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Top Books on Sports Betting That You Must Read If You Want to Up Your Sports Betting Game 

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Sports is not just about how many goals Christiano Ronaldo made or how many grand slams your favourite tennis player won last year. It is not just about the amazing experience of watching a high adrenaline sports match on your live TV and cheering your heart out. Sports is as much about strength, stability, sacrifices, training and love for the art as it is about making history, creating the latest news miracle and taking risks. Just sitting at home or in the local tavern and watching the new game playing on screen is sometimes just not enough for sports lovers all around the world.

Cheering with your favourite team and backing them up is a real desire of many sports enthusiasts. This is why sports betting has emerged as such a lucrative business in recent years, especially after the world got hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. With more and more people getting trapped indoors with just their television screen and a sports match for company, sports betting is also a means to get that serotonin flowing and to connect with the outside world to a great extent, even via other sports betting enthusiasts. 

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Sports betting is carried on in the world through online as well as offline sports betting websites and casinos that have legal bases and third party authentication certificates like Gaming Commissions all over the world. Checking the legalities of any sports betting website you choose is your first step to getting the best winnings out of the bet you place on the sports event of your choice.

You could place a wager on popular sports like football, cricket, baseball, basketball, horse racing, tennis, badminton and so on to rare sports like greyhound racing, polo, skiing and so on, all your fancies at sports betting can be fulfilled by all sorts of sports betting websites available online. But, be sure to check out if the security is the latest SSL encryption, read other bettor reviews online, check the deposit and withdrawals gateway options and the fees before embarking on your sports betting journey. 

But, before all this, there is something more important for you to check out. If you do wish to get started on a sports betting journey and can swear that you are not a gambling addict, but just in it for the fun and winnings you could carry home at the end of the day, then the following carefully curated list for the best sports betting books from all over the world is just for you.

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Here is the list:

  • Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong:

This is the must-have book for all rookie sports betting enthusiasts. Sports bettors love this book and some even consider it to be the Betting Bible for our generation. It is fairly simple to go through the book as it has a glossary to highlight every chapter, all the sports betting terms and also the tips and tricks that can help you get the best winnings out of the sport of your choice. Although you must understand that Wong’s magnum opus is more invested in NFL Football than any other sport, the betting facts and experienced tips given by him would most definitely be useful under any and all sports betting events;

  • Gambling Wizards-Conversations with the world’s Greatest Gamblers by Richard Munchkin:

Another absolute must-have in your sports betting library, Munchkin has presented the world of sports betting to you in such a lucid and well-written manner that you would be able to easily get the hang of stuff, even if you are a newbie sports bettor in this fascinating world. Munchkin is a very well-known sports betting expert and one of the greatest writers in this field.

Having worked as a TV and movie producer, a blackjack live dealer, and even a Las Vegas pit manager or boss, Munchkin has written down all the major tips and tricks that can get you some of the very best gambling wins ever, just with a single bet. With interviews from sports bettors who really aced the betting experience, to gambling bossed who know what is happening, this book brings you proper discussions, Q and A sessions, and information with a slice of entertainment from the master of sports betting himself;

  • Fixed-Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdal:

Joseph Buchdal has carved out quite the niche and the popularity for himself with just the sports bettors who are really serious and concerned with the world of sports betting and who want to get more winnings and fun from sports betting online or offline. Reading just a few pages of this book everyday will improve your skills as a sports bettor with each sentence you learn and understand by heart.

This book focuses more on the data and information side of sports betting with several interesting anecdotes provided along with it to keep you hooked. There are betting strategy analyses to check out, compare, market values to know and odds to understand, along with knowing which currency to bet in to get your greatest advantage. Keeping a copy of this book is a must need in every sports bettor’s bookshelf;

  • Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao:

This book is for the sports bettors with major interest in football and baseball games and sports events. A little bit based on Wong’s Sharp Sports Betting, Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting by King Yao is just as much a beloved book for all sports bettor as the above because it has more content, more information, more precise data, more sports odds, markets and strategies to learn about and understand well;

  • The Signal and the Noisemaker by Nate Silver:

This one is more than important as it gives you an in depth analysis of the concepts of probability and risk taking when it comes to sports betting. Silver tells all of you sports bettors over and over again that we cannot predict completely or even absolutely accurately about what winnings you might get from sports betting, even if you have all the most accurate and latest data on your hands. Silver teaches you to  embrace the risk taking side of sports betting through a lucid and straightforward book on risk, data and sports betting;

  • Guide to Sports Betting by Ian Hudson:

The major aim of this particular book by this well known writer is to provide you with the best  handbook to sports betting, majorly if you are a newbie to the sports betting world on all sporting matches. The aim of the book is to make you all sports bettors learn exactly in what way to start making stable enough gains when engaging in the sports betting experience. The author of this book gives you all the tricks, strategies and tips you can employ to get to the latest and the most effective betting game plan to help you in getting all the biggest wins at sports betting; 

  • Scorecasting by L. Jon Wertheim and Tobias J. Moskowitz Scorecasting:

This is a book that is just there to give you a retort back to talk about how wrong the usually loved ideas about sports and sports betting really are. The author has carefully selected bits and pieces to be included in this book to support you in understanding and learning to see the invisible structures present that help to show how the worlds of football, hockey, baseball and basketball operate and how these games are played and won or at times lost.

  • Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling by Ronald J. Gould: 

Ronald J. Gould uses this stellar book to talk about how data science, stats, elementary level discrete mathematics, and the concepts of probability are used in the world of sports, sports betting, gambling and even the gaming simulations at casinos.

The book makes it easy to understand mathematical concepts, get the answers to a host of frequently asked questions, solutions to problems you might face along your illustrious sports betting experience, and several examples to show clearly how mathematical theories and functions are put into place to clear up problems regarding  various real world sports betting leagues; 

  • Sports Betting: Profiting from Point Spreads by Daniel Fabrizio and Joseph Hunter:

A clearly awesome book that provides you with all the tips, tricks and tactics that turn the sports betting world into a proper business realm. The author of this book stresses on several concepts  to help you understand that the world of sports betting is more interested in the usage of the term of sports investors more than the term of sports bettor as these are the ones who take a critical view of sports betting and provide a professional segment to the sports betting world;

  • No Easy Money: A Gamblers Diary by Dave Nevison:

Remember that this book is a really real depiction of the world of sports betting that the writer, Dave Nelson has tried to give you all with a non fiction story of his own life anecdotes that revolve around the sports betting scenario that takes place at the top horse racetracks and courses that are rampant all over Great Britain. Nelson describes with great gusto about all the various people he met on the gambling pits, his adventures on the racecourses and everything else that came with a life of sports betting. His ambition or let’s say mission in life, was to earn GBP 1 million in winnings from sports betting, and he has talked in detail about how he went around to do just that, about the wagers that he put on sports events, the winnings they brought in, and even all the hiccups on the road that came along with the money that flowed in;

  • Sports Arbitrage: Riskless Investment by George Lynam:

Sports Arbitrage: Riskless Investment is that book that gives you not just the tactics and the theory behind sports betting but also tells you in detail about the entire idea behind the real-life practice of sports betting, both offline and online.

Also, it provides you with a greater number of situational examples to demonstrate how it is indeed a possibility for you to get some stable winnings if you start off with an amount that is something small yet considerate. The most well-liked part about this book is that it caters to the needs of both the newbies and the serious professional-level sports bettors.


Clearly, sports betting as an industry has really grown from the days when people thought that just plain dumb luck helped them get some big bucks. At this point of time, if you are not a compulsive gambler, engaging in some sports betting is a novel process to feel closer to the real world again, through cheering and betting on your favorite new sports star or just plain betting on a sport event of your choice. It could be anything from baseball, football, cricket to maybe even golf or volleyball. Even athletic competitions are now on sports betting websites for you to bet on. Ice skating sports betting is becoming a fast popularity among young sports bettors. So, check out the licenses, read the reviews, choose an amazing bonus offer, make your minimum deposit, bet and sit back with adrenaline flowing to know if you win anything at real money online or offline sports betting. To get the best results, reading the 11 books mentioned above is a necessity. Happy betting! 


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