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Types of Robots -The Most Expensive Ones Created

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Do you love Robots? Robots are classy and some of them are really mean. If you thought Robots are meant only meant for the poor, think again. Some of the robots are so expensive that you just can’t afford them. Robots have made our lives much easier and made the world simpler. Let’s take a look at some of the types of robots that are a few of the most advanced robots ever created.

Titan – Types of Robots


The Titan was designed by the German firm Kuka Robotics in 2007 and it was one of the costliest robots of that period. It is often touted as the world’s strongest robot and it also had a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The robot allows people to bridge distances and can handle heavy engine blocks with ease.

Curiosity Rover- Types of Robots

curiosity rover

Have you heard of these robots that are sent to other plants for projects of exploration? Do you know how much these robots can cost? Well, we do know that they are quite expensive. The craters on Mars were examined by this iconic robot. This car-sized robot landed on Mars in 2012 and explored the Gale Crater as well as the climate and geology of the planet.

Atlas- Types of Robots

atlas robot

The Atlas was created to be a very flexible robot. This expensive robot comes with 28 joints and it can easily make its way through its surroundings by discovering intricate paths. Atlas has been acquired by Google, which aims to improve the robot even further. Whenever we look at the past we realize how much we have developed in terms of technology and how our society has benefited from these advances.

Did you know about the types of robots we just discussed? Do you have a robot’s shape in mind that can kick some stuff? Let us know.

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