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Top 8 Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Have you finally decided to take the big step of proposing to your partner for marriage? Commitment is scary, yes. What is scarier is the proposal in itself. Rom-com movies have created impossible expectation in minds of people which cannot be met. The reaction after the proposal is yet another thing to be scared of. That’s not all! How much should you spend? What if you overdo it and scare them off? Let’s help you out.

Here’s a list of 8 ways to propose marriage to your partner: 

  • The one in front of friends and family- This one is for you if your partner considers their family and friends to be an important part of all their life decisions. While this can save you guys from retelling the proposal story a hundred times, it can also put a lot of pressure on your partner and force them to take half-hearted decisions.
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  • Cook for them- Never cooked before? That just makes it so much more special. Turn the lights off, let the candle light work it’s magic. Some slow music can help too. If the food turns out to be really bad, order pizza.


  • Take them to ‘the place’– Every couple has that one special place where they first met or created wonderful memories. One should only choose this if their partner is fine with public attention.
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  • Let nature help- Get away for the weekend. Take your partner to a sea beach or the mountains-whichever place they like. It would be preferable to go to a quiet place, not popular tourist attractions.


  • The romantic restaurant- Another one with public attention. This can be romantic if executed properly. Arrange for the waiter to bring a dessert with your message written on it.
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  • The scavenger hunt- This can turn out to be real fun. Make sure the clues include personal jokes and the smallest of memories. Your partner will see how much effort you have put in and this will definitely work in your favor.


  • Karaoke night- Singing for your partner even if you are a real bad singer can be special. Sing their favorite song and tell them how you want to be with them forever. It involves public humiliation but totally worth it.


  • Adopt a pet- If your partner loves animals as much as you do, this will be perfect. Let the pet carry your message. Even without the message, asking them to take care of the pet with you is like asking them to start a family with you.
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While these will create the perfect atmosphere, you need to be sure if you two are ready to take the big step. Also, what you say in that moment is really important. It’s not so stressful after all, is it? All the best!




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