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Top 5 (Preventable) Causes of Car Accidents in Hollywood

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Car accidents in Hollywood, California are a serious issue. Thousands of people are affected annually by incidents that could have been avoided. We are surrounded by drivers who are one mistake away from causing a major accident. If an accident could have been prevented and you were injured then you have the right to compensation.

Top 5 (Preventable) Causes of Car Accidents in Hollywood 1

Phone Based Distractions

The new modern age has brought a host of new toys and gadgets distracting millions of Californians both on and off the road. Phones have become a hard addiction for newer generations, with people web searching or messaging every few seconds. The latest tech has provided the average person with access to a world of information able to be accessed in moments. But a moment is all it takes, and the briefest distraction on the road could lead to a pile up.

Inattention to the Roads

It is not just phones that cause a distraction on the road. There are plenty of other distractions on a drive as well. Hollywood drivers have a responsibility to others around them, to pay attention to their surroundings and prevent tragedy. When a driver’s attention is sidelined then the slightest bump or unexpected turn could cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. Distractions are one issue, but inattention is just as dangerous and capable of harm.

Drinking and Driving

DUI laws have been enforced in this country for over a century and for good reason too. When a Hollywood driver is drunk their mental and physical capabilities are changed. Drunk drivers are less capable of reacting on the road, and this leads to thousands of injuries or even fatalities annually. People who ignore their own capabilities or alcohol intake are a danger to themselves and others on the road.

Reckless Disregard for the Law

There is no limit to the amount of bad drivers in Hollywood who ignore the rules of the road. There are people who cut others off, run red lights, do not use their turn signals properly and speed down the road past others. Reckless driving often leads to high speed collisions or scraped metal as the other driver acts without any regard to others. You need to stick to the rules of the road to avoid incident and seek compensation for damages caused by those who ignore the law.

Tire Blowouts and Car Malfunctions

A car requires maintenance and ignoring that puts you and others in danger. When a vehicle is not kept clean and functioning that could lead to a tire blowout or engine malfunction at the worst possible time. Malfunctions can easily be prevented by visiting a local mechanic and having the car checked. New tires should also be installed and checked to prevent any issues.

A Hollywood, California Car Accident Attorney Represents Car Accident Victims in Court

When you are in a car accident then your point of view will need to be legally portrayed in court. If the car accident was preventable then that opens an entirely new level of legal matters to face. You are to strengthen your case in court with a Hollywood car accident lawyer working to show how you did not contribute to an accidents cause. You can seek compensation in a scenario when a car accident was completely preventable but you still faced damages for it.


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