Awards for Students: Top 5 Ideas to keep Them Motivated

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What are the various types of awards for students? One way to inspire students to excel in school is to give them awards for their efforts and performance. Awards and recognition provide students with a sense of pride in achieving good results in a particular subject or school activity. It dramatically boosts their morale and motivation to do more in the classroom.


There are a lot of distinct yet creative awards you can give to students for general achievements. You can find a lot in school supply stores and some party stores. For a more personal touch, you can prefer to make your own awards for students. You can even design your own prize in your computer and have it printed or manufactured professionally.

This customized method is far cheaper and unforgettable compared to giving out store-manufactured awards. It will make the students feel extra special and more motivated to continue doing well in school.

We listed down the top ideas for awards for students to give outstanding one’s. These ideas can serve as your basis for your prize and add your personalized touches with it.

classroom awards1. Hand-shaped Awards for students can be given

Our hands are the body parts that do the hardest work, next to our brain, in the classroom setting. Hand-shaped awards can be a good piece of recognition for students. Giving hand-shaped prizes could also mean giving high-fives to students who did a great job.

You can write the student’s name and the reason for the award on the hand-shaped item and give it to them. Another idea is to hang their hand-shaped awards on the bulletin for many to see their recognition. One good idea is to provide the students with the opportunity to high-five their classmates as well.

2. Good Citizen Awards for students

Good citizen awards focus less on the academic area of the classroom and more on the good manners and right conduct of the students. It gives the students who are not that much of an achiever the opportunity to be recognized. Academic achievers are not the only ones deserving of an award but also those who are excellent and well-behaved towards his classmates.

This kind of award focuses on character education, good moral conduct, and right social manners. Students who behave well, follow the rules, and help their classmates are the deserving ones for this award. It is easy to spot the good qualities of the students, and this award can have many specific activities to be addressed.

You can design the award to give recognition to the good deed you have caught. You can also call out the awardee and share the reason for the award to the entire class. It could encourage the other students to follow his example.

3. End-of-year Awards for Students

End-of-year awards are always present in yearly school recognition exercises. It usually happens every end of the school year. The ceremony represents giving recognition to students who have done right and made it throughout the school year.

In one academic year, the students develop talents and skills that deserve recognition. Throughout the year, the strengths of the students eventually show up and can still improve. A year of spending with them will help you realize these easily.

End-of-year awards are usually specific for the strength of each student. The main point of the award can vary from the academic standing of the student to his/her social conduct. Examples include the most expressive reader, the math whiz, best in handwriting, cleanest student, or the most cheerful one in the class. Give importance to the positive attribute of each student.

4. Star Students Award

Star-shaped awards for students can be further customized to give the perfect prize for them. You can cut out star-shaped paper and write the student’s name on it. They can also be useful for awarding excellent students for that week or throughout the year. Star-shaped awards can also be used for both the academic and social achievements of the student. The star shape gives a more exciting and appealing feel to the award compared to traditional rectangle shapes.

5. School pin Award

School pins can also be one of the awards for students to give the prominent ones to show that the school is proud of their terrific performance. Students who receive a school pin as an award can show off their love and pride for their excellent education. School pins can be the perfect custom award to give.

Vivipins can make the perfect custom school awards for students. You can choose the required material, size and color, quantity, and logo design. If you can’t come up with logo design, they can make one for you. You can also choose what kind of packaging you like. They can cater to prestigious activities like awarding ceremonies in which you can decide to avail of their premium packaging.

Creating school pin awards has never been this easy and affordable; thanks to Vivipins. Ordering your custom school pin from their website and having it delivered to your doorstep frees you from all the hassle. Vivipins does it all for you.


Awards play a crucial role in a student’s life. It represents three major things; pride, emotions, and encouragement. If you care about the bright future of your students, then you must make sure to notice their achievements at the right time. It will definitely boost their confidence and prepare them for a bright future.

Every student deserves recognition for his talents and efforts throughout their school years. It is essential to give awards and recognition for deserving students for they will carry that pride as they grow up. Awards for students and recognitions provide each student with the much-needed inspiration they will need to succeed in this world.

Awards can be general or specific depending on the positive attribute of the child. There are a lot of award design ideas to choose from, and it is up to you to find the best one. No matter how difficult or straightforward an award is, surely it will be highly appreciated by whoever will receive it.

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