Transformation From An Introvert to An Extrovert

Transformation From An Introvert to An Extrovert 1

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What are the first things we do as soon as we wake up in the morning? There are multiple answers to this simple question. But the real fact is that we observe ourselves in the mirror soon after we wake up in the morning. Our reflection gives us plenty of contentment and self-satisfaction. Do you think so, that every human being on this earth feels dignified after having a glance over his self? I don’t feel the same. If we ever notice every human being carefully, there appears a shadow of moroseness in a few people’s smile and character. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind their grieves?

There are numerous people in this world who roam around all alone and do not even attempt to socialize with others. Such human beings have an introvert personality, who only become their best friend and love to stay indoors and reserved rather than mixing up and hanging around with others. Nobody’s at fault in this. Every person has its attributes and personality traits. Introverts always counterfeit to be glad about their lives, but the reality is always far beyond our expectations. Their loneliness and shy character make them long for company.

There was a time when I was an introvert too. I always preferred my company over others. But my nature made my life dull and morose. So one day I decided to make friends in my class. I tried to contact and communicate with others, but nobody had any interest in communicating with me. It was not their fault. They had the introvert personality of mine stuck to their heads. To completely alter my personality, I began to actively participate in various activities, competitions, and plays.

I never gave up communicating with my classmates and by and by I managed to make a few friends in my class. In the end, my activeness and gentle nature attracted more and more people towards me and at the end, I was appreciated and welcomed by all. I didn’t realize when I transformed from a lonely introvert to a complete extrovert.

This article is especially for all the introverts who are facing the similar problem I had faced once. Don’t ever dishearten yourself and take a step forward towards socializing.

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