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BJP And It’s Big 7 Achievements Since 2014


Bharatiya Janata Party has been existing in India since 1980. Since the starting of the political era in India, BJP has always been a tough competitor for other opposition parties. After facing numerous victories and failures, BJP finally won the 2014 elections and has been working under the guidance of Narendra Modi since then. Here are 7 achievements of  BJP since 2014

source: <https://www.newsgram.com>  

1. Improved International Relations


India has been helping a lot of its neighboring countries financially which has resulted in increased regional support and influence. It also launched the South Asian satellite which will help India secure its position in becoming the next Asian superpower. The prime minister Narendra Modi has also been bonding with Barack Obama and also the Japanese Prime Minister to improve international relationships.

2. Increased Internal Security


There has been tension on the borders since the time of India-Pakistan partition and there have been continuous ceasefire violations by Pakistan but over the past 4 years there have been less number of violations . India has caught a number of terrorists and derailed several of their security-threatening plans. Communal violence has also decreased.

3. Strengthened Economy


The BJP Has successfully bought in several foreign companies and governments to invest in our economy, The economy of India has been growing at the rate of 7% which is much faster as compared to the other parts of the world and gives us hope for the future.

4. Swachh Bharat


At first the issue of cleanliness seemed petty, a lot of people disagreed to the fact that the government was giving importance to such a small issue but soon enough small towns as well as big cities started to realize the importance of cleanliness and in comparison to the previous years, public toilets, railway stations and other public places are much cleaner because of this small initiative.

5. Niti Aayog

source :<http://indianexpress.com>

Before the formation of Niti Aayog, India had a planning commission which existed since the time of independence, BJP scared the entire concept of planning commission and introduced Niti Aayog, which works on 3-year plans and 15-year plans with clear goals and objectives for the growth of the economy and employment of people in India.

6.  Special Focus On Rural India


BJP has launched several schemes for the well being of the rural part of India like Jan Dhan Yojna, Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojna etc.  Government has been opening bank accounts for the poor people and has been  providing them with subsidies  so that their standard of living increases .

7. GST


Goods and service tax is said to be the biggest revolution in terms of taxation. Majority of products and commodities have become cheaper after the implementation of this special tax which is a big relief for lower and middle class people.



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