Five Songs To Set The Mood

Five Songs To Set The Mood 1

Creating an air of romance for your loved one is an art that every man should know, and I assume they do. It takes a good amount of planning, patience, and having the right tricks up your sleeve to create a setting that oozes with the perfect amount of romance, lust and good old-fashioned love.
So, you set up the date with all the necessary preparations and decorative items that subtly shout ‘romance’, you have your scented candles, the red roses, the wine that compliments your aphrodisiac food, but wait, notice something? You’ve given her all the visual delights, but what of the auditory delight? The perfect song to go along with the mood, maybe even help it progress by filling up the air with smooth jazz songs of just how special she is to you.
Now, here’s where most men stumble, it’s all good to stick to the first many love songs you hear, but instead of that, why not surprise her with a few of the classics? Sung by legends for occasions just like these? They’re soft high voice crooning words tailored to make her weak in the knees, a music that’s not too heavy for the ears, not too sharp that it slices into your conversation, but instead blankets the two of you in a world of your own, where it subtly weaves around you two as you dance with each other’s words and voiced thoughts. Sounds magical doesn’t it? Below are five songs that are meant to set the tone for romance.

  1. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

    This cover, written and sung originally by Leonard Cohen speaks of spoiled love and romance. This cover by Jeff Buckley is just as fateful as the moment you play this song in. When asked about the song’s meaning Cohen replied that “It explains that many kinds of hallelujahs do exist, and all the perfect and broken hallelujahs have equal value.” Now we all know that no love is perfect, but that celebrating those imperfections is what love is.
  2. Al Green – Simply Beautiful
    You know this song means business the moment you hear the first few lyrics. It describes the vulnerable man’s request to his lady love; of how he wants her to like him. Al Green’s unique voice crooning all these words are bound to make her realize the depth of how important she is to you.
  3. Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get it On
      You know you can’t wait to have her in your arms, she knows you want her in your arms, but why rush into it? It’s a game of tease, and this song will let her know in the sweetest way possible of just how much you want her to be in your arms, and just how much you want to show her all your love.
  4. Bee Gees- How deep is your love
    Your loved one’s right across the table, you’re too stunned to her to voice the right words, and that’s where this song rescues you, with lyrics like-
    ” ‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools ,Breaking us down
    When they all should let us be
    We belong to you and me” 
    Well, I think that’s more than enough to have her know just how deep your love is.
  5. Sade – Your love is king
      As all the above songs imply, this one’s doing just the same, but with a smooth jazz as its musical score, and an even smoother voice of Sade, no wonder it’s a smooth operator. Bound to fill the moment up with love, it’s one of the easiest songs to fall for.

Great! Now that you have a playlist for your date, Go on and start preparing, and for all those single people stuck in the friendzone, a playlist of these songs are just the not so subtle hint your crush needs to know that you’re the one for her.
Do you have more such songs in mind? Or perhaps a playlist of your own? Feel free to comment below!

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