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The Top 3 Advantages of Arranged Marriage


Did you know about the top 3 advantages of arranged marriage?

Is it going to be a destination wedding where everyone would be struck with the grandeur of the decorations?

Or, is it going to be a simple marriage ceremony with close people in a quiet and peaceful environment?

These thoughts of marriage have crossed many dreamy minds. Every marriage is an arranged marriage. I have 3 advantages of arranged marriage that boast of this beauty.

But, hold on. Why did you have that smirk on your face?

Are you the believer of love marriage versus arranged marriage debate?

My senses tell me, that you are an avid lover of love marriage. Or maybe, you are just a hater of arranged one?

Before changing your views on arranged marriages, let me change my track and decode the reasons why you are not a fan of them.

  • It doesn’t fit into your dreamy idea of dating and falling in love that the movies, novels and social media world show you.
  • You don’t desire to be stuck with the ‘stigmatic’ arranged marriage.
  • You feel it is a loveless marriage where you live your life forcefully, with a stranger.
  • You just don’t feel that an arranged marriage deserves to be called a marriage!

I am pretty sure the 3 advantages of arranged marriage that I am going to mention in this post soon, would waive off some of the above reasons. Also, to make you not feel alone, there was a time when I had the same thought process. But, these 3 advantages of arranged marriage changed my one-sided perspective.

Here, are those 3 advantages of arranged marriage which could either overpower one’s love for love marriage or strengthen one’s support for the arranged one.

The 3 Advantages of Arranged Marriage

1. Stability

Life is full of instabilities and uncertainties. Amidst all this drama, what does a human want?  He/she wants a stable partner and a stable ride to enjoy this roller coaster of instabilities. Arranged marriage promises this.

It promises financial and emotional stability. As Michael Ben Zehabe has rightly quoted,

That the matriarchs had a marriage which didn’t begin with love, but they began marriage being determined that it would teach them how to love and sustain their marriage for a lifetime.

Love marriages are like love which comes with fear of commitment and some more terms and conditions applied. With arranged marriages, you commit first and love happens eventually.

Therefore, when you get ready for an arranged marriage, you are mentally prepared to skip all the dating, feeling of love, emotional stress, break up and patch up phase and straight away jump into the marriage phase. You get a person who’s ready with the commitment to partner you in both your highs and lows. A greater commitment could heal all the scars of your past, if any.

With age, the flawless outward façade vanishes. The beauty fades with time and only the couple remain with a treasure of memories and love. To sustain your marriage for a lifetime, you need to grow through love. Amongst all the 3 advantages of arranged marriage, this pre-commitment factor is a boost for any marriage.

After emotional stability, comes the financial stability. During the matchmaking process, you could pick and choose your match as per the financial requirements and security you expect in your life. The differences in your financial position and the other one welcomes post-marital issues and so to avoid that, arranged marriage is one way. Also, as you know the one and final outcome is going to be marriage, all future plans are set in your mind.

Thus, it ensures a secured future and the kind of future you’ve planned for!

2. Family Involvement

According to some estimates, the divorce rate in India is nearly 1% and the ratio of divorced love marriages is 90 times more than the divorced arrange marriages. This fact reveals a hidden issue. Where there is love initially, both the partners tend to solve their problems on their own or even leave them unsolved. While, with arranged marriages, the whole family comes at the crease to bat for the couple and hit their problems out of the stadium.

Clearly, arranged marriages happen with the active participation of the families from both the sides. Of the 3 advantages of arranged marriage, I call this one a fun advantage. At every stage of your marriage, be it the pre-marriage ceremonies, marriage ceremony and married life, you would have someone from the family to laugh with or cry with.

The arrival of a baby tends to happen sooner in arranged marriages. Even if, you are occupied in several engagements, the family is there to take care of the child. During the times of financial crisis, the family is there to support you. Also, because you know, that this marriage is the decision of your parents, you do everything respectfully and responsibly.

There’s a bonus point that with the help of family, you re-discover your culture during the marriage ceremony and any occasions during the married life.

3. Compatibility

Everyone has a perfect dream boy/girl they dream of. Each individual expects a few things that he/she definitely wants in his/her partner. Out of all the 3 advantages of arranged marriage, this one is a boon. During the matchmaking process, you could find someone as per your expectations.

Usually, arranged marriages happen between families or people with similarities. By similarities, I meant food habits, culture or lifestyle. Both the partners have the audacity to accept each other as they are including their negatives. Thus, they are happy with adjusting and work together towards making their marriage a happy one. Even, little acts of kindness grow love between the partners.

All these things signal about you and your partner being a compatible couple. If I am not wrong, the 3 advantages of arranged marriage have only one goal, i.e. to make your marriage a success! Believe me, this last major advantage of the compatibility is the key to a happy married life.

Thus, the above 3 advantages of arranged marriage don’t have any intention of forming grudge in your mind towards the love marriage. All I am saying is,

Loving ‘Love Marriage’ does not mean hating ‘Arranged Marriage.’

Understand that both have pros and cons. At the end of the day, it is the two partners who have to set out on the holy journey of marriage and it does not matter which path they take for it.

What are your thoughts regarding these 3 advantages of arranged marriage? Share your thoughts with us! Post your comments below!

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All that matters is, the final destination of marriage should be a happy one!

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