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The search for delicious seafood has increased in recent years, but it matters where you go. Florida is a unique and best place to catch fish such as snook, panfish, tarpon, sailfish, largemouth bass, grouper and more. 

If you love fishing and boat is not your favorite spot to catch the fish, you can choose several fishing piers in Florida. But, before you go out to explore Florida piers, you need to get certified for a boat license with companies like aceboater to avoid breaking Florida fishing and boating laws. 

 You find many spots along Florida coastline, and you can be spoilt for choice. That’s the reason we’ve put together this list to help you choose the one that resonates with your fishing needs. 

You’ll love these top Florida piers without using any boat where you get unique views, many fish, and fun.

What to Expect

The majority of fishing piers in Florida have shallow artificial reefs from the fishing range. The structures are human-made and designed to support diverse communities of marine organisms; therefore, it is easier for anglers to capture their target fish such as king mackerel and cobia. 

Most of the time, the anglers capture big fish, including stray sailfish and sharks. When you go to bait house, you’ll see local angler’s photos displaying their prized catch proudly. 

When you are new, sometimes it can be hard to know where to begin. And you’ll find in almost all piers with regulars that frequent to these areas to get their catch and are friendly plus willing to reveal their secrets.

So, don’t shy from asking fellow anglers about what kind of bait they use to hook big fish when you see them do so. You just need to follow the experts and become like them. 

Favorite Fishing Piers in Florida

The Skyway Fishing Pier State Park: This one is located at TampaBay’s entrance designed on a structure used as a bridge, the twin Skyway. 

Perhaps fishing piers are the most productive land-based fishing spots in the Florida state. 

Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier: This is one of premier fishing areas at the Northwest part of Florida. If you want to capture huge fish, this is the pier reputable for that. You will find fishing activities in action here throughout the year except for the summer season when the sun is unbearable. 

Naples Pier – Napiers pier is open 24/7, except for 2017 when it experienced a big hit from Hurricane Irma, but now everything has resumed normally. When you drop your line be ready to capture several species such as redfish, sea trout and Spanish mackerel. 

No need to come with your license for the City of Naples will give you a blanket fishing license. The most spectacular view that people love besides fishing is during the sunset. They have facilities for restrooms, line collection boxes, and concessions to pick up your gear, refreshments, and snacks. 

Anglins Fishing Pier (Lauderdale-by-the-sea) – You can catch up to this pier after a couple of miles from Gulf Stream. This pier is known for sailfish, tarpon, king mackerel and lots of fun of course. 

Juno Beach Park Pier: As you wait to capture your favorite seafood, the reflection of blue water makes the place great sightseeing on weekends with your friends. It is at that moment of excitement and fun that the fish effortlessly fall for your bait. This pier attracts people who love the beautiful water and great fishing experience.

Sebastian Inlet State Park Pier: Sebastian operates 24/7, and you will have a good moment enjoying the mix of Indian River with open Atlantic ocean which allows you to catch several species such as Redfish, tarpon, Snook and Trout. And this pier is the most famous fishing spot in Florida.

Cocoa Beach Pier – This beach is nestled on the Atlantic Ocean where you catch a glimpse of every tide and fish coming your way. The pier is full of activities where surfers come to sport and have fun. However, if you are not locally based fisherman, you can rarely spot the place.

Sunglow Fishing Pier: The fishing here used to happen simultaneously with Auto races that no longer help on this pier since the race cars have been moved inland. The fishing experience here is unforgettable whether you are coming for the first time, probably due to its car racing history. 

Jacksonville Beach Pier: If you are after king mackerel this is the pier to come and fish. It happens at St Johns River city that operates from April–November: 6 AM. To 10 PM., December–March: 6 PM. to 7 PM. 

The pier stretches a quarter-mile long, designed with a wooden fishing platform to capture a strategic glimpse of the sunrise.

Fort Clinch State Park Pier: This is the place to help you escape from the city’s busy life. Fishing around this place provides a unique scenery and relaxation as you target your best catch. The best way to enjoy this pier is to carry your food and enjoy them relaxing at Fernandina Beach.

What to Bring

When visiting any of Florida piers, these are some of the needed equipment’s to carry:

  • Tight lines
  • Pier landing net that costs around $30 and comes with a 32-inch diameter rope for hauling your catch over the rails
  • Soft tackle bag with a plastic tray to help you store all your stuff. It will cost you approximately $40
  • Sabiki rod and reel will cost you $79 to help you catch baitfish
  • You need not forget the grocery folding cart for $25 which can become handy for pier errands. 
  • Spinning rod and reel will cost you $50 and a conventional one at $75 to help you with straight down bottom fishing.

People consider fishing spots with real estate because it’s all about the best location. So, Florida should be in your list to enjoy great scenes and sea delicacies either with your family or friends. If you are unsure about your next vacation, visiting these piers will become your best experience in Florida.

Depending on this list, it’s your turn to go through each pier and see it for yourself. After that, you may come up with a concrete answer to the best fishing pier in Florida. Apart from fishing, make sure you enjoy the experience.

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