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Top 7 Reasons Why Girls Say No to Guys Even if They like Them!


‘ You deserve love and you will get it’

Love is the best feeling in this world. It makes you feel the best and helps you to discover new avenues in life.

Developing feelings for someone , gradually liking all their traits, enjoying their company and being happy around them is the slow process that eventually coverts into love.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to resist your feelings and say ‘NO’ to the person you love?

Has someone ever denied your proposal even though the feelings were mutual?

Ever wondered why girls are so choosy while indulging themselves in a relationship ?

Here are 7 reasons why some feelings couldn’t get transformed into relationships


1.The commitment issue

Girls these days are mostly are very independent and are very differently opinionated about the concept of relationship. They are very ambitious and seek for absolute compatibility before taking any step forward.

They don’t want to give false commitment and hopes and therefore deny the proposal.

  1. The typical but true family issue.

We are still residing in an era where there are orthodox families who still cannot digest the concept of love before marriage. Some families are very comfortable in arrange marriage and donot permit their children to get involved into love.

The family members are so rigid and firm that they donot want to gel up with the current generation and are not ready to accept these relationships.

In this case the girls are compelled to put a full stop to their feelings and say NO to the man for whom she has feelings.

  1. The anticipation of betrayal.

Not being stereotypical but we all have to admit that girls are Pro at overthinking. They think and then over-think until they get a desired conclusion. This attribute often tends to be a drawback as overthinking due to past experiences or other reasons my not be always true. Girls cannot impose trust on guys easily and alas our good boys also have to face the rejection.

  1. The fatal past experience

In today’s era hookups and breakups hve become so casual that the concept of dating has taken a totally different route. Girls are ought to be sensitive by nature and once hurt their timid hearts take long time to mend itself. If a girl had a pathetic experience in love she no more has the courage to again go down the same path.

5.The self-made women

It is quite evident that girls are quite independent and find it difficult to be dependent on other people both emotionally as well as financially. We cannot deny the fact that girls have conquered a lot in various fields and have set a benchmark for many. These independent-smart women may develop liking towards a man but will prefer being single as they assume that relationship might hamper their personality.

6.The career oriented girls

The concept of feminism and gender equality has led to change in the thought process of every girl. Every single 21st century girl has a pre-decided career and desires to achieve it. In this process their love life often seems to take a backseat which is right in a way. The career focused girls may like guys but for them career is their priority and that is their ultimate goal in life.

  1. Mere liking is not enough

As it is said ‘ Never judge a book by it’s cover’, same way no person should be judged by their looks and appearance. Girls may fall for a guy’s appearance or humble gestures but it becomes imperative to know about minute details before they could think of a relationship with them. Some good looking guys fail to match up with the girl’s expectation and hence have to face rejection.

Relationship is a crucial decision and every guy and girl should know their partner well before jumping onto to the next step.

So all those guys who felt the connected but still got rejected should not loose hopes and should try to find a girl with whom the compatibility is on a next level.


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