hormone. Thus, it falls under one of the deep facts about love.

6. Love Helps in Growth

Love can help you grow mentally. It gives you mental peace and calmness. Your internal stress is relieved and there’s relaxation in both your mind and body. The feeling raises the growth of nerves in your body. You tend to listen more and work properly. You’ll change for better and understand the little beauties of life. Growth is beneficial for us and one of the advantages of falling in love.

7. Opposites Repel

There’s a common saying that opposites attract. But in real opposites don’t attract, they repel. In a relationship, partners need to have a few matching similar tastes or likes. Individuals whose taste and thinking don’t match with each other end with a breakup. While if partners have a similar mentality and tastes, the relationship turns more strong. Several researchers claim that people choose their partners in a definite pattern. It’s explained through a matching hypothesis. This hypothesis proves that people are attracted towards others with the same attraction level as them.

8. Love Reduces Headache

It’s quite absurd, right? But yes love reduces headache and tension. If your suffering from intense chronic headache and medicines aren’t around then love is your ultimate solution. According to researches of Stanford University School of Medicines, when students were given a project work on chronic headache, including nasal spray with oxytocin.

Almost 50 percent of the students report that their head pain was reduced to half in 4 hours while the remaining student experienced no pain at all in the same estimated time. Thus, we see love releases hormone oxytocin effective against chronic headaches.

9. Perfect Love is Attachment, Intimacy, and Caring

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Some don’t believe in the idea of perfect love. Perfect love does exist and can be achieved through proper attachment, intimacy, and caring. Attachment must be strong enough to not break even the darkest of days. Problems always arise in every deep relationship but what matters is, if you stick on to your partner through hook and crook.

Intimacy is very important between two individuals, without intimacy love fades away. You need to be close to your partner to know better. Partners need to care about each other without caring love is nothing. When you’re in love caring comes from within.

10. True Love Made a Commoner Become the Queen Of Norway

The Top 20 Deep Facts About Love 4

True love can conquer almost everything. Unconditional love gathers real attention. Everyone knows the Queen of Norway, Queen Sonja. She actually belonged from a commoner background and was the daughter of a wealthy merchant. Earlier, she was in a secret relationship with the then Crown Prince, Herald. The Crown Prince made clear to his father that he wouldn’t marry anyone unless it’s only Sonja. Seeing their true love and commitment everyone was touched. They finally tied the knot back on August 29, 1968.

11. Frustration Attraction

When you are suddenly dumped in your relationship, you tend to love your partner more deeply than before. This is called frustration attraction. Frustration is caused when you are betrayed and your partner dumps you for another person or any other reason. The constant pain and frustration make your love more strong for the other person.

One starts to do certain things like dressing up nicely in front of your partner or following your partner secretly. You give your best to make things work again and also try to keep constant touch with him or her. this fact is the weirdest one among other facts about love.

12. Time Factor

Time helps us to know a person better. But do you know it only takes about 4 minutes just to know whether you like the person or not? This is why it’s always said first impressions are very important. We humans have the power to judge very quickly. Your first date or meet can cause a deep effect o your partner. It all depends upon the behavior and talking style. This can also be your body language, tone, and voice speed that determines an individual’s opinion about you. When asked regarding someone’s character our brain suddenly gathers information within seconds. Human brains are similar to supercomputers, especially during first dates.

13. Obsession in Love

Obsession is very dangerous in love. Feeling obsessed with your partner may cause massive heartbreak and separation. If not controlled, then it might lead to serious problems. People who are newly in love have two hormones. One is low-level serotonin causing happiness and the other is a high level of cortisol that causes stress.

Both the levels of cortisol and serotonin are similar to a person suffering from an Obsession Compulsion Disorder. The reason why many behave strangely at the beginning of a relationship. As per psychology, the situation is as if they are having a mental imbalance.

14. Picture and Memory

Love is connected to pictures and memories. It’s said that looking at a picture or recalling a lovely memory with your partner releases high levels of oxytocin, making you happy. These moments are pain killers against the stress which you are facing.

To prove this, researchers conducted a test, the patients suffering from pain need to play word games or reminisce the pictures of their loved ones. As a result, patients who watched pictures were cured mostly. The word game had no effect at all. If you feel pain, sit quietly, and recall a memory with your partner or watch pictures.

15. Love Vein in Our Body

The human body has a love vein on the fourth finger of the left hand. We often see engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger.

According to the Greeks, the fourth finger contains Vena Armoris or the Love Vein. This implies that the vein of our fourth finger is directly connected to our hearts. Many also believe that if the ring is worn on the love vein then relationships last for a longer period of time.

16. Be Slow in Love

Another deep point amidst facts about love. True love needs time to grow and time itself plays a key role in a relationship. Be slow in the process of love, don’t be impatient and hurry for everything. Love is not the only thing required in a couple. Both need to know each other in detail, including their daily habits, likes, dislikes, and much more. Taking steps too soon like living together, intimacy, marriage can lead to sudden separation. A committed love requires time and nurture to heal and to make things work smoothly. Too much romance isn’t good at the beginning.

17. Love Makes You Less Productive

This can be really shocking to hear but very often it’s the truth. Falling in love can make you less productive. This is also scientifically proven. When you’re in love and are spending moments with your partner, stress relieves hormones are released.

Due to which you tend to stick with him or her rather than wishing to do any other work. Reports prove numerous people can stay idle the whole day talking to their love without doing anything productive. Although it totally depends upon you, how you maintain. But do give it a thought.

18. Afraid of Falling in Love

There are many people who don’t wish to fall in love. In simple words, they fear of falling in love. This fear is a kind of phobia named Philophobia. People suffering from this phobia do not mix with people of the opposite sex much and also stay alone most of the time. They avoid having romantic feelings and do not ready or listen to any love related topics.

Usually, they are afraid internally because they sense immense heartbreak, betrayal, and other love problems. A person suffering from philophobia faces major trust issues and it can be treated via psychologist.

19. Heartbreak Leads to Bad Addiction

Having a heartbreak may have a deep impact on you and is among the absurd facts about love. Trying to move on from a heartbreak, most of the people adopt to having an addiction. They say that having an addiction can help them move on. These addictions are mostly bad ones. Such as smoking, drinking, and intaking drugs. Several heartbroken people are seen lying around in pubs drinking off-limits or smoking almost the whole day. Researchers claim brain scans of many heartbroken people show a high dosage of drugs.

20. Honesty is the Key to Long-Lasting Relationships

It’s in the saying that honesty is the key to long-lasting relationships. Love needs honesty and truthfulness. True love will automatically make you speak the truth. Being honest with your partner creates deep love, trust, and intimacy. Honesty is always the best policy falling under one of the deep facts about love. According to a foreign journal on personal relationships, couples who are honest about their relationship with each other have a long-lasting love life.

I hope these 20 deep facts about love have touched your heart deeply and you have come to know more about love. Love is always the best feeling ever. One should fall in love once in a lifetime.

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