Top Five Immediate Concerns Of Environment

Top Five Immediate Concerns Of Environment 1

Today, our Mother Earth is facing solemn issues regarding the environment. There are so many waiting threats to damage the ecosystem and the balance on this planet. Though they are coming into light at a snail’s pace, they are going to bring out very critical calamities to this world. Let us now see the top five immediate concerns of our environment:


Climate change is one of those serious issues the world is facing today in almost all the continents. It is the primary concern we need to shower our thoughts upon and take the necessary actions to change its phase. Let it be the earthquakes or the Tsunami or the tornados, all of them have their connection with changes in the climate. Be it the recent floods in the city of Chennai or those in Uttarakhand, they are the results of climatic change which is happening due to the massive pollution levels and deforestation. The standard of the oceans is increasing year by year due to these climatic changes and is warning us about the aftermath. The year 2015 has been the hottest year which yielded very high temperatures in the entire world. And thus, balancing the climate must be given the most top priority.


We all know that the major part of our planet Earth is covered by oceans. But do you know that even these oceans are also on the tip of danger? Yes, you have read it right. Our oceans are no longer in a safe position. Ever gave a single thought about the number of oil spills that happen in the oceans? These spills cause substantial pollution of the ocean water, thus making the lives of the people who depend on the oceans for their livelihoods as fishermen and coral collectors miserable. Care must be taken to prevent these oil spills in the oceans from happening.


With the increasing population and increasing demands of the people for high standards of living, the urbanization process is happening at a high rate. As a result of this, all the lands used for forestation are being transformed into areas for a living and are being deforested. This deforestation on one side is leading to the unconventional timing of the rainfall, both scarce and extreme. This process is also leading to landslides at a very high rate, which in turn is resulting in the loss of massive animal and plant life.


With the advent of new and ever-growing technologies, the amount of chemicals involved in their production is also increasing. The amount of waste produced as a result of using all these products is such that, it has led us to a severe problem, the management of the waste. Most of the plastics do not decompose and get accumulated in the river beds, ocean bottoms and underground leading to severe pollution of the land, air and water. The management of such waste disposal has to be concentrated upon with considerable attention.


The changes in the environment are warning us about the different plant and animal species which are getting endangered day to day, one day leading to their extinction. There are already so many plants and animal species which have gone extinct because of the human-created pollution. And many species are on the edge of getting extinct. It’s our duty to help prevent this extinction from happening by protecting their ecosystem.



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