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Top Gifts to Offer to a Motorcycle Enthusiast This Year 


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Having one of the most chaotic traffic in the world, it comes as no surprise that more and more Indians choose to ditch regular cars in favor of smaller yet more powerful two-wheel motorbikes. They may be more expensive in the short term but they are easier to look after, handle, and park. 

So, if one of your family members is a passionate biker and his or her birthday is approaching, here are some gadgets and accessories that would make great gifts. 

A classic leather biker jacket 

The leather jacket has become a symbol for bikers over the decades. Apart from looking cool, it will also keep your body protected from extreme temperatures while riding. Most of them are also waterproof, meaning they will keep your body cool and dry during the rainy season as well. 

Depending on the tastes and budget, you can opt for the iconic Harley Davidson clothing and accessory line or you can choose a local shop. 

The key behind the perfect acquisition is to know the person’s dimensions and get the right fit. Keep in mind that a jacket should be loose enough to allow maximum freedom of movement for your shoulders and arms yet hug your body at the same time to keep you warm and protected. 

A new motorcycle horn 

If you want to keep your friend or partner safe on the roads, you should invest in a horn, perhaps a really loud one. Look for items that are made of aluminum and which won’t corrode, even when exposed to high temperatures, rain, and extreme wind. 

These products won’t cost a fortune and are easy to mount on all types of bikes without requiring any extra tools. You should choose an item that is loud enough to announce your presence in the trafficky streets of India and keep you safe at the same time. 


A good GPS 

It’s easy to get lost in the crowded streets so why not keep it safe with the help of a GPS unit? These accessories can be easily mounted on bikes and provide accurate and real-time information about alternative commute routes and traffic. These units come with pre-integrated maps, meaning they can be used offline too. They are perfect for those who don’t know the streets too well, are looking for faster, alternative routes or want to go on a short trip away from the stress and pollution of the large cities. 


A new helmet

Another thoughtful item you can offer to a motorbike enthusiast is a brand new helmet. These products are designed to absorb shocks and prevent injuries caused by bumps or accidents. 

They should be lightweight and come with a thick layer of foam to protect the head in case of accidents. However, they should also have a hard shell that won’t break or crack easily. It goes without saying that the helmet must match perfectly, so make sure you get the right size and fit. 


A waterproof backpack 

Last but not least, a waterproof backpack could come in handy for most bikers whenever they are going away for the weekend. This tool is perfect for packing some light clothes and an additional pair of boots to be all settled for a weekend away. 

There are thousands of options on the market, so picking the right one could be tricky. We suggest choosing a product that is made of lightweight yet durable materials and can keep rain and water away. Look for those with adjustable straps and buckles for a close fit and enough pockets to store all your essentials, including keys, phone, wallet, and some handy tools or a flashlight. 

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  1. Good read. I’m planning to buy a gift for my brother who loves to ride his bike. Nice motorcycle accessories and products would be a great present for his upcoming 36th birthday. I found a Chase Harper 650X tank bag from 4WheelOnline. It’s not a backpack but a piece of waterproof luggage for the bike.


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