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12 Traits Of An Ultimate Foodie

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Every individual needs food to live. But are you the one who lives to eat? Is your first love food? Do your taste buds crave for food every second? Do your eyes sparkle when you see food, and does your heart pound on hearing the word itself? If your answer is a “yes” to all these questions, then you are a foodie.
Here are some traits possessed by an ultimate foodie:
1. You tend to eat every time: You don’t just eat when you’re hungry, but also when you’re bored, happy, angry, upset or every other emotion you feel.
2. Food is on your mind every time: You talk about food 24×7 passionately. You think more about food than you think about anything else. Your folks are tired of hearing you talk about food but you never give up talking and thinking about it. You even dream about food.
3. Best part of your day is when you eat: You get pretty excited by just planning your next meal. You feel happy as soon as it’s time to eat. In fact you feel your whole life is worth living for just this moment.
4. You know the best cafes and restaurants in town: You have visited almost all the eateries present in your town. You instantly know about the new cafés and restaurants, and make sure you visit them next time you go out. If you see any food commercial or restaurant pamphlets, you make sure you visit them. In fact, you make plans depending on a good restaurant in the destination and your cell phone overflows with food apps.
5. Food is always a mood-lifter: No matter how angry or depressed you are, good food can always make you feel better. Your special one treats you to food to make up for that stupid fight you both had. Even your presents consist of food-related items.
6. Your dates include lots and lots of eating: You go out on dates for breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. Everyone wonders if you are dating food and most of your close ones are sure you have had a foodgasm!*wink*
7. You have certain rules related to food: You are not very fond of sharing. You get annoyed by people who keep clicking photos of your food as you want to start eating as soon as the food is served. You never skip meals, and even thinking about it makes you feel upset. You dislike people who talk about eating only nutritious food, and you don’t bond well with people who do not like eating.
8. Most of your money is spent on food: At times, all of your money is spent on food. You earn to spend on food or your pocket money is meant just for food. A very small amount of money is spent on other stuff.
12 Traits Of An Ultimate Foodie 1
9. You miss any dish that you have not had recently: You feel upset if you do not eat for a few hours. Not eating out makes you feel lifeless. Your body craves for any dish that you have not had in a while.
10. You wish to have every dish on the menu: It’s a very difficult task for you to drop down to just a few options. No matter with whom you go out – your friends, your folks or your date, you decide the menu. You even look up for menus online before going on a date.
11. You feel attracted to people who make good food: You admire people who love cooking and end up making them your best friend or your partner.
12. You attend social gatherings depending on the menu: Any celebration in a good restaurant makes you excited and you judge a party’s success depending on the quality of food it served.

So, how many of these traits do you possess?

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