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Top 25 Rules Of Life


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Life is a bitter-sweet journey.

When it throws lemons at you, instead of pushing it away, make sweet lemonade out of it.

Stress, depression, worries, and other negative emotions can clog our minds driving us into a whirlwind of overthinking.

Have you ever wondered what causes all this negativity? Is it worth putting your mind into overdrive?

It is your life, so why abide by the rules society has set up? Make your own rules of life and explore the world like you are supposed to.

For a happy life, these simple rules of life will keep your heart and mind at peace. You will be your own person – independent and empowered.

If the world abides by these simple rules of life, then the earth would be a better place to live in. So, why not begin a change from yourself?

1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others; It’s an Injustice to Yourself.

The world of social media is making it difficult not to compare yourself with others. Just ask yourself, is comparing yourself to others really helping you in any way?

You are a unique person; thus, you can’t have the same looks and talents as someone else.

Your thoughts and your personality define you. Why do you want to add someone’s else definition to yours? Give an extraordinary meaning to your life.

Everyone is born with different stories; make sure you have a great one.

2. Let Your Kindness Flow

Make kindness one of the rules of life.

You feel connected to people as you let your kindness flow, and it also builds a sense of trust. When you do a kind deed, you feel better about yourself.

Be kind and make yourself proud!

3. Saying ‘No’ Is Not a Crime

Sometimes, it’s alright not to say yes.

We tend to believe that saying yes is the best way to keep others away from disappointment. But, what about you?

The more you say yes when you really don’t want to, you are doing injustice to yourself by suppressing your voice. You have your own life to live and your own choices to make.

Meaningless ‘yes’ against your will gives others the power to manipulate you.

Get a stronghold on yourself to make your own decisions whether others like it or not. Because at the end of the day, you have to live with it and not anyone else.

4. Have Control Over Your Emotions

Another one of the rules of life is to accept all your emotions and have good control over them.

When you identify your emotions, you learn how to manage them. This gives you the lead to calm your emotions and adjust your behavior as the situation requires, helping you do well in life.

5. Prioritize Your Passion Even If It Doesn’t Pay You


Doing something that you love will give you happiness in ten folds.

Working hard without an interest in a field will never keep you satisfied, no matter how much money you earn.

Money is not everything; instead, your inner peace and happiness are all that matters.

Discover your passions and prioritize them. When you accomplish your desires, your joy will be over the bounds.

6. Be Grateful

One of the prime rules of life is to be grateful.

Always be grateful for what you have.

Being grateful brings out the positivity within you, making you feel alive. You will relish your experiences and build strong relationships.

When you are grateful, you acknowledge all the goodness life has given you.

7. Savour Every Moment – Whether Good Or Bad

Let go of the past and halt your thoughts from wandering into the future.

One of the simple rules of life is to learn to live in the moment. Accept the things that cross your path and deal with them with resilience.

Life is all about experiences, whether they be good or bad. Savor each and every moment in the present because you won’t get the time once it has passed.

You can’t bring back your past, and neither can you control your future, but you can make the best of your present.

8. Others’ Opinion of You Should Not Be Your Concern

Our brain goes into overdrive when under the scrutiny of people while always thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

Whether you do anything good or bad, eyes are always going to be on you, so why let it faze you? It is your life; what others think about you is none of your business.

Let people think what they want to, but you keep on doing your thing.

9. Don’t Let Stress Take Your Time

If you are going through a hard phase, let it sink in.

Instead of spending hours to days mulling over the negative vibes or engaging with people to talk about it, rise like the hero you are and defeat your stress and the difficult phase.

Don’t let stress overtake your rational thinking; rather, implement one of these simple rules of life and live a stress-less life.

10. Always Dream High

Let your dreams soar high!

Allow yourself to dream big. No dreams are deemed small. Whatever you dream, they are yours, and making them come true is your responsibility.

Please don’t disclose your dreams to others instead of accomplishing them and letting others see you fly high.

11. Let Your Happiness Flow

You have all the right to be happy.

Hard times will knock on your door from time to time, but don’t let it waver the happiness within you.

What are your reasons for happiness? Find it out and hang on to it when difficult times make their presence known.

Make your happiness flow around you and adopt these beautiful rules of life.

12. You Deserve the Best, Never Settle For Anything Less

You are the best, and you deserve the best!

Make this one of the rules of life.

You are talented and are worthy of all the great things life has in store for you. Don’t belittle yourself by settling for anything less.

Yes, it might seem like a safe option now, but what about later? Can you live with the fact that you have something less than you are worthy of?

You know your worth, so achieve the things you are capable of.

13. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself. Eliminate the Word – Perfection

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and exhaust yourself mentally and physically.

It is alright to be disciplined and focused in life but don’t let it take away your light. Achieve excellence instead of perfectionism, and you will experience everything best in life.

Always have cheering prep talks with yourself.

14. Take Responsibilities For Your Mistakes

Taking responsibility for your mistakes and rectifying it is one of the other rules of life.

When you know you are wrong, apologizing will bring you inner peace. No one likes to be in the wrong, but after all, we are humans, and humans tend to make mistakes. The more you cover your mistakes, the more disturbed you will be. Hence, apologize, and when needed, forgive others too for their mistakes.

Apologize sincerely!

15. Believe in Yourself

You can reach your goals only when you have faith in yourself.

Give yourself a reality check time and again, and set standards as per your capabilities and interests. If you have faith in yourself ( your abilities and talents) and have firm willpower to achieve your goals, then you’d accomplish it.

You are braver, more capable, and talented than you think, so believe yourself.

16. Accept Failures – They Are The Keys To Success

Do you remember the quote from your childhood – Failure is the key to success. It’s time to accept it now.

Failures are not bad but quitting is.

Failures will pave their way at times, but instead of giving up, accept those failures and face them like warriors.

They are only going to strengthen you to accomplish your goals. Hence, make it one of the rules of life to learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you climb the ladder of success.

Always remember, with failure comes success.

17. Make Positivity the King of Your Mind

Your thoughts define you.

If you let positive thoughts and outlook rule your life, then good things will come your way.

When you think negatively, everything around you will look gloomy. Replace these negative vibes by seizing the positive rules of life, and you’d see all your wishes come true.

Having a positive outlook would not only boost your confidence but also develop good coping skills.

Allow entry only for positivity!

18. Surround Yourself with Positive and Supportive People

Supportive Friends

People have a huge impact on your life, and therefore surrounding yourself with the right, positive and happy people is essential.

When you surround yourself with happy-go friends and people, your attitude towards life changes.

You would be encouraged by their success and would be motivated to accomplish your goals. Their contagious happiness and positivity would bring you warmth filling you with optimism.

Happiness and success will walk with you through the journey of life.

19. Stop Chasing Materialistic Things

First, understand the difference between happiness and pleasure; happiness is lasting, whereas pleasure is fleeting.

Materialistic possessions never bring peace.

Running after materialistic things like a luxurious car or a watch would give you temporary happiness. In contrast, a trip with your family and friends would bring loads of memories to cherish.

Chase the things that provide you lasting peace and joy.

20. Don’t Let Overthinking Rule You

Recall the phrase that overthinking kills your creativity.

Well, that is indeed true. When you let your thinking go wild, stress lines mark your forehead, and uneasiness settles in your heart.

Don’t ponder over things you have no control on, instead engross yourself in the things you love and let your creativity work its magic.

Don’t let overthinking destroy you.

21. Listen Before You Speak

Listening before you speak is a wise man’s play, so adopt these rules of life to be one.

A conversation is a two-way street where one speaks, and the other patiently listens. When you listen to one, you make the person feel understood and cared for. It shows the respect you have for the person and his words.

Don’t interrupt when someone is saying something; patiently wait for your turn.

22. Reflect On Yourself

Self-reflection is the process of understanding what is happening in your life. It is the sense of being aware of your actual self.

Who are you? What brings out the best and worst in you? What dreams do you want to achieve? What do you admire in life?

Reflecting on yourself helps you to discover your purpose in life. It is the best way to learn about yourself, develop and then, improve.

Take time to reflect on your thoughts and your actions by writing them down in a diary or just by thinking about your day.

Self-reflection will surprise you with its revelation of you.

23. Take Care Of Your Mental Health


Tending to mental health should be the top rules of life.

The ups and downs that life throws your way take a toll on your mental health. It loses its sense of direction, and so it is your responsibility to tend to it.

Mental health affects how we think, feel and act, and it is a way of how we make our choices. Hence, tending to our mental health should be our topmost priority.

24. Leave Your Past in the Past

Your past is supposed to be in the past.

Don’t dwell on it, as it will just drag you down and prevent you from experiencing the beauty of your present. Learn the art of forgiveness – others as well as yourself.

Grudges will complicate your present so, let go of your past and live in your present.

25. Smile, Laugh, and Live

The best rules of life are to smile, laugh, and live in the true sense.

Make time for yourself and feel content. Worries are going to strike your path but don’t forget to smile.

Go out with joyous people and laugh whole heartily and live your life on your terms.

Smiles and laughter are contagious, so use this asset to cheer yourself and others around you to live life in its true sense.

Implement these rules of life and let it work its wonder as you experience the beauty of life.

You are perfect, and you deserve the best!

Don’t let your mind make you think otherwise.

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