Top 5 Best Online Art Galleries In India

Best Online Art Galleries 

Best Online Art Galleries. Sounds shady innit? Have you finally decided to sell your art online? Having a hard time deciding which online gallery to trust? You’re not the only one who’s confused. There are over 300 sites that sell original art online, and it’s hard to choose one in which you’ll invest your time, money and hard work. Here are the top 5  Best Online Art Galleries  in India.

How do these online galleries work? 

Both online and offline galleries have the same goal- to promote the work of the artist and attract buyers. Though the offline galleries have been there for ages, online galleries use advanced techniques to meet their goal and invest in advertising their site by taking help from social media, blogs, the press. They make sure that new people visit their site every day and see the work of the artists.

How would you know which online gallery is suitable for you? 

  • Do a google search. Your client is going to do the same. You should choose a site that is well established and would appear in your client’s research.
  • Browse through the website. Find out how long the website has been around, the quality of art they sell, the number of users/members, the customer reviews.
  • See if they update their blog. You need to choose an online gallery which keeps their website up to date.

Here’s a list of five online galleries that one can choose from:

1. MyIndianArtBest Online Art Galleries 

A decade-old Indian Art Gallery based in Kolkata, this gallery aims to procure, advice and promote Indian art by exploring and evaluating artists from the country.

2. Art Alive GalleryBest Online Art Galleries 

Based in Delhi, this online art gallery offers the finest collection of Indian contemporary art.

3. Studio 3Best Online Art Galleries 

Located in Mumbai and had been founded by avid art collector Vinita Mirchandani in the year 2002. Studio 3 doesn’t merely host exhibitions to help artists but also guides them to take their works to the next level.

4. IndiaartBest Online Art Galleries 

Indiaart features paintings, sculptures, prints and other art works by professional artists, emerging artists and child artists.

5. StoryLTDBest Online Art Galleries 

StoryLTD, pronounced Story Limited, is a service of Saffronart and was established in 2000. StoryLTD boasts of it’s collection being ‘limited’ in it’s value, availability and uniqueness.

The online galleries will help you as much as they can. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to work hard and promote your work to reach your target audience.

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