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Top 25 Games to Pass Time at Work


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Wondering what are the top games to pass time at work?

Maybe you’re just bored, or you want a quick break from monotonous work, and you can’t play fancy games like Counterstrike or PUBG. So you’re forced to keep yourselves entertained by tossing paper balls into the trash can. And if you score, well, you give yourself a cookie! Just joking! With the advent of computers at the workplace and ever-increasing speed of the internet, it’s challenging to be bored for long.

Some of these games have been played by your seniors, their seniors, and even their seniors. So they’re almost a tradition. Most of the games mentioned in this list are free, while some epic games have minimal charges.

You can have fun with your colleagues or play them alone!

Top 25 Games to Pass Time at Work

1. Candy Crush

This is THE game. You can see people playing it all around you, especially middle-aged mom’s whether at work or home. It’s an addictive game with adorable graphics and simple gameplay. It also has a storyline with lovable characters. Even the Yeti here is cute. It has various versions like Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Friends, etc. Candy Crush brags about having around 4000 levels. Enough to keep you engaged for years together and probably one of the best games to pass time at work.

2. Dr. Driving

Tired of racing games? Well, let’s try some expert driving! This car simulation game is all about driving skills and not racing. Dr driving became famous for its simple yet effective graphics and gameplay. You can practice parallel parking here!

3. Classic Solitaire 

Probably the oldest computer pass time ever invented. This is the tradition of the workplace. Perhaps, your seniors and their seniors still play it. This is an inbuilt game available on desktops, laptops. Microsoft provides a Microsoft Solitaire Collection with colorful decks and backgrounds. You can also download various Solitaires on your phone. Perfect for some peace in the hustle and bustle of the office.

4. Spider Solitaire

For those who can’t beat the computer in Klondike, spider solitaire is here to the rescue. You can play it in one, two, or four suits mode and set the difficulty level. Most of the solitaire collections have spider solitaire in them.

5. UNO

The wild cards in this card game have destroyed many friendships. You’ve probably played this on holiday with family, friends, and cousins. Now you can play UNO with random people or with friends whenever and wherever you wish! To make this enjoyable, you can play with 3 of your colleagues, and none of you have to leave your desk.

6. Fruit Ninja

Simply swipe your sword like a ninja and slice the fruits! Be careful not to slice the bombs. The classic mode is paid, but other rip-offs and methods are free on the Play store. It can be played offline.

7. Tic Tac Toe

You’ve played it on pages, carved it on benches, fingered it on dust, and now it’s time to play it on screen. Play against the computer or mobile and see who wins, you or the AI. By the way, you can also play this on a paper with your coworker.

8. Pac Man

Now your favorite game is available in a new mobile version. Pac man is easy to play and very addictive. You’ll probably remember playing this as a kid. The Pac Man has to eat up all those dots in the maze while avoiding the cute little ghosts.

Icy Media

9. Crossword

Don’t feel like wasting time on cards? Well, crossword games are one of the best games to pass time at work and would improve your wits and vocabulary. There are a variety of crossword games available on the play store. Also, if you solve it, you can brag about it later. You can solve it at a go if you have some free time on hand or keep playing throughout the day.

10. Bubble Shooter


Need something refreshing? Maybe you should burst some bright bubbles off your screen. Bubble shooter games are easy to play, and there are plenty available on the Play Store. The levels are usually short, and the game is available offline. Elaborate Bubble Shooters like the Bubble Witch Saga have levels along with a storyline.

11. Sudoku

The classic game that we all tried to solve in the newspaper but never really completed. This only tricky game can be played on your phone, tablet, or even computer. You can also set the difficulty levels along with a hint option. It even shows if your move is correct or not. You can play this at your pace and in between short breaks, making it one of the best games to pass time at work.

12. 2048


Another simple addictive game in this list of top games to pass time at work. 2048 is not really math-related. The aim is to multiply numbers by merely swiping the number tiles till you reach 2048 within the given space. It’s available in different modes like 4×4, 8×8, and 16×16. The number of tiles is usually vividly colored, but softer versions are also available.

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13. Scrabble


Scrabble is famous for improving your vocabulary, thinking skills, and wits. You might remember playing this with your parents or siblings or even friends. Now you can play this online with random competitors from around the world or with your friends. It matches you with people of the same average score. It has various modes and tournaments. The classic style can be played at your pace whenever you are online. Perfect for playing alone or with your colleagues. The new Scrabble Go can be played online, and its Premium version is paid.

14. Dots

Upon its release, Dots took the game world by storm. It is available in two modes- timed and moves. It has adorable day and night themes with various color combinations, which makes it one of the games to pass time at work.

15. Color Switch

The Color Switch game has small rounds. All you have to do is pass a ball through a hoop when the color of the ball and the hoop match. Then the color of the ball switches. You have to pass the ball through various obstacles. The speed of the game increases with progress, and the hindrances become complicated. This game can be played offline. Perfect for those few moments of relaxation. You wouldn’t know how you got to pass time at work with this game.

16. Draw

Pictionary is an innovative form! Now you can play with your friends or random people. You just have to draw a given word and let others guess it. Then they bring, and you think. The game ends in 5 simple rounds. This all happens live! You can play it anytime and anywhere. Get creative!

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17. Unblock Me Free

If you like something that challenges your logic and analytical thinking, then unblock it for you! You have to unblock the red block by moving other blocks within the confined space. This can keep you engaged throughout the day. The levels get harder as you progress. Unblock will leave you scratching your head for hours. It’s among the best games to pass time at work.

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18. 8 ball pool

The legendary Miniclip game is now available on the Playstore! You can now compete with friends on one or play with eight players. You level up as your game improves. No need to wait for the weekend to go to a pool club!

19. Carrom Pool

Another classic now at your fingertips! Available in 3D, this game is currently the top-grossing game in the Android PlayStore. Carrom Pool is another fantastic game by Miniclip. This is available in two modes – Carrom and Disc Pool. It can be played online as well as offline.

20. Ludo


With online ludo becoming popular, students played it under their desks. You and your colleagues can play this classic family game online without actually having to move from your offices. No flipping boards this time.

21. Mahjong Solitaire


The epic Chinese game can now be played on computers and even phones! The game consists of 144 tiles arranged in a unique four layered pattern. The goal is to match identical tiles and eliminate them layer by layer. The tiles have Chinese symbols and various other drawings.

22. Chess

Have you quite some time at hand? You can play a round of chess with a computer, one of the best games to pass time at work. Many versions are available for free on phones too. Some of these come with an inbuilt tutorial for tips and tricks. You can keep playing throughout the day or have some solitude at your lunch break.

23. Toilet paper

This is another ridiculously simple game, among the top games to pass time at work, has got people hooked. All you have to do is unroll the toilet paper roll as quickly as you can by swiping your screen. You can play it alone and beat your record or have fun with coworkers during the break.

24. Hill Climb Racing


Hill climb racing made people crazy, thus making this list of best games to pass time at work. The simple game has excellent graphics and can get quite addictive. The goal is to drive your vehicle as far as you can, keeping following the fuel supply and hitting the accelerator and brakes at the right time. It has a smart variety of vehicles, from cars to quad bike and even tourist buses. There are various themes like Moon, Mars, Snow, etc. suited to cars.

25. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

This 2D shooting game has little cartoon soldiers along with small weapons. With simple, smooth controls, Mini Militia can be played online as well offline. The online multiplayer mode can accommodate six players, and the survival mode is available offline.

So these are the games to pass the time at work. These are simple arcade or puzzle games without fancy storylines or graphics. They can be played while you work or in those short breaks where you need something to do. And most importantly, remember to keep your media volume down.



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