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Top 8 Exciting YouTube Challenges To Do By Yourself

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YouTube has been one of the fine entertainment platforms, and now, especially with all the different youtube challenges, it has become a place to have fun.
With various challenges to do with your friends or all by yourself, the challenge culture is growing day by day. Every day there is a new challenge to do, and the way people come up with these youtube challenges shows how creative the world is.  
It’s been a year now that we all are by ourselves with the luck of surviving, and these challenges have helped us.

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YouTube Challenges: An Escapism from Reality!

YouTube challenges could be an essential part of doing something fun when you’re all by yourself, helping you stay productive in life
As other youtube channels do the same, you can learn from them if you’re a newcomer to these youtube challenges and to the YouTube platform itself.
All the YouTube challenges are full of fun and adventure, even though it is temporary.  So I’ve come up with these 8 challenges where you will have the most fun time doing. So Let’s Start.
  1. Try Not To Laugh Challenge 

Try Not To Laugh!!! (IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE!!!) [Read Description and Captions] - YouTube | Try not to laugh, Best funny videos, Laugh

Primary Goal – To not to laugh while watching any funny videos.

Try not to laugh is one of the most attempted, famous, and easiest youtube challenges to do. Watching any comedic type of content on youtube will help you out. And as the content is endless, more than thousands of videos will be there to react on.
The result – Plot Twist. You will laugh no matter how hard you try not to.  

 2. Baby Food Challenge 

THE BABY FOOD Challenge! Loser Eats a Warhead Sucker Dipped in Baby Puke I mean Food – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – To record your reaction while eating baby food. 

 If you’re doing this challenge all by yourself, then ordering baby food online will be the best option for you. Choose what kind of baby food you want, and you’re good to go.   
The result – If I’m being honest, you’ll love the food no matter what your reaction is. Some might even start eating baby food regularly. 

3. Chubby Bunny Challenge

CHUBBY BUNNY CHALLENGE! Marshmallow Stuffing Contest! – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – To pronounce Chubby Bunny while keeping Marshmallows in your mouth.

This youtube challenge can be a little harder to do by yourself. As you’re supposed to put Marshmallows in your mouth as many as you can and try to pronounce Chubby Bunny, do make sure you’re careful while doing this challenge as you might choke. 
The result – It will be hilarious as you will be the only one who will be handling everything. 

4. Speed Drawing Challenge

SPEED DRAWING CHALLENGE con Michael Jackson!! – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – To draw whatever you can in a minute or two. 

In this challenge, you can be productive and show your skills whether you know how to draw or not. It can become a hilarious drawing you have ever drew or might become your best one too. 
The result – The result will be either be so good that the audience will go crazy, leaving you to feel shocked, or so bad that it will be hilarious altogether. 


5. Eat It or Wear It Challenge 

Eat It Or Wear It EXTREME CHALLENGE! Super Gross Food Indoor Edition – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – With food packed in a pile of bags, you can ask your audience to be the one who decides what you will do.  

Among all the youtube challenges, Eat It or Wear It challenge will need some prep work. The food will be easy to eat out, but putting it in your hair or rubbing it on your skin won’t be that easy. And a piece of advice, Avoid wearing nice pair of clothes.
The Result: Messier, that Is all I can say. 

6. No Thumbs Challenge

No Thumbs Challenge | Mattel Games

Primary Goal – You will be asked to do any task with your thumbs up in the air.

Thumbs up, the challenge is supposed to be done without using your thumbs. All you will do is put your thumbs high/up and then try to do various tasks as any you decide but keeping the thumbs up the whole time.
 The result – While doing the tasks with your thumbs up, you might fail or end up doing all the tasks. 

7. Smoothie Challenge 

SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE! Super Gross Smoothies – GOTTA DRINK IT ALL! – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – To finish a smoothie with a mixture of 10 good ingredients and 10 bad ingredients. 

 With all the ingredients you got in your house, all you have to do is to mix them up in the smoothie you made and drink it until you finish the whole drink. You can even track your audience by not letting them know that you changed the drinks.
The Result: If you end up drinking that smoothie, let’s hope you won’t fall sick. 

8. Pizza Challenge 

Wheel Of Pizza Challenge – Whats That Challenge

Primary Goal – Same as the smoothie one, add any ingredient on any slice of the pizza and eat it. 

The pizza Challenge is as same as the smoothie challenge but yet different. Try out all the ingredients you get on every slice of the pizza as you eat them. To make it more interesting, you can create a Wheel of Ingredients to make it easier to you to choose.
The result – Even with the bad ingredients, the taste thing might end up in your favor. 

Honorable Mentions 

Some youtube challenges that are as important as the ones mentioned above with a lot of fun. 

Try Not To Cry Challenge

It is the same as trying not to laugh, except in this one, you will be reacting to any emotional videos on youtube.

Speedruns Challenge


In this challenge, you will be playing any game you want in a much faster way than you usually play. Setting up a timer, so you have to finish the game before time runs out.

Try Not To Cringe Challenge


Any cringe-worthy content on youtube will help you out to do this challenge.


Final Words

At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy doing these youtube challenges, and especially when you’re all by yourself, these challenges do help you to kill time whenever you feel like to.
And with this, you also get an opportunity to become famous on a platform like Youtube. 
If your goal is to become famous, then you might consider doing these youtube challenges in a much professional way and if you’re doing them just for fun, then do in whichever way you want. Everyone loves a good laugh.

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