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11 Types Of Girlfriends We Have In Our Girl Gang

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Girlfriends are the most precious things that can happen to a girl. They support you, care for you, look after you and keep your secrets. Shopping trips, endless gossips, ladies’ night, and all those pajama parties are the most cherished moments of our lives.

Girlfriends love you and stand for you when need be. They have seen the best and worst of you but never judge you. You can look up to them; whether it’s a recent breakup or whether you are broke, they will always be there to help and comfort you.

They will share your weirdness, craziness, insecurities, fears, and ambitions. It’s hard to think about your existence without them.

So, here is a list of the types of girlfriends that we all have in a girl group:

1. The confident one: She carries herself in a sassy manner. She is independent and ambitious. She is a problem solver and a leader. This queen is smart and knows a “jugaad” to almost any problem.
P.S. – She is one you can turn to when you have a problem lying to your folks. *devilish grin*

Sassy woman
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2. The lazy one: This group member is the one you have to take several confirmations from before making any hangout plans. She would prefer staying in bed to partying or chilling out. Her best skill is procrastinating, and her best talent is sleeping. Yup, she can doze off anywhere, be it a noisy bus or a quiet classroom.

3. The helpful one: She is caring and considerate and always helps everyone with a smile. From last-minute preparations or project submissions to anything and everything, she will always be ready to help. You know she is the person to go to when you feel lonely or low. Her hug or an encouraging note will lift your spirits. Each one of you secretly wishes to be a bit more like her.

4. The Tomboy: Her hair and her dressing sense say it all. She is cool and a badass. She is a kick-ass driver, excellent at sports, and loves video games. This tomboy would hate drama and is candid about her life. She is one of the best to chill out with and every moment with her is adventurous.
P.S. – You personally wished that she was a guy. (Nevertheless, you are happy that you have a two in one pack)

Tomboy girl
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5. The social one: She is friends with everyone. No matter where you go, she knows everyone, and everyone else knows her. She is amiable and makes friends in a jiffy. She is very active and somehow manages always to be there when you need her, almost like a super-girl.

6. The sarcastic one: She is cocky. When you first met her, you were not very fond of her, but the more you know her, the more you tend to love her. Her sarcastic comments somehow start to feel funny, and you love being around her. She will crack you up when you are in a low mood, and you wish she stays with you forever. You learn with time that her sarcasm is not her arrogance but her attitude.

7. The pretty one: You find all your girls pretty, but she is the exceptionally good-looking one. Her selfies and photos are amazing, and all the guys are head over heels in love with her.

11 Types Of Girlfriends We Have In Our Girl Gang 1
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8. The jolly one: She is energetic and fun-loving. She gets pretty excited about everything and radiates happiness around her.

9. The messy one: She never has her things organized. Her things are always in a mess, and so is she. Her work is always incomplete, and no matter how much you try to help her, she always remains the same.

Chatterbox friend
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10. The chatterbox: She will babble continuously, and nobody can stop her for a second. She has something to say about every topic. Though you get tired of listening to her jabber, you miss her chatter when she is not around. Your ears are no more accustomed to silence.

11. The crazy one: You appreciate and doubt her weirdness at the same time. She will drive you nuts with all her stupidity, but you know that life would be dull without her. You’re glad that she’s there to add that extra spice you need and love her for that.

Every girlfriend is unique and special in her own way. They are our soulmates, and we need them in every walk of our lives. Kudos to all our girlfriends out there!

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