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9 Best Cheapest Countries to Visit 2021

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Exploring countries within a budget seem tough. Here we are with our top cheapest countries to visit list. It is going to make traveling way easier and more efficient for you. With the help of our economic choices and suggestions, not only can you witness the best of the earth but you can also do it in a simply unbelievable price range.

People often hesitate to travel. They restrict themselves because it costs much to travel and they can’t simply afford it. This list will be a boon for all the travel enthusiasts who can pack their bags set out to explore.

Below is a list of the cheapest countries to visit. We have tried to include countries from the world which are budget-friendly and that you find reasonable. Countries in Central America, Southeast Asia, Europe, South Africa, and much more also have super cheap flights.

To know about our top choices of the cheapest countries to visit and also to include them in your bucket list, stick to this travel blog till the end. These are travel destinations that would help you save money and travel the world at the same time.

Cheapest Countries to Visit in 2021


The east European country can be your pick as the cheapest country to visit. Europe, also known for its exceptional beauty, is home to the most beautiful places on Earth.

The barrier of money and expenditure always plays a major role. It prevents many from discovering this part of the world. You need not worry this time as Bulgaria is one of the cheapest countries to visit and stay with some enormous views and rich lifestyle.

Bulgaria can be down the line when we talk about the best places to visit. This part of the story makes it beneficial for others. As the prices are quite low here and you can easily go for a full family vacation.

One of the cheapest countries to visit is quiet, peaceful, and luxuriating with some of the best places to visit, like Sofia, it’s the capital city. The city is gorgeous and has a unique story to tell with its Turkish and Byzantine past.

In this part of the country, you can opt for hiking and discover numerous places of value. To save more, you should not visit the country during the months of summer. As many people from the neighboring states also follow.

cheapest countries to visit


Denmark is not only known for its educational background. It is also a place that is considered to be one of the cheapest countries to visit.  Summer and spring are when most tourists flock to this part of Europe to spend some time. You can avail yourself of heavy discounts when visiting this country during the colder months.

Enjoy some Danish breakfasts that are available at cheap rates while discovering its towns.

The country is loaded with top attractive tourist destinations that won’t cost you much and are good to see. Only a few places charge an entrance fee; otherwise, all the sites are free of any additional cost.


Housing the highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest. Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Southeast Asia. The capital city of Kathmandu is equally adorable and friendly.

Since the currency used in Nepal is of a lower value than most of the world’s currencies. Traveling to this part of the world automatically becomes very cheap.

It’s not only the inexpensive attitude that prevails but as the country. Nepal is very beautiful and astounding to look at. You can go on a trek to the base camp and get a chance to trek on the highest peak in the world.

It usually rains much in June and September hence visiting Nepal. These months could cause you much trouble.

Overall, Nepal is one of the cheapest countries to visit. It is easy to reach and can be explored for several days within a minimal budget.

cheapest countries to visit


If you wish to discover something very traditional with a greater history than Morocco, one of the cheapest countries to visit can be the answer.

This incredible place is very much cheap to travel and explore. They can cost you much if you are into shopping and all as the country is rich in handwoven material like rugs and carpets which are expensive to buy. You can go on train rides to explore the country.

They are also considered to be the cheapest most of transportation in the country as well. A train ride in Morocco won’t cost you more than a ride of public transport in any other metropolitan city.

Popular destinations to visit include Saadien’s Tombs, Menara Gardens, and much more. You can get the best of street food and taste some of its best authentic dishes at the prices of a pizza.

The place is visited mostly in the months of November till March. You can avoid planning your trip in these months to save a little extra.


Portugal’s exotic land is calling out to you to appreciate its majestic beaches and value its iconic tourist destinations. Included in the list of the cheapest places to visit.

Portugal is known for its all-time famous Camilo beach and its beautiful city of Lisbon. It can be a bit expensive to travel and explore on a limited budget.

cheapest countries to visit

6.Costa Rica

Famous for its much Spanish culture. The Central American Country of Costa Rica can come next to the cheapest countries to visit. Most of the Central American countries can be visited at a much lower cost. This makes them a good destination to travel to.

Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose is like a paradise. With many national parks and Wildlife areas to visit. Other places include Puerto Viejo, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonia park. Cloud forest reserve, and hiking trails, and many other such beaches and hiking trails.

7.Dominican Republic

This Caribbean country would give you the overall experience of the best of beaches, sand, and water along with moderate sunshine to spend time in.

You can go for an entire travel package. It includes hotel and tourist destinations to avail yourself of the maximum discounts. It includes lodging and exploring activities in this one of the cheapest countries to visit.

Famous for their beaches, places like Puerto Plata, Punta Cana might turn out to be a bit expensive. If visited during the moderate months when the temperature is mild. Summers can be a good time for you to visit. Starting right from the mid of April when the heat of the sun begins to rise.


Egypt can be another destination to visit of you like pyramids, sand, and camels. African countries like Egypt, Bolivia, and Uganda have always been enchanting. For their historical presence dates back to the early human civilization of Babylonia.

Since then, the great pyramids of Giza and other places have gained much attraction. People are much interested in traveling to these places. Egypt is undoubtedly the most developed African Country. With much credit going to its lifeline river Nile.

Egypt is also a place that is much preferred for photography and filming. It is also visited by many celebrities for such purposes. Not only this but authentic handicraft work that is manufactured in Egypt. It has also got much-needed attention.

Many recreational activities are also waiting for you at the banks of the river Nile. There you can swim or snorkel as per your choice.

cheapest countries to visit


India, which is an Asian country, is also present on our list. It is one of the cheapest countries to visit in the world list. Suppose you want to see the diversity in culture that is accompanied by vast mythological traditions. India is the best place for you to visit.

Some of the best cities to visit in India would include Mumbai. It is also known as the film city and is the hub for Bollywood movie studios. It is also a residence to all its celebrities.

Bangalore, which is one of the most industrialized city can also be visited. Further cities like Jaipur, Lucknow can be visited. For their architectural appeal where you can find a glimpse of its past.

The entire northeastern part of the country is truly mesmerizing with Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim, and Assam, famous for their culture, cleanliness, and lifestyle.

Places such as the Taj Mahal, which is also one of the seven wonders of the world, are Present in Agra and remain crowded on most of the days. Other places include Hawa Mahal, Jama Masjid, and much more.

Jammu and Kashmir can be one of the places to visit if you want to experience snowfall.

Overall you can visit India anytime as the cheapest countries to visit on a budget and experience something that is close to life.

These are some of the best cheapest countries to visit, which are really exuberant and enchanting. All these places can be traveled within a fixed price range and can be enjoyed as well.

Traveling is an art, and if you know the art of traveling in a minimum amount, then no destination is far and expensive enough to stop you. Well, with our top picks, we hope that you can find your next go-to destination in these cheapest countries to visit.


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