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Top 7 Proven Fundraising Ideas

fundraising ideas

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Fundraising involves collecting money for good purposes. Fundraising ideas are necessary to provide help and respite to needy persons. Anyone can raise funds for favorite charities, or in the name of a particular charity campaign. Fundraising is a social action to help out a person, community or a large group of people.

Fundraising helps in developing solidarity with other individuals while helping them deal with situations of stress, distress and trouble. When we look to help others, we must have good fundraising ideas so that the intended objectives get achieved.


Fundraising ideas can help in providing monetary or non-monetary support to your friends, relatives, acquaintances, or society in general. Fundraising ideas gives you a sense of satisfaction that you have helped a person in need.


What are the objectives for fundraising?

Which cause do you want to raise funds for?

Why do you want to raise funds for this charity?

How much do you want to raise?

Who do you want to ask for support?

What’s your timescale for fundraising?


Some things to get you started in fundraising

Before starting with the collection of virtual funds, in any form, it is crucial to ensure you have a robust online donation platform and a functional website.

Create a dedicated destination page for your collection of virtual funds with a single focus or objective, known as a call to action (CTA).

Create a high-performance donation destination page and use convincing visuals and mention with a clear explanation of your work and your mission.

Testimonies and impact statistics can also help boost your credibility and create confidence.


Fundraising ideas in recent times

New forms of virtual fundraising ideas have taken great leaps. Virtual fundraising ideas are not only suitable for helping the needy and vulnerable persons but are also fun activities that can help in community formation and increase social solidarity.


Top 7 fundraising ideas

In this article, we will list out some of the top 7 fundraising ideas which you could utilize to raise funds for a noble cause. All of these ideas are virtual and thus it will minimize physical contact with other people leading to safer fundraising.


1. Virtual marathon

The virtual marathon helps the cause and provides good training at the same time. Virtual races work as career events in person, but allow participants to join on their own. This virtual fundraiser encourages supporters to stay active while staying in line with social distancing. And, of course, it helps in generating money and goodwill for a generous cause!

Ask the people to donate in proportion to how many miles will walk. Encourage them to send photos or videos of them by completing their activity and share those on social networks.

For example, if you are a local non-profit organization marathon, your participants need to choose between a beginner, intermediate and advanced route and provide a starting point and a distance where they can run or walk. The more they run, the more money is generated for your cause.


2. Virtual events

Many organizations, for-profit and non-profit, and hosts web seminars to educate and maintain their updated audience.

In addition to being informative, virtual events and conversations can also be powerful fundraising tools. Talk to speakers, experts, or community leaders, and ask them to join a short virtual event related to their mission or current fundraising ideas.

Speakers and experts will be willing to share their experience and you will charge your supporters a small fee to access the virtual event. You have to make it visible that the proceeds of the virtual event will help to raise funds for your mission. Consider offering donation levels to make the most of this virtual fundraiser and offer more people the opportunity to access the web seminar/talk.


3. Live game championship

A game championship is one of the easiest virtual fundraisers. Games encourage people to socialize and play, making them ideal for raising funds at a time of social distancing. Ludo King, Among Us and Valorant: There are several options to connect and play virtually.

You could also organize a game tournament, which will surely be a success among many! Find out which games are popular among the community and play those games with your audience to support your cause. It must be a multiplayer game with scores, and there should be some kind of time limit, so your tournament does not continue indefinitely.

Some examples of games people have used successfully in tournaments are: Call of Duty, Rock Band, Mario Kart, FIFA, and Halo. Then, once you decide the date, the time, the tournament format, and what game you will use, you can start registering the participants!


4. Virtual concert

Take the musicians together and house a concert or a mini-festival that benefits your organization. It is advisable to choose the artists who support their cause. This will ensure that their passion gets reflected in their performance and thereby increase your fund generation.

The popular the artists, the wider their potential reach. Live broadcasting the performances and requesting people to buy a ticket to see them. This not only provides the requisite funds to the non-profit organization but also ensures that people come together positively and unite for a noble cause.

You do not need to look only for the best artists. You can even choose the local artists and organize a virtual concert. In this way, the local audience can be connected with the virtual concert better.


5. Online auction

To run an online auction, set a page where all available items can be reviewed for bidding. You can take the help of various online auction platforms. We recommend reviewing online auction sites, such as 32 auctions or BidJS to perform your online auctions.

Coordinate offers beforehand and then announce the winners through one of the other virtual events, such as a live broadcast, a web seminar, or a gala dinner.

Take some time to help people understand why funds are raising. When people feel connected to a cause, they are more likely to offer higher.


6. Peer-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising ideas have become an important part of fundraising in recent times. The principle is simple: encourage your supporters to configure personal pages of fundraising and fundraising for their non-profit organization.

When your donors are collected for you, create credibility for your cause. The collection of funds from Peer-to-Peer will help the relationships by taking advantage of the networks of current supporters, their friends, family, and colleagues. As your supporters respect it, that works as a basis for trust with your networks.

Finally, when his supporters diffuse the word and share their story, this will take its message and the mission to the new audiences in one of the most effective marketing forms, word of mouth.

Create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign online, and invite your supporters to join him. These campaigns are executed for a fixed period and have a general objective of fundraising or impact. You could request budding musicians and their supporters for donations by giving a live performance on social networks. You could also start a ‘Readathon’, a challenge of reading game throughout the day, or a physical challenge such as making several push-ups or holding a plank during a certain amount of time.

This will not only help you create a stronger relationship with your supporters but encourage your supporters to involve your friends and family, expand your network and increase donations for your non-profit organization.


7. Gift for a donation

Offer a free and desirable gift to anyone who hurts their non-profit organization. Choose a gift that is attractive to your audience. Books, illustrations, coupons, discount codes, or a gift that reflects the work of your organization is some common physical gifts in exchange for donations. Get these physical items as donations through associations with the business for profit.

If you prefer to avoid the handling of physical gifts, you can offer gifts such as access to an exclusive web seminar, a free consultation session, a video download, a digital book, a printable poster, an audio file, an image, or some other gift digital. You can even offer different rewards for several levels of contributions from the audience.

Online fundraising ideas facilitates the offer of free digital products such as donor gifts at a very low cost, which makes this collection of virtual funds a feasible option even for smaller non-profit organizations.

Final take on fundraising ideas

Motivation is a critical factor when it comes to the successful completion of any task, large or small. With the correct levels of enthusiasm, teams can achieve their goals in a gallop, while remaining energized and focused on everything.

Since fundraisers are those who struggle to request funds for a generous cause, their motivation levels will probably diminish the energy after some time. And this is natural, we are human, after all, and constantly trying to raise money can get quite exhausting after a while.

There you have it, 7 fundraising ideas that can work for any organizational cause. Use a combination of these ideas to achieve your fundraising goals and promote your cause. We know that you can succeed!

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