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Trinidad Beaches: 14 Best Places To Go

Trinidad beaches

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Before just hopping to our topic of Trinidad beaches, let’s first gather a few facts about the island itself. Trinidad is a South American island. Trinidad, along with Tobago, forms the Trinidad and Tobago islands off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea. The island was discovered by Cristopher Columbus on one of his voyage, and at that time, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago were mainly inhabited by the French.

In 1958 the islands gained independence from the British and became autonomous. The main physical features present on the island are the Dinah ranges, the Caroni and Niriva Wetlands, of which the Niriva wetland is the largest wetland of the Trinidad and Tobago islands, followed by the Caroni wetlands.

The island of Trinidad and Tobago also has Oropouche swamps and some plains as well. The main rivers of the island are the Caroni and the Ortoire river. Port of Spain is the capital city of the Trinidad and Tobago islands.

Trinidad Beaches

Talking about culture and religion, then the Trinidad and Tobago islands would be some of the very few places across the globe where you would be able to see such a diverse culture. There are a number of religions practiced, such as Roman Catholic, Anglican, Hinduism, and Islam as well. In addition to this, there are many minority religions also practiced like Judaism, Sikhism, Jainism, Chinese Folk Religion, Baha’i faith, and many others.

The island is also at the forefront when it comes to celebration. There is a music festival also held in Trinidad. Coming to the environment, so let’s have a look at how the island performs in this field. The Guyanese Red Howler Monkeys, collared peccary, red brocket deer along with 100 plus mammal species are found here.

Trinidad is also the home and largest mating site for the leatherback turtles, which arrive every year on the shore of some of its beaches to reproduce. The economy of the island is fully supported by agriculture, tourism, oil, and natural gases.

There are many places to visit on the island, but beaches form the center of it; beaches are also the first choice of the people who visit these islands, so for all the water babies out there, Trinidad beaches are the perfect place for you to visit this summer. Trinidad beaches are renowned beaches all over the world.

This was a whole lot of information about the islands, now moving further, you can check out brief information about a few of the Trinidad beaches.

1. Englishman’s Bay:

Between Castara and Parlatuvier, the Englishman’s bay is located on the coast of Tobago islands. Though this Trinidad beach sees very few visitors, this crescent-shaped beach is exceptionally beautiful and is also one of the must-visit Trinidad beaches. The area surrounding the beach is covered by forest. You can also shop from nearby shops.

As the beach is visited by very few, the Englishman’s Bay ranks very high in security parameters. You are someone who wants to spend a calm and relaxing day on a beach without much crowd, then Englishman’s Bay would definitely be an ideal choice in all of the Trinidad beaches.

Trinidad Beaches

Refer to this link if you are planning to visit the Englishman’s Bay and get the latest  and most honest reviews from the people all around: https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g147392-d184723-Reviews-Englishman_s_Bay-Tobago_Trinidad_and_Tobago.html

2. Castara Bay:

This beach is actually a part of the Castara village on the island of Trinidad and Tobago. Castara beach, which is popular among the tourists, generates quite good revenue and has become a source of income for the people of the Castara village.

The other sources of income for the people of Castara are agriculture and fishing. This will be the best Trinidad beach if you want to enjoy the local customs and culture of Trinidad along with the coolness of the beach.

3. Pigeon Point Beach:

The Pigeon Point Beach, also referred to as the Pigeon Park Heritage park, is known to be the most beautiful of all the Trinidad beaches. The pigeon point Beach is covered with white sand perfectly contrasting with the blue reflection of the water.

The beach is fully equipped with all the amenities such as restaurants, chairs, washrooms, changing rooms, etc. It is the hard work and determination of Dr. Sabga, which transformed this place into a beautiful beach and a heritage site. Pigeon Point Beach also provides water sports facilities.

You can also check out this link regarding Pigeon Point Beach: https://www.destinationtnt.com/pigeon-point/

Trinidad Beaches

4. Nylon Pool, Trinidad Beach:

This is one of the very different kinds of beaches that you will ever come across. Nylon Pool is a beach cum pool as the people like to call it. It is near Pigeon Point Beach but has become attractive over time because of the coral reef present there. Do visit this different Trinidad beach to break the chain of experience of the monotonous beaches.

5. Maracas Bay:

Located in the northern part of the Trinidad and Tobago island, Maracas Bay is a well known and mesmerizing Trinidad beach with white sand, palm trees, and perfectly fitting surroundings. Maracas Bay is an excellent choice for sunbathing and tasty food. The waters of the Maracas beach is inhabited by sharks and whales.

Trinidad Beaches

6. Store Bay:

Store Bay is almost always filled with visitors and tourists from all across the world. The Store Bay is one of the best in Trinidad Beaches and must be visited at least once.

7. Las Cuevas Beach:

Surrounded by hills on one side the Las Cuevas Beach provides an outstanding view to make your visit a memorable one. The crescent-shaped beach is always the first preference of the visitors when it comes to Trinidad beaches. The Las Cuevas Beach is loaded with every facility to make your visit hassle-free.

You can plan a trip to Las Cuevas Beach by referring to the following link:


8. Mount Irvin Bay Beach:

Another Trinidad beach is Mount Irvin Bay Beach. The beach has a good parking facility, and there are many good hotels and resorts in the vicinity where you can stay; you can pick up accommodation depending on your pocket.

9. Bloody Bay Beach:

There is frightening history that follows the name of the Bloody Bay Beach that many years ago, a battle was fought on this beach between English soldiers and African Slaves, and there was massive bloodshed that was witnessed by the beach. The blood loss was so much that the water of the beach turned crimson for some time, and even after the war ended, it remained of the same color for some days.

This is why the beach is called Bloody Bay. If any place has such a terrifying history linked to it, then it is for sure that the area will attract tourists towards it. So if you want to see this bloody war site, then all you need to do is to visit this Trinidad beach.

Trinidad Beaches

10. Blue Heaven Beach:

As the name of the beach already hints at the kind of experience that you would be having on visiting this Trinidad beach. The Blue Heaven Beach will give a heavenly experience accompanied by cool breezes and an exotic view.

11. Blanchisseuse Beach:

Blanchisseuse beach is located on the shore of the village named Blanchisseuse. The name Blanchisseuse is a French word for “washing women.” The story behind such a name is that once a person named Captain Frederick Mallet was on around on this Trinidad island.

To his astonishment, he found out the place had no name at all, so the first thing he saw on the island was some women washing clothes. Hence he immediately gave this name to this island. What a hilarious incident behind keeping the name of a place; all such factors together contribute towards making the Trinidad beaches so unique and worth a visit.

12. Great Courland Bay Beach:

The Great Courland Bay Beach is a Trinidad beach, which is also known as the Turtle beach because of the number of turtles that visit the beach in the mating season to lay eggs. The turtle mating period lasts from March to August every year. This beach also serves as an ideal spot for bird watching, and for all the turtle lovers, we already have the presents present on this Trinidad beach.

To know more about the Great Courland Bay Beach, please visit the following site:


13. Parlatuvier Beach:

The Parlatuvier beach is so admiringly beautiful that you would not be willing to leave the beach and return. Located in the Trinidad and Tobago islands, this is a must-visit Trinidad beach of all time.

Trinidad Beaches

14. Macqueripe Beach:

Apart from being a beach, the Macqueripe beach also provides trekking experiences to its visitors in the nearby hills. The beach has all the facilities such as washrooms, toilets, etc.

This was the complete list of all the famous and recommended Trinidad beaches. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago has many other beaches as well, such as –

The Grange Bay Beach

Mayaro Bay

Minster Bay

Hillsborough Bay

King Peters Bay

Rocky Bay

Manzanilla Beach

Batteaux Beach

Stonehaven Beach

All these beaches are equally good and could be visited on your trip to these islands. So this is how a complete list of the beaches in Trinidad that you should probably be visiting looks like. It is often said that either you are a beach person or a mountain person; if you are the first one, then I don’t think so that you might be willing to skip any of these beautiful and mesmerizing beaches that are mentioned above. I also solely believe that Trinidad beaches have magic that can make anyone fall in love with beaches. So try them out for yourself to experience the magic that Trinidad beaches have.



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