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Top 7 Amazing Comebacks in Sports History

India Vs Zimbabwe World Cup

Well in the process of understanding and explaining comebacks, the biggest question that arises is to define a comeback. Very basically and in layman terms, comeback can be defined as a miraculous return of any individual player or a whole team in a game which originally they were completely supposed to lose.

A comeback is like you are into a situation, where your condition is critical and you are about to lose the game, the ratio between you and the opponent is like 10:90, but suddenly something happened and you end up winning the game and making history.

Any sport being played anywhere in the entire world has a deep impact on the citizens of the country. They not only attach themselves emotionally but also kind of indulge themselves into it. For example, let us consider India for that matter. The craze of Cricket in India is undoubtedly more and huge indulgence of people can be seen.

Comebacks are like a kind of miracle that we believe on, to make our favourite player or team to not lose important matches and to make a striking win. These comebacks can occur in all different kind of sports anytime and anywhere. Be it football, cricket, basketball, golf, badminton or any other sport.

Each and every sport that is there has this situation, one or many a times for us as viewers to believe in the ultimate power and a chance for the sportsmen and women to realize the true meaning and concept of practice, dedication, and enthusiasm.

Well, today for this matter let’s discuss on the Top 7 amazing comebacks in Sport’s history. Well, let us one by one consider each sport to see one of the biggest comebacks in that sport category.

I know we cannot cover all of them but for me, the top 7 comebacks are:-

Newcastle Vs Arsenal ( Football)

Newcastle Vs Arsenal

This match happened between Newcastle and Arsenal in the year 2001. This match is considered to be one of the recent addition to the comeback list but still made history. As soon as the match started, Newcastle was running back and Arsenal was going way forward. Theo Walcott from Arsenal was the first one to start scoring points for the team. Later on Johan Djouror went on to make another goal for the team. Arsenal was playing very smoothly and quickly and they were off to a great start with a goal in the first minute itself. The pressure increased for Newcastle when the score reached 4-0. Newcastle players felt the pressure and ended the game with 4-4 score and tied the match.

India Vs Zimbabwe ( Cricket)

India Vs Zimbabwe World Cup

This World Cup match took place between India and Zimbabwe in the year 1983 in Turnbridge Wells. This match is considered to be a one-inning comeback in cricket history. The match was at such a drastic route when India was having a total score of 17 with five wickets down. A great embarrassment for a country leading in that sport. Most of the top prioritized batsmen were already out. The one and only Kapil Dev acted as a saviour for the country and scored a total of 175 runs in total of 138 balls. Due to this the score of India reached a grand total of 266, thanks to Mr. Kapil Dev. Finally, India won by taking all the wickets of Zimbabwe in just 235 runs. What a comeback it was!

Poul Erik Hoyer Larsen Vs Dong Jiong ( Badminton)

Hoyer Larsen

This match took place in 1996 under the Thomas Cup and was a semi-final match. Poul Erik from Denmark lost the first two sets and that too with very disappointing scores. First set ended with 6-15 and the second set saw even more embarrassing score 1-13. He was competing against Dong Jiong, whose world ranking then was one. Any how Poul Erik went on to manage and won the second set by scoring 18-17 rise from 1-13, which was miraculous. Final set was also won by him by a score of 15-11 defeating China and moving to the finals. This was a very proud moment for Denmark.

Azarenka Vs Cibulkova (Tennis)

Azarenka and Dominika in Miami Open

This match between Victoria Azarenka and Dominika Cibulkova took place in Miami in 2012. In the first set, she (Azarenka) was down and lost with a score of 1-6. The second set also saw her going down with a mid score of 0-4. Somehow a spirit possessed her body and she raised her score from 0-4 to 7-6 winning the second set showing a case of tremendous drift. She went on to win the third set as well with a score of 7-5. This made her finally win the entire match.

Tara Moore Vs Jessica Ponchet (Tennis)

Tara Moore

This match was between Tara Moore and Jessica at the US Open in ITF tournament in Sunderland. Tara was a new player ranked at 479 in the world. She lost the first set with a score 0-6. But after that she threw a comeback no one expected and scored 7-6 and 6-3 in the next two sets finally winning the match over her opponent whose rank was much higher than hers.

Blazers Vs Mavericks ( Football)

Trail Blazers

This happened between Blazers and Mavericks in 2011 in NBA play offs. Brandon Roy of blazers acted as a god for the team by covering the score difference between both the teams. Blazers acted very slowly at the start but went on to cover the loss in a remarkable return of the players which proved them their worth and status. Everybody lost hope but they managed to win through their dedication, effort and criticism.

England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons (Baseball)

England Patriots Vs Atlanta Falcons

This match was between England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The start was slow by the England Patriots and they were just trailing around the field with a score of 3- 28. With a furious and a powerful return by the England Patriots, they scored 34-28 ultimately winning the match. Thanks to Tom Brady for his last minute exertion and full energy effort.

Anything can happen anytime. Comebacks are like a miracle that makes us believe in eternal faith and to keep following our team and players ahead on their journey.



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