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Is Travelling Abroad Your Best Bet For Cosmetic Procedures?

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More and more Brits are travelling abroad for cosmetic procedures every year, and with those same travellers saving between 40 to 80% on their respective treatment you can hardly blame them. People are now able to get a hair transplant Turkey, a bum lift in Brazil and a tummy tuck in Poland; however, the question remains, is the money that they are saving resulting in a loss of quality when it comes to the actual treatment. That’s what we are going to investigate as we examine whether travelling abroad is your best bet for cosmetic procedures.

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Why Are Cosmetic Procedures Cheaper Abroad?

So why are cosmetic procedures abroad so much more affordable than they are in the UK?

It’s not that these country’s healthcare technologies and institutions are less sophisticated than the UK’s, in fact, most hospital’s cosmetic surgery wards abroad use the exact same equipment and instruments.

It’s the fact that the average cost of living is so much more affordable abroad than it is in Britain. As a result, there’s a lower cost of labour, medical supplies, equipment and medication come at less of a premium and government taxes aren’t as constricting.

That’s all without even considering the favourable exchange rates from the UK to other European countries.

What Are The Risks Of Receiving Cosmetic Procedures Abroad?

Yes, but as with any surgery, whether it’s abroad or in the UK there are always risks, it is worth noting that the prospects of complications do tend to be higher overseas though.

This is due to the fact that some oversea clinics unlike those in the UK do not provide any form of aftercare for treatments, which means they won’t be on hand to help if something with the procedure were to go awry.

Also, should you fly back too soon after your treatment you may be susceptible to a number of conditions relating to internal bleeding, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism both of which are caused by blood clots.

Are Cosmetic Procedures Abroad Safe?

However, you can minimise the possibility of these complications by doing as much research as you can around your desired procedure.

Thanks to public directories, you can thoroughly research each of the clinics that offer the procedures, to find out whether they are regulated, employ professional staff and most importantly speak English.

You can also check online reviews, forums and social media to try and gather subjective feedback on the specific surgeon or clinic you intend on receiving treatment from.

Finally, should the worst happen, you need to have a full proof plan in place, which covers return flights, insurance arrangements and where you’d receive your additional medical care if you so required it.

So there you have it, our investigation into whether or not travelling abroad is your best bet for cosmetic procedures. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the NHS, who we are sure will be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.

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