Top 10 Ways To Save Money

Top 10 Ways To Save Money 1

Being a college student can give you a lot of free time to hang out with friends and explore new places. Being broke can ruin all the fun. Money from part-time jobs can support you for a few weeks. What do you do after that? Cancel all plans and sit at home? How about you learn how to spend less and save more?

Here’s a list of top 10 ten things you can do to save money. 

  • Say no to impulsive shopping. Just because you like something, and you have money does not mean you have to buy it. Learn to say no to yourself. Be patient and wait for an season end sale. You can also go online and check if there is any offer available on that item. Impulsive shopping can make you happy for a little while, but the regret that comes afterward is so much worse.

  • Do not spend so much on books. I get it; you love to read. E-books are free, but you hate them. Borrow books from a library! If you want to keep the books you read, you can buy second-hand books. They are cheap, and the things written on them by their previous owners make them much more special. It’s like getting to read two stories in one book.

  • Download movies online. Why spend so much on movies when you can download them for free? If you want to go out for a movie, avoid weekends. Do not spend on popcorn and coke. You can survive the film without munching on something.
  • Cancel that gym membership. If you want to stay fit, you can work out at home and eat healthy. Do not avoid the stairs; they are good for you.

  • You do not need all of your clothes to be branded. Also, buy clothes which you can wear with anything you want. Getting a jacket which you cannot wear with most of the clothes you own is not something you can afford to do at the moment.

  • Use public transport to save the money that you spend on petrol. Get on a bus or a metro. It saves your money, and you get to observe people from all works of life. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Using public transport also decreases the congestion on the roads.


  • Bargain! You need to learn how to bargain to survive in this country. Do not feel ashamed of it. The shopkeepers expect the customers to bargain. It’s almost like a game you need to play and win to save your money.

  • Use coupons to get discounts. Search for coupons online and use them to save your money.

  • Get a pre-paid connection for your cell phone. Post paid links are fun till you get you bill at the end of the month. It’s almost like prepaid connections have been designed for students like us.

  • Keep aside a part of your salary every month so that you can use it when you need it.


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